Accidental Love

Taylor, an 18yr. old from Alabama moves to London with her friend Olivia. They have just moved to London for Collage and adventure. And also to get away from Taylor's abusive Father and her stalker ex-bf. While out wondering around London, Taylor meets a very attractive 19yr. old who just happens to be in a British boy-band. But Taylor doesn't realize who she's just met until she goes to a Meet-and-Greet for one of her favorite bands. She starts falling for this British Popstar....but will he feel the same??? And what happens when another boy in the band starts to move in on Taylor? Friendships could be ruined. Promises broken. Jealousy coming out in more than one boy. And Danger!?!?


2. Starbucks

~ Nathan's P.O.V. ~


I woke up to my annoying alarm going off. Ugh! "Nathan get your lazy bum up!!!"
"Why? Are we up at...." I look at my phone it's 7:45!!! "At seven freakin thirty?!?!" I asked a little pissed about being up this early. "'Cause we have to meet management at 8:15" Max yelled back So we all rushed to get ready, jumped in the van, and sped off to the meeting.

~ 3 Hours Later ~

After the meeting we all decided to stop by Starbucks to hangout for a bit. When we walked in there weren't to many people here, so we took off our disguises. We sat and talked, Max was texting his gf Abby. Tom was on twitter, doing who-knows-what. Siv was well idk really. While me and Jay kept playing would you rather. That is until....SHE walked in. She was beautiful, gorgeous, different, idk interesting maybe. IDK what it was, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Jay noticed me staring and after a while convinced me to go talk to her....maybe get her number.
~ 10 minutes later ~
After I talked to her I walked back over to sit next to Jay. "So?"he asked "So........" I said playing stupid "How'd it go baby Nath?" "First, seriously baby Nath? I thought that was over and Second, I got the digits and planning to use them" I say with a huge grin on my face
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