Accidental Love

Taylor, an 18yr. old from Alabama moves to London with her friend Olivia. They have just moved to London for Collage and adventure. And also to get away from Taylor's abusive Father and her stalker ex-bf. While out wondering around London, Taylor meets a very attractive 19yr. old who just happens to be in a British boy-band. But Taylor doesn't realize who she's just met until she goes to a Meet-and-Greet for one of her favorite bands. She starts falling for this British Popstar....but will he feel the same??? And what happens when another boy in the band starts to move in on Taylor? Friendships could be ruined. Promises broken. Jealousy coming out in more than one boy. And Danger!?!?


5. This could be a problem

~Nathan's P.O.V.~
After we got back to our house we all sat down in the living room and then they all just looked at me. Waiting for me to say something and of course Jay had that big smile that said something's up. "What?!?!" I finally said "Well, you gonna fill us in on who that chick was at the Meet and Greet?" Max asked "Ohhhh, that was Taylor" I said smiling big "So.....what did ya think?" "she seemed shocked, but nice" said Siva "Definetly got some curves!" Jay adds
~Tom's P.O.V.~
Taylor looked like an angle to me when I saw her run in today. Nathan seems like he really likes her, but if he doesn't make a move soon I'm going to. The problem? If they do get together will I be able to control myself. I don't even know her yet and I think I may love her. What am I gonna do? I can't hurt Nath like that or at least I'm gonna try not to. Geeez! This. Oils become A major problem.
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