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3. #3

Isabela's Point of View:

I was strolling through the lobby exteremely tired and decided to just tell Sampson, the hotel manager, aka my second parent, to tell Mercedez that I would be in the hotel bar until I decide to come up. This happened a lot when my father decides for me to do errands for the Debutant Ball thing we have going on like every year, just like The Plaza hotel. We always seem to have sort of an elegant, we're so snooty, rich, and perfect people coming so it'd be nice to have One Direction guys coming, and I might get a date out of one of them, hopefully.

I reached the front desk and Sampson smiled kindly at me and asked "How's your day been Isabela?" exept in spanish, most people greet each other here in Spanish and then talk in English most of the time, but only those who know both languages. It's very common considering most people who stay at the hotel, they come with only knowing english and tend to learn some spanish from the staff who works here.

"My day has been fine, thanks Sampson. Although I'm headed to the bar and relive the stress, so I'll be down there the rest of the day, could you do me the favor of telling Mercedez? I wouldn't want her to be worried." I asked politely, everyone here was okay with me drinking, but Mercedez only tells me to be responsible and gives me a skeptical look whenever I tell her not to be worried about me, I've never even gone clubbing so I wouldn't even know what being piss drunk feels like. This hotel is practically my cage, and I'm the wounded bird that can't get out. Drinking and smoking for some reason is the only thing I use to relieve stress, not even hotel massages, they don't work for me.

"I'll be sure to tell her, oh! And your father told me to tell you that he would prefer you stay away from those One Wa-"

"Direction." I corrected.

"Yeah them, because they seem to be causing havoc in the hotel, and doesn't want you asociating with them." There goes my father. Again. Killing the fun. He thinks that just because of my apearance and the way I dress that I'm some careless teenager, well I'm not. I've always done my best to please him, and he doesn't always seem to understad that being the daughter of a hotel chain owner and having responsibilities with the hotel is a little too much. You need to let her live. But he doesn't get that. He thinks that people my age should be more focused on their futures and not partying. Gr.

I finally put that thought out of my mind and went to elevator, then I realised that maybe I should take the stairs since it's going to take forever the other way.

Walking down the hall to the bar as I opened the doors I felt the cool breeze hit my face as I entered the cold, air-conditioned room. I got the the bar and called Lloyd over, my closest friend who is only 18 and pretty much doesn't hesitate to give me a drink, part of the reason I love him. "Hey Lloyd, what do you recommend for this lovely day?"

"I don't know, everytime I make a suggestion you always end up getting something else." he said with a small laugh inbetween.

"Well I guess I'll just have what he's having then," I said while pointing to a very tall brown eyed boy with a face that was the CUTEST thing I had ever seen, yet having such a masculine boy with muscles and all you'd never expect that.

He just smiled and said "Sorry to disappoint but I was actually going to just get some water, I can't drink." He frowned.

"Why not? Do you have a liver problem or something?" I asked.

"No, actually I have one kidney, so I can drink, I just choose not to." he said in a as a matter of fact tone.

"Well that is a very good reason not to, and whatever I'll just get water to, like I said, I am getting what your getting." I responded.

Lloyd came back with both waters, I thanked him, took a giant gulp, then turned to the boy next to me. "So what bring you to the St. Claire hotel Mr. One Kidney?"

"Actually I'm here because of work, I'm in a band." he stated. Oh! Maybe he's in One Direction then, he looked familiar, he's probably Liam.

"So you must be Liam then!"

"That's me, the one and only. Why are you here?" he said curiously.

"My father owns this fine hotel, so that bring me to the fact that I have already met Zayn, Louis, Harry, and now you!" I stated.

"That mean Nialler is the only one left for you to meet then, don't mind me asking but how did you meet the rest of the guys?"

"Well Zayn I smoked with-"

"Smoking is bad you know?"

"Liam. I know. But anyways I found Harry and Louis dry humping in front of and elevator yelling 'CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO' and I pulled them apart." he just laughed.

"They were copying a Janoskians video weren't they?" he asked.

"Yeah, they said you showed it to them, they really were a laugh, and the people look terrified!" I exclaimed.

"I can imagine, so what you number..."


"Isabela, since the guy have met you and you seem cool, we should definately keep in contact." crap. What my dad told me. Hm... what should I say?

"Sure. Hand me your phone and I'll give you mine, I'll just put my number in, and you out in yours." I said. And with that I handed him my phone and he handed me his and we exchanged numbers. This would be the start of the trouble I would be getting into with my father in the future

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