book of poetry

just collection of my feelings and thoughts put in to poem forms.
poetry being my favroite form of writing there will probley be a lot on here as time go's on. This book will have diffrent sections like love, or joy ect. Enjoy!!


2. Don't let it stop you.

sing the song in side of your soal,

dont let life stop you,

look at the small & large things life throws at as mini-adventures,

be what you want to,

be a cat,

a Directioner,

A drama queen,

just live your life the way you think you should live it,

it dosn't matter if you rich or poor living on a dirt floor,

don't let it stop you,

cry when you need to, holding back the tears only makes it harder,

cut your pillows not you arms, stand up to self harm,

Don't let life stop you,

don't let that bitch in 1st hour get to you,

help the new girl in 5th hour you dosn't know what to do,

my point is, no matter whats going on in your life, things could be worse,

All ways find the silver lining in everything,

And live for the moment because every thing else is uncertiant,

Don't let it stop you.

--Diffrent <3




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