Accidental Love

Taylor, an 18yr. old from Alabama moves to London with her friend Olivia. They have just moved to London for Collage and adventure. And also to get away from Taylor's abusive Father and her stalker ex-bf. While out wondering around London, Taylor meets a very attractive 19yr. old who just happens to be in a British boy-band. But Taylor doesn't realize who she's just met until she goes to a Meet-and-Greet for one of her favorite bands. She starts falling for this British Popstar....but will he feel the same??? And what happens when another boy in the band starts to move in on Taylor? Friendships could be ruined. Promises broken. Jealousy coming out in more than one boy. And Danger!?!?


3. The Meet and Greet

~ Taylor's P.O.V. ~

After meeting the cutie Nathan at Starbucks I came back and told Olivia ALL about it, but mainly 'cause she demanded every detail. I didn't want to adminit to myself, but I was so falling for Nathan, even though I only met him this morning. "Ya, so he had like gorgeous eyes and the cutest smile I have ever seen" I said "Ya, he's totally gonna be your prince charming!" she yelled and I could tell she was smirking.
~Olivia's P.O.V.~

I knew she wouldn't admit it 'cause she has never really had luck with boys, but she really liked this one and he didn't sound like the others, the jerks who would hurt her. Well we were about to head to a The Wanted meet-and-greet, she always told me Nathan and Tom were were her favorites, even though she liked them all. So we were about to leave for the meet and greet and she is SOOO EXCITED!
~At Meet and Greet~
~ Taylor's P.O.V. ~
We were finally here. YAY! love these guys so much. But that's when I see HIM! THAT'S HOW I RECOGNIZED HIM! I just stood there a minute, then he saw me and wenust kept eye contact, just standing there........
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