The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


11. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     After the men finished their meal, they gathered the carcasses for the girl’s pet. The creature smelled the air and proudly strutted by Strong Wind. Connor noticed how the wolf inspected every man as it walked. Finally, the animal came to a guarded halt, giving the men another once over. They all watched the animal, as he seemed content with his surroundings and started devouring the bones. Connor caught a glimpse of something move pass the corner of his left eye. He lowered his head causing his hood to become loose and cover more of his face, giving him the opportunity to study the girl without the others noticing. The girl walked to the nearby stream, knelt down. She gently placed both knees on the ground and began to stare at her reflection. She sighed then reached a hand down to tease the water, contorting her reflected face. She chuckled to herself as she thought that the image now looking back represented more the way she truly felt. She closed her eyes as tight as possible, took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds then let out a long sigh. Connor knew that he should not be staring at the girl, but he felt compelled to watch her as she sat battling something within herself. He could not understand her. When the two were further from her village, she seemed more at peace, somehow now, being so close troubled her more. Only her pet seemed to bring her joy, yes the wolf, and of course, the young brave. “We need to go now. One Feather, gather her and we shall be off,” Strong Wind directed.

     The young man jogged over to the girl, placed his hand caressingly on her right shoulder, this bothered Connor. Why did this boy just display his fondness for the girl in such a manner? Was it not in their culture to be discrete with their affection, like in his? From what Connor had seen so far from these Cherokees, they were very different from the other tribes that he had met throughout his life, they seemed more to the likes of the whites.

     “Connor, we must leave now, we have an hours travel and I wish to get back before the moon rises.” Strong Wind interrupted Connor’s thought.

     The young assassin rose to his feet and noticed that the wolf was now warding off the young One Feather.

     “Hah! You see, you defend that beast and he hates you as well,” Running Fox laughed as he climbed onto his horse.

    “No, I respect him, and I understand his boundaries. I know that he thinks that he makes the decisions, but in fact, I let him think that.” One Feather proudly stated.

    “Then you are a fool,” laughed Hiding Turtle. “Come, little boy, I bore with your tall tales. Get on your horse and in your place.”

    The wolf followed in toe with the girl until she mounted her Pinto. As she sat high above him, the animal ran off into the thicket.

    “When are you going to train that thing?” Running Fox asked.

    The girl only squinted through her eyes in disapproval.

    Strong Wind led the group out onto the trail that lead in the direction of their tribe. Behind him were Running Fox and Roaring Bear that had held a conversation in their language ever since they both mounted their steeds. Connor and One Feather were next as the girl followed them. Bringing up the rear were Hiding Turtle and Rolling Thunder, who seemed to be in the middle of a very heated discussion.

     One Feather tried to make conversation with Connor. “So, Connor, where are you from?”

     “Mohawk Valley,” he dryly stated.

     “And this is far from here, yes?” One Feather became intrigued.

     Connor only nodded.

     The girl eased her horse closer to hear the conversation in front of her. Provoking Connor to turn and meet her piercing eyes that he felt to be looking into his soul. She could not see Connor’s eyes, but knew that he was staring at her. He continued locked in her gaze until One Feather asked another question.

     “Are all the maidens there like you?” He was genially intrigued.

     Connor faced forward and scrunched his brow, “I don’t understand.”

     “Like you in their coloring,” he rapidly spoke.

     The Assassin nodded, “why do you ask such questions?”

     “I have never seen a woman of your color before. I think that it would be a nice change.” He stated dreamily.

     Connor turned his head to the boy then moved his eyes back to the girl, “do you not have a woman?”

     The young boy smiled, “not yet.” He claimed as he looked back at the girl.

     The girl pursed her lips as she eased her horse between the two men. She looked One Feather square in the eyes, raised one eyebrow very high on her face as her head tilted.

     The boy shrugged his shoulders as the girl shook her head.

     Connor only watched from the corner of his eye. Their reactions confused him.

     “So Connor, you have a woman?” One Father wondered.

     The girl turned to face her Mohawk protector, for she too wanted to know the answer to this question. However, she knew the answer. His reaction to her body as it lay so close to his in the cave used for shelter from the rainstorm was proof enough. Even still, she had the need to hear it from his mouth.

     Connor was becoming very bothered by the young man’s constant questioning. “This is of no import to you.”

     “I am sorry, friend, I did not mean to upset you. Look ahead, we are almost there.” One Feather pointed to a huge dome monadnock that was now clearing the trees. “I must speak to Strong Wind.” With that said, the young boy put his horse in a trot leaving the two alone.

     Connor sat in amazement at the extremely huge landmass that seemed to grow out of nowhere. “This is where you are from?” He asked the girl.

     She would not face him she only nodded her head.

     Connor thought, he remembered when she drew in the dirt, “you said that you come from big water, not a big rock.”

     The girl now faced him, placed her left hand on top of his to get his attention, and then motioned with her other for him to look to her right.

     “Big water…” he started then, whispered so lightly that she had to lean closer to him to hear, “you don’t seem ready to be back.”

     She turned to face the large Mohawk that was staring at her who now had his left hand on top of hers, which she did not realize she still had not moved.

     She lowered her head, for he was right.

     Connor released her hand, for he did not get the reaction that he sought. He wanted to lift her spirits, not burden her further. 

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