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4. #4

~Isabela's Point of View~

AND ON AND ON AND ON" Liam and I chorused the lyrics to Coldplay's and Rihanna's Princess of China through out the bar. I managed to get him a few drinks in and he seems to get tipsy very quick, so we all know where that went. Etereme fun!

We danced around all tipsy and Lloyd was only behind us trying to make sure we didn't trip over each other, well I wasn't that drunk, but Liam is very easyily tipsy like I said before."Lets play truth or dare!" I slurred. He let out a giant laugh and nodded yes. He seemed to be a fun and crazy drunk, and not the horny kind, unusual since that would be most people, and at times, it's me. Not today though! I'm just here to relieve stress and have fun!

"Okay you first truth or dare," I said.

"Uh DARE!" he blurted out while accidentally knowcking over a lamp, "whoops!" thats when Sampson came in, oh no.

"I dare you to run away from here!" I yelled as I grabbed his hand and ran in the back of the bar and into a back exit for empolyees. We were out of breath we stopped for a second and caught our breathe only to notice how close we were standing with me against the wall of the building. I loked into his eyes then his lips, he did the same. Next thing I knew our lips were connect, his hand cupped my cheek, and his other hand was on my waist. It felt wierd. I felt nice. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I gave it to him. The kissed became more passionate but, we finally pulled away and he turned around with one hand on his lips and another on his hips.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that." he apologized.

"No, no it's fine I just, it felt nice, you don't need to apologize, we were- are drunk. You didn't know what you were doing." I reassured him.

"No Isabel, I knew what I was doing. My intentions were pure. I wanted to kiss you, but- I have a girlfriend." he stated.

"Oh." we just stared at each other for a while in silence, I'm not even sure I truly like him I mean he's the best looking person I've ever met, and the sweetest at that to be honest. When he kissed me. I had no reason not to kiss him back, he just said his intentions were completely honest. But he has a girlfriend.

"Listen Isabela, my girlfriend and I- we're going through a rough patch, I'm even contemplating on breaking up with her, and when I kissed you- I should feel guilty, but I don't." He's right. He should, and in a way niether did I.

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