The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


10. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     “Gado detsadoa (What is your name)?” The man asked. Connor only answered, “I am sorry, but I do not speak your native tongue.” In lifting his head to study the man, he noticed that his eyes were of a different color. The other men stopped and chuckled a bit before Strong Wind made a very stern face, causing the others to quiet. “I ask what your name is.” The green-eyed man asked again. “Connor.” He replied staring the man directly in the eyes. “Welcome brother.” The man stated. Connor answered with a nod. Connor now seated, took the time to study the man that welcomed him. He was rather skinny in his opinion. His body had the tone, but lacked the definition. The man’s chest was entirely flat, his arms as skinny as twigs, and seemingly could be broken just as easy. The man appeared young, around the same age as Connor himself, which would be twenty-one winters in a few full moons more. His green eyes were very clear, bright, and piercing like two round stones of Peridot. His face was as round as the girl’s. In fact, every one of the men had the same round face. His nose was the large Indian type that Connor was used to seeing in his own tribe. His cheeks were high on his face like the girls. The Indian’s face, etched with a pencil thin line starting under his left eye not stopping until just below the jawbone. His medium sized lips also carried an imperfection under the right nostril. “My name is Running Fox.” The man commented. “These are my brothers, Hiding Turtle, Roaring Bear, and Rolling Thunder.” Each man smiled and motioned to Connor letting him know exactly which name belong to whom. Hiding Turtle was the only man that possessed the same body type as Connor and was one of the only two that had their torsos jacketed with tattoos. The man had deep dark brown eyes, with the high cheekbones and medium lips as Running Fox. Aside from the ink markings, Hiding Turtle had no imperfections visible, until leaned he forward. Connor could see scars running around his right arm, continuing across his back stopping in the middle of it. The lesions then doubled back diagonally reaching mid waist, where they suddenly stopped. Rolling Thunder was a thick and somewhat muscled man. He had small glossy black eyes, with dark circles under them making the man seem freighting. His tattooed skin, which was even lighter than the rest, seemed that of a white man’s. Rolling Thunder was almost as tall as Connor, making the man tallest out of the six Cherokee Braves. He was heavily scared over his entire torso, but the one mark that stood out was the dark brownish black ring around his neck. It appeared to be a rope burn. Connor could only imagine how the man received it. Roaring Bear was a very talkative man that could have not have been but a few years older than Connor. His face was weather worn and very intimidating. He was on the heavy side. His stomach hung effortlessly over his pants, which only grew now seated. Roaring Bear was in charge of the cooking and had the entire site smelling very wonderful, making Connor’s stomach turn from hunger. “Connor, you look very hungry. Have you no skill at killing game? You certainly seem built for a good hunter,” Roaring Bear called out to Connor whom had his eyes fixed on the fire. “Yes, I kept the girl fed and myself satisfied plenty. I am a hunter yes, of a sort. I usually hunt much larger prey,” tearing his eyes from the fire. Roaring Bear laughed a very hardy laugh, making his face contort into a state that did not seem natural for such a cruel looking man. “Too slow for the small, maybe,” Roaring Bear scratched his cratered chin. The girl led her companion to the group at a slow pace. Connor examined the owner of the hand that the girl held within hers. He was indeed very young, even younger than that of the girl. He had a normal build to him, and did not seem like much to look at, no differences to the other men, the same Indian nose, dark brown eyes, and high cheeks. On top of being very normal looking, he was short, even the girl stood taller. He had no scars, tattoos, or markings showing his bravery or skill in battle, meaning that this was one of his first outings. The two sat with the boy taking a seat next to Connor, and the girl squeezing in next to Strong Wind. “Young one, how we have missed you,” Strong Wind gently whispered to the quiet girl at his side. She smiled shyly. “Ah, this is One Feather,” Running Fox commented as the young man situated himself in place. “Hello, friend,” the boy looked at Connor who ignored him. “Now, we eat.” Roaring Bear called. “You as our guest shall have the first.” Strong Wind passed a skewed rabbit his way. Connor greatly accepted the animal, for his hunger now was greater than his pride. “And you, young one?” He tried to pass one to the girl, but she refused. “I know better than to argue with you. Here, One Feather, children eat before the adults.” All the men laughed. Connor lifted his head to watch as the girl’s wolf walked behind her and lied down, causing the girl to slide herself backward to sit by his side. “Wretched animal,” muttered Running Fox, as the wolf noticed him looking, he let out a light growl, making the man quickly turn back to the others that were now laughing at him. “You will never see that wolf like a human other than her.” Strong Wind commented as the others agreed. “I assumed he attacked you as well Connor.” Connor nodded. “Yes, if it were not for the girl, he would be no longer with us.” “You still should have pierced his flesh with your blade.” Running Fox said. A joking Hiding Turtle chimed in, “you are still sore about him killing your dogs, and making you fall off your horse.” Running Fox passed him a dirty look. “Do not get him started. I told you before Running Fox, you should have never let them run up on him.” One Feather stated. Running Fox threw an arm in the air. “Come now, it is okay, we all fall off our steeds once in a while, though I have never.” Rolling Thunder flatly stated. The girl laid her head down upon the back of the creature and watched as all the men ate and laughed. All but the stranger named Connor. He spoke when spoken too, but one could tell that he wanted to be elsewhere.


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