And Then She Was Gone

a sequal to the infamous unfinished love story.. The Direction Love Travels in. Harry finds new love, but does she love him back? and niall, after two depressing years afer losing his only love, he meets another girl who is a mirorr image of his last.


1. Waking Up

  "dear diary I’m not saying that at some point love isn’t staying up until 2am phone calls or stealing kisses when you least expect it, or instantly falling for each other’s favorite songs because it is, or at least that’s what the lead up to it feels like, but real love, is so much more. It’s going out at 12am to get something to eat for your girlfriend who can’t get out of bed, it’s listening to them as they explode with vulnerability on your living room couch while they cry about how messed up their life is . it’s remembering how someone likes their coffee in the morning without asking—without ever asking, it’s visiting someone in the hospital knowing the last thing you want to do is see them in that condition, it’s wanting to be with that person despite everything, the future, the past, and everything in between, it’s the intimate things that you don’t even realize involve such intimacy, but they do, in secret, like the pinky promises you two made behind your back, to love one another for always, in the time you thought you were in love, when you were actually just on your way to it. and Niall, i want to thank you for making the last days of my life so perfect. i love you with all my heart. when i pass on i want you to promise me that you'll...."   

Niall couldnt stop reading the entry, he must have read it a thousand times. The unfinished entry left him in question and sorrow. What was the promise? It's been 2 years since kaylynn died of cancer and Niall has been depressed ever since. He couldn't even fake a smile for the paparazzi. Niall shut her diary and placed it on his night stand. He stood up and sluggishly walked to the kitchen looking at the ground.

Louis watched with curiosity as Niall opened the cabinet door and pull out a bag of Doritos. He looked in horror as niall shook his head and put them back. Ever since kay died, niall hasnt eaten much like he use too. Bella, his girlfriend of two years, snuggled closer to Louis. He looked at her and smiled and then reverted his attention back to Niall. "Nialler, mate, turn That frown upside down!" he sang cheerfully. Niall shook his head and left the kitchen. Louis sighed and got up to follow the zombie Niall down the hall. "come on mate. You gotta get over her some time, we are all really sad.. But sometimes you just have to move on...I mean it's been two years" he said putting his hand on niall's shoulder. He turned around and looked into Louis eyes with his blood shot blue ones, "don't ever tell me to move on, cuz I can't. And even if I could, I wouldn't" his harsh tone shot Louis like a round of bullets. he staggered back from Niall and walked away, shaking his head. He sat back down next to bella, who kissed his cheek and smiled at him. "I think this was a good idea, having us all move in together, here in the summer house." she says softly. Louis smiles at her. When kaylynn died, everyone's parents thought it would be a good idea to stay at the summer house together, they thought it would be a good way to cope if everyone was together "yeah, I guess so," he says half smiling. He wrapped his arm around her and closed his eyes. "its like a permeant vacation" he continues leaning his back on the couch. 
Harry woke up and got dressed into his white v-neck t-shirt, a grey jack will sweatshirt and a pair if faded jeans. He fixed his hair and walked out of his room, he checked the clock in the hall, 5:46. He had 14 minutes to get Niall up and going for the " day with Hazza and Nialler" fan contest. He ran down the stairs and knocked on niall's door. "Niall you almost ready?" he asked through the closed door. Niall groaned and opened the door. He looked a mess. "yeah" he said as he walked out of his room. Harry turned him and fixed his hair with his hands.. He unwrinkled his grey American eagle shirt, tied his sneakers, and pulled his pants up. "mate! u looked like a hobo!" he said after he finished making Niall presentable. Niall groaned and walked out the door to the limo, Harry followed the depressed Niall into the limo and shut the door. The limo pulled out of the driveway and started on its way to rhode island. Niall stared into space his eyes droopy and swollen. "can't you at least try to look happy when we get there, poor girl's gonna be upset if you are." Harry says patting Niall's back. Niall groaned and shook his head not making any eye contact. "look, Niall, I get it, you're sad and depressed, the love of your life died. Well MY sister died and then the love of MY life chose my best friend over me. So you and I, we both got it bad, but you my friend, you need to at least act like you're over it so everyone else thinks you are." he says trying his best to keep his voice soft and calming. Niall tries to Change the subject. "so whats the girls name?" he asks. Harry thinks for a second, "uh amber I think." he says after a second or two. Niall nods and thinks for a second, he turns back to Harry, "did she ever, tell you something, something about a promise?" he asks not using kaylynns name. Harry gives him a straight look and shakes his head. "no, sorry mate" he says. Niall nods and turns to look out the tinted window of the limo. 
After about 12 hours, The limo comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door for them. Niall and Harry step out in front of a small cape cod styled house. Niall rubbed his arms as the cold november air blew on him. They walked to the house and knocked on the door. They listened As fast footsteps ran to the door. A woman, who looked about 30 answered the door. She had straight black hair and a fair white face. She smiled and shouted into the house "amber it's for you!" she winked at the boys. "she doesn't know she won." she whispered. Harry smiled and Niall did too, but faintly. Amber slowly walked to the door and took out her earbuds "whatta ya say?" she asked. Niall and Harry's eyes went wide at the sight of her. Niall let out a small gasp. The girl, no older than 19 Looked exactly like kaylynn, her hair, the same color and length, her eyes, The same shape, but instead of a light blue, her eyes where a pretty shade of brown. her smile was white and happy, like kaylynns. Niall was in shock. 
When she saw who was standing in the door way, her eyes widened with surprise, "no way!!!" she screamed. "oh my god!" Harry smiled at her. "come on love! We got a long day ahead of us!" he said taking her hand and pulling her to the limo, Niall followed still in shock. 
Amber sat in front of Niall in the extended limo. She couldn't stop smiling. She squirmed with excitement in her seat. She noticed Niall couldn't keep his eyes off of her. "so what are we going to do today?" she asked looking at both of them. Harry smiled "well we are starting off the day by going out to breakfast seeing its only 8:00." he explained. Amber nodded "I bet Niall is starving!" she joked looking directly at him. Niall smiled, this time the smile was real. Harry looked at Niall surprised by his genuine smile he turned to amber. "we'll I haven't seen Niall smile like that since, uh," amber nods understanding what he was about to say. "yeah I know," she turns to Niall, "I'm so sorry for your loss" she says. Niall's smile fades and remains silent not knowing what to say. Harry quickly changed the subject. "so uh after breakfast we, well I was thinking we head back to our Place and do some karaoke." amber smiles. "sounds good to me, well I mean anything with you guys is going to be fun cause i really like..oh god I'm just gonna shut up now. I'm so nervous That I'm already making a fool of myself" she blushes. Niall smiles again. "it's all good princess" he says. Amber smiles wide "oh god he just called me princess!!" she exclaims. She quickly covers her mouth and blushes even more. "oops" she says. Harry and Niall laugh. "I think it's pretty obvious she fancies you the most her Nialler" Harry says playfully nudging Niall. 
When they finally arrive at I Hop, Niall opens the door for amber and Harry. They walk inside to a reserved table in the back of the restaurant. Amber sits in between both of them and looks at her menu. Niall does the same but instead he keeps his eyes on her. "what a resemblance" he thinks to himself. After about 3 minutes of blatantly staring at her, he look at his menu and decides what he wants. He hears a familiar giggle and looks around the restaurant hoping to find kaylynn. He turns to amber to see she was the one who let out that heart pounding giggle he smiles at her. "what's so funny?" he asks pretending to pout. Amber smiles "I can only imagine you ordering everything on the menu" she laughs. Niall smiles at her "you read my mind" he says as the waitress walks over. "hi my name's Elizabeth, how can I help you guys today?" she asks lazily. Harry studies her. She was No older than 21. She had curly blonde hair that was tied up in a messy bun. Her face was fair and clear of make up her eyes were as green as grass. He smiled at her "why hello iElizabeth I'm Harry, Harry Styles." he boasted. Amber and Niall shook their head and laughed at the same time as each other, which made them laugh even more. Elizabeth put in an obviously forced smile "I know who you are" she said in somewhat of a groan. "now what would you like to order?" she asked. Niall inhaled. "I would like the red velvet pancakes doused in syrup and butter please!" he smiled. Elizabeth nodded and wrote down his order. "and you miss?" she asked looking at amber "uh umm I'll take the m and m pancakes" she orders hesitantly. Elizabeth writes it down and reluctantly turns to Harry. "and you?" Harry thinks for a second. "how about some sugar?" he flirts pointing to his cheek. Amber laughs "this is why he is called the flirt"she says between breaths. "look I'm not one of those fan girls who is in love with you and your stupid band. In fact I hate your retarded band so can you be serious for a second and order your meal so I can get on with my day?" she says with an attitude. Harry looks at her surprised and offended by her words "I'll get the, uh, same thing as Niall then." he says Hesitantly. Elizabeth walks away not bothering to write it down. 
Elizabeth returns after a while with their food. She places the pancakes infront of them and turns to leave but Harry stops her. "wait Elizabeth," he says reaching for her. "I'm sorry, I was being sort of a jerk before.." he apologizes. Elizabeth gives him a faint smile. "yeah I know,." she snaps at him not making eye contact . Harry's eyes go wide as she walks away not bothering to give him the slightest chance to explain.
Amber cuts her pancakes and looks to Niall. His plate is already cleared. She raises an eyebrow at him and then takes a bite of hers. Niall laughs. "they were delicious I loved them" he smiles. Amber nods and laughs. "I can tell" she says before taking another bite. Harry looks at them distantly. "I now understand love at first sight" amber shoots him a confused look. "she hates you" Harry nods. "I know" he says as he accidentally puts his elbow In his pancakes. He lets out a surprised squeal. Niall laughs histerically. "youre such an idiot!" Harry wipes the syrup off of his sleeve making sound effects as he does so. Amber laughs with Niall and while she does he snags a piece of her pancake. She raises an eyebrow at him and laughs even more. "you guys are a bunch of goofs" she says while laughing. Harry takes off his jack wills sweatshirt and hangs it over the chair. "I give up" he says pushing his plate to Niall. "here you. Can have em. I'm not too hungry." Niall doesn't hesitate, he wolfs them down within a minute. Amber finishes hers and wipes her mouth. Elizabeth walks over to the table and takes the empty plates in her arms. "can I get you guys anything else? Or would you like the check?" she asks still not bothering to make eye contact with any of them. "the check please" Harry says trying to be more polite. Elizabeth nods and turns, walking quickly away. Amber laughs at him. "Harry its not working, you're making her feel uncomfortable." she says looking at harry. "seems as though hazza's lost his charm" Niall adds in. Harry runs his hand through his hair. "Bella's to blame" he says. Elizabeth returns with the check. Harry does the math and signs the slip before handing her his credit card. She walks away again to swipe the card. "don't blame the girl for following her heart" Niall scolds him. Amber nods in agreement then flips her bangs out of her face. Niall watched in awe. He snaps out of it before she notices and returns his attention to Harry. "just be yourself and don't try so hard." he continues. Elizabeth returns shortly and hands harry his card back. "thanks for coming, have a brilliant day." she says groggily still not making eye contact. She takes the rest of their plates and walks away. 
Harry stands up and puts his card In his back pocket. "okay are you guys ready?" he asks as he watches Elizabeth walk away.Niall and Amber nod. "yeah" they say at the same time. They laugh together. Harry turns to them And smiles "if I didn't know any better I would guess that Niall has fallen in love" He teases. Niall blushes and nudges harry. "shut up Harry.." he laughs. Amber blushes deeply and looks at the ground. Harry laughs And walks to the car. Niall and amber follow close behind. As they make their way to the car a voice from behind shouts Harry's name. "wait! Harry! You left this!" the voice shouts. Harry turns to see Elizabeth walking towards him holding his sweater. Harry unconsciously flashes her a flirtatious smile as she hands him his sweatshirt. "thanks Elizabeth." he says looking deep into her eyes. She stares back for a moment before responding. She looks down to the ground. "uh, no, no problem.. There was some uh syrup on the sleeve..but I, uh, washed it off" she rubs her arm nervously. Harry continues to smile at her as she talks. He lets out a calm steady laugh "yeah long story behind that" he responds still looking at her. Elizabeth looks up at him. "well uh, have a nice day.." she says as she turns around and walks back inside the restaurant. Harry looks to amber and Niall who are having a deep conversation back inside the limo. He hesitates and looks back at the restaurant before entering back into the limo. 
"no actually I've never been to Nandoes" amber said as she looked into niall's eyes. He looked at her as if she was crazy."well then I'm taking you back to Mullingar with me so you can try it! The food there is AMAZING!" he said with a smile. They turned to Harry as he got into the limo. He was smiling wide with his sweater in his hand. "what's got you so smiley?" amber asked. Harry didn't answer. Instead he had his eyes glued to the diner. Niall rolled his eyes. "oh Harry... Come on...she don't like ya" Niall busted. Harry looked to him. "nah man..she likes me..she just came out of the place to give me my sweater..she cleaned it and everything.. Plus she stared into my eyes for a good ten seconds." he said as he put his sweatshirt on. Amber raised her hands up "woah ten full seconds?! No way!" she replied sarcastically. Niall laughed and Harry rolled his eyes. "you guys are perfect for each other" he groaned. Amber blushed, as did Niall. "instead of karaoke.. How about we go see a movie?" Niall suggested. harry shrugged "whatever amber wants is fine with me." amber smiled "let's do it then" 


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