Accidental Love

Taylor, an 18yr. old from Alabama moves to London with her friend Olivia. They have just moved to London for Collage and adventure. And also to get away from Taylor's abusive Father and her stalker ex-bf. While out wondering around London, Taylor meets a very attractive 19yr. old who just happens to be in a British boy-band. But Taylor doesn't realize who she's just met until she goes to a Meet-and-Greet for one of her favorite bands. She starts falling for this British Popstar....but will he feel the same??? And what happens when another boy in the band starts to move in on Taylor? Friendships could be ruined. Promises broken. Jealousy coming out in more than one boy. And Danger!?!?


4. We Meet Again ;)

~Nathan's P.O.V.~
So we just left, on our way to the Meet-and-Greet. When Jay feels the need to mention Taylor, wow she's beautiful and I wish I could see her again. "So what does this 'Taylor' look like anyway?" asked Tom "Has to be really pretty or something if she has Nathan THIS hung up!" said Max "Well, she's got long dark brown wavy hair, nice curves, beautiful blue eyes and....just PERFECT!" I replied smiling while having her perfectly pictured in my mind. "Wow! Sounds pretty" said Siva, Jay was about to say something, but didn't get the chance, since we were pulling up to the concert hall for the Meet-n-Greet. I kinda wish she would be there, but with my luck she probably wouldn't. As we walked in the loud deafening screams started.
~An hour and a half later~
We were almost done when there was a bang of a door and then I heard heaving breathing. When I looked up there she was, Taylor, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. After a few minutes she looked up and her jaw dropped and her pretty blue eyes went wide. I was a little confused at why she looked so shocked. "Is something wrong?" "Y-Your N-Na-athan Sykes" she stuttered "Ya,I am" I paused before continuing "Is that ok can we still maybe go on a date? Even if I'm not a regular guy you met in Starbucks?" "Ya, of course we can" she answered blushing and smiling real big.
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