The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


9. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     “Connor Kenway. Strong Wind, how long have you and your people lived down this far South?” Connor asked as he glanced over the new traveling company.

     “You could not understand our words, but your first question for me is how long our people have lived here?” The older light tanned man chuckled. “We Cherokee have been here as long as I have been on this earth, as long as my mother and my mother’s mother and so on, so the story goes. Yes, we have been here for many, many years. Why do you ask such a question?” He answered the hooded man’s question.

     “It’s just that I have never been told of Indians living here. You are, even if you look different from all the tribes that I’m used to.” He spoke without thinking.

     The man laughed, looked Connor up then down. “So what you say is that all the Northern Tribes are of dark flesh. Yes, I guess how a Redman down here looks less of that. More like a Paleface.” A joking Strong Wind replied.

     The two fell silent, leaving Connor an opening to study the other males better. They all were wearing just tan deerskin pants. Each had on the same shade of moccasins. Every male had their long hair braided on both sides of their head’s that fell to their waists. The only differences in appearance were their headbands and number of feathers sticking out of them. Besides Strong Wind’s, everyone else had a pale grey headband with only two goose feathers.

     He continued his gaze upon the men one by one until he happened upon the girl. She seemed quite calm with all these men around which meant that they meant no harm. Two of these Indian Braves were talking to her, provoking him to watch the conversation to see if she would speak to them. The two young men kept speaking to her and one to the other, but every time they seemed to ask her a question or two, she never once opened her mouth to make a sound. She only gave a smile here, a nod there, or a shake of the head in response. He felt relieved, for he always thought that she just chose not to speak to him and him alone.

     Strong Wind noticed Connor watching them, “she hasn’t spoken in five years.”

     Connor pulled his eyes from the three to look Strong Wind in the eye. “Really, I thought that she just refused to speak to me.” He spoke under his breath.

     The lightly tanned Indian smiled. “It is a long story that is not mine to tell. We will be to the village in short time. We have to pass this hill, and then leave the forest. You will know when we are there. You will have to present her to her parents after you speak to our Chief, you know this right?” He gazed over to the hooded man.

     “No, I will take her to the village entrance then my job will be finished. I only promised to get her home safe. No one ever told me that I had to personally give her back over.” Connor shook his head as he spoke.

    "These are our customs, and you must obey them, young one. It is the same if I go to your home. I have to learn your ways. We are taught to respect our hosts as if they were family.” Strong Wind spoke.

     “Helayaahlili (What time is it)?” A voice called from behind Connor and Strong Wind causing the older man to stop his horse. “Nigaduwu ahani uduládi nunadáná atsawesolásdodi (Everyone here needs rest). Nigadá uha wuwedola agatisgá nasginai nasgi ageyá nigadá iga (Everybody has been looking for her all day).”

     Strong Wind lowered himself off his steed as the others did as well. “Nihi iyudina heyatahesdi nigadá kaliwohi anádadisdi gado nihi ulutsági nasginai (You should be careful and above all remember what you came for).”

     He walked over to Connor and patted his shoulder. “It seems that we are in the need of a rest. Come, we have plenty. For you as well must be hungry.”

     “That is very nice of you, but no. I, well, we both ate earlier.” Connor answered as he looked down at the man by his side.

     Strong Wind walked forward and faced him. “Good then you have no problem joining us. For it would be rude of you not to partake in a feast that brothers of your friend have made.”

     “Tohi-tsu (How are you)?” Asked a familiar voice as the woman lowered herself from her Pinto.

     She turned, stared at a very young Brave. She smiled and hugged the young boy very tight. She remembered the last time that she saw him over more than a year ago. He now had become a completely different person he was now a man. Still in his embrace, she leaned back to look him in the face. She scrunched her nose and playfully lifted his headband with her finger. Causing the boy to become somewhat bothered, but smiled instead.

     “Yes I know. It is very different for you to see me to be like this. Many things have happened to me since you have been gone.” He placed his band correctly back on his head. The two slowly walked toward the group of men that were already building an area to cook and fellowship.

     The young boy stopped for a second, gathering his thoughts. The girl took this moment to extend her right hand and cup his left cheek as she wore a very saddened face.

     “I assure you I am fine, I am. But all the happenings in my life in a short amount of time have brought me to this decision.” He grabbed her hand and gazed down at it.

     The men had the fire started as Connor and Strong Wind took a seat on the ground. The men laughed and prepared a few rabbits for the fire. One of the men curiously looked at Connor. He noticed, but behind the seated man was were his attention laid.


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