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2. #2

~Isabela's Point of View~

The lobby was filled with security, well I mean One Direction is here, and this happns everytime someone famous comes to stay here at the St. Claire's in Madrid. I'm used to all of it. I somehow always end up being mistaken as the slut who takes away their 'baby' but either way the rumor always blow over when they realise that I live in this hotel, and not some home wrecker who rockstars happen to take back for a one night stand. I'm virgin for christs sake, I think I'd like my first time with someone special and not a drunken night. Anyways I was on my way to my Dad's office while I was rudely interupted by someone yelling "CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOOOOOO" at the end of the hallway, hm. Sounds interesting enough, and it is after all my job to help keep thing in order so I'll go check it out. I walked thorugh an empty hallways to find a curly haired boy dry humping another boy, with may I say exteremely tight pants, yeling "CHOO CHOOOOO" like they were the Janoskians, all while blocking the exit of the people in the elavator. This is too funny just oh my goodness. The people were staring at them in terror, I could imagine why but I needed to stop them or we'd get complaints for the people staying at the hotel so I yelled "HEY GUYS STOP DRY HUMPING EACH OTHER!", they wouldn't listen. So instead I stuck two of my finger in my mouth and whistled loudly enough for them to get so startled that they came right up to look at me. One had an embarassed look on hios face while the other was practically undressing me in his mind. "Hey! My eyes are up here ya know?" his head shot up and he took my hand.

"And who might you be?" he winked. ew. winked.

"I'm Isabela, and my dad owns the hotel and it isn't the best when your in charge of all the noise complaints of two guys dry humping ech other in front of an elevator," they just looked at each other and laughed, well then.

"Listen we're sorry and I'm Louis by the way, and this is Harry" he said while he pointed to Harry.

"Oh right! The One Direction boys! I've met Zayn already and he told me that I should meet you all so that makes three down and two to go." I chirped.

"Definately! But maybe you should get to know Louis and Harry not fake gay guys dry humping like the Janoskians in a video Liam has showed us." said Harry

"Perfect well I'll see you guys around I gotta run, family matter!" I said as I waved them good bye and skipped to my dad's office, I wonder who else I'm going to meet on this fine day I'm having

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