And Then She Was Gone

a sequal to the infamous unfinished love story.. The Direction Love Travels in. Harry finds new love, but does she love him back? and niall, after two depressing years afer losing his only love, he meets another girl who is a mirorr image of his last.


2. Surprises

When they finally arrived at the theaters Niall took harry and ambers hand and pulled them to theater six. They had decided on seeing Finding Nemo. It was having a third reappearance in theaters and it was niall's favorite movie. They sat in the middle row. Amber sat between Niall and harry. She smiles at both of them and then turned to the movie. Niall put the popcorn on the floor and rested His Arm on the arm rest. Amber had both of her hands in her lap. 
Niall tried to watch the movie, but his attention kept turning to amber's lonely hand rested lazily on her knee. He tapped his fingers anxiously and began slowly moving his hand towards hers as Amber kept her eyes glued to the screen. He was just centimeters away from her hand. He hesitated and gave her one last look.. "would she get mad? Or would she enjoy it?" he thought to himself. Just as he was about to grab her hand, amber shifted her position and rested her arm on half of the arm rest. Niall now had his hand on his lap. He looked from his hand and back to hers. Without hesitation, he took her hand and held it in his. Amber didn't turn to him at all. Instead she intertwined her fingers with his. Niall smiles and holds her hand And turns back to the movie. 
Harry got a chill. The theater seemed to be extremely cold. He grabbed his sweatshirt and zipped it up. His hands were cold so he put them in his sweater pockets. To his surprise, he felt a small scrap of folded paper in his left pocket. He pulled it out and glanced at it. Harry unrolled the piece of paper to find a phone number written down and right above it read Elizabeth Gale. A smile escaped Harry's lips as he looked at the scrap of paper. He felt his heart beat like it hadn't in two years. He slipped her number back into his pocket and watched the movie.
Niall and amber held hands. Thoughts were racing through ambers mind. "does this mean he likes me?? Niall Horan is holding my hand!!" she thought to herself. Niall gave her hand a gentle squeeze

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