The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


8. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     The devastation was inexplicable. He wanted to run to find his mother, but knew better than to. If he went now, these men would truly have their way with him. He scurried to some overgrown flower patches, then inched his way from tree to tree making sure to be as quiet as possible. He would peek his head out every now and then to make sure that he would be able to run closer. He then saw it, his chance. He ran past three Colonists that were walking back to a larger group, straight to the maize that was set afire. He was close to what would be his hut now. It was there, burnt and smoldering, if only there was a way to get closer. He gazed in every direction and these evil men were as far as the eye could see. He needed a diversion and quickly. He looked behind him at various bodies strewn on the ground and found something that could help him. He picked up a musket preparing to shoot it when he heard a very familiar noise. He ran to the thicket from where it came. There stood his mother with seven other children. She was hurt, but seemed oblivious to any pain.

     “Istén:’a (Mom)” He whispered.

“Tohsa sata:ti Sewatahon'satat to the river now (Don’t talk, listen all of you).” She whispered not letting her pain show. “No -'nihstenha I’m staying with you (mother).” Connor replied. “Fine, then let’s go. But be careful -yen'a (son).” They followed slowly behind the other children. Connor kept a watch over his back the entire duration. They made it to the river and the children began to cry, for the reality finally sunk in. Connor’s mother consoled the children and told them to go to the next village that some there were family and they would help. The boys and girls dried their tears as she sent them off. When the children were gone, Connor’s mother became lightheaded and stumbled a bit. Catching herself rapidly before her son realized the stint of her injuries. She held her left side and smiled to her son. He walked up to her and warmed her with an embrace. “-'nihstenha we need to go, but where to (Mother)?” He clung to her. “Come, Ratonhnhaké:ton. We must leave now.” Connor helped his mother as they walked from the ravaged remains that once were his homelands. Connor closed his eyes tightly and reopened them to see the girl on her knees gathering all the belongings. She already had the fire extinguished, and the horses at the ready for mounting. She rose and tied the leather sack on his horse. All the while, her pet wolf was lying watching Connor. A smirk came to Connor’s face and a small chuckle escaped his lips as he thought how was it that their horses could get along, but the two of them could not. He lifted himself up as the wolf made a low growl, causing the girl to stop and study the on goings behind her. Connor called his horse and the animal obeyed. He climbed on the creature as the girl herself scaled hers. She took the lead with the wolf trotting by her side and Connor bringing up the rear. The two continued for an hour when the girl stopped her horse to hold up a hand. The wolf growled as he lowered himself closer to the ground. “Stay quiet.” As soon as Connor finished speaking, rustling noises came from either side of them, causing him to draw his bow. Out from the trees and overgrown bush, ran six horses with Indian Braves sitting proudly upon them circling around Connor and the girl. The wolf snapped at a horse that got too close, and the other Braves laughed as the horse reared and threw the rider off. “Nudánelá nihi udohiyuhi adanátesgá nihi yelikue agisdiyi naánigesdodi nihi nasgiyai (Did you really think you could get as near as you like)?” A Brave asked in a very forceful and demanding tone that did not sit right with Connor. This man sat high and erect on his stallion. He had the same skin color as the silent girl. His long jet-black hair braided into two long plaits on either side of his face and had at least five goose feathers placed in a turquoise headband around his head. The Brave on the ground seemed very bothered by the others that continued to laugh at him, until he finally joined the others in laughter. “Hia wahya uha ayadohihá (This wolf has issues).” He lifted himself from the ground as he patted his horse, calming it down, staring at the wolf. “Oni tsuwagudá nihi adatlohisdi itsula ayá ahani nihi agisdi nasgi ageyá owenásá uwasá á-tla (Since you beat us here you take her home alone no).” The girl placed a hand on Connor’s still taunt Bow, forcing it down. He looked at her as she was shaking her head. He furrowed his brow and returned his bow over his shoulder. “Nagoligána nihi uha askuanigotaná nasgi ageyá niganayegána nigadá kaliwohi ulutsági ahani ganayegi nigesána waddo (Stranger, you have kept her safe and above all came here safely thank you).” The brave with the turquoise headband spoke. Connor listened very carefully to the Brave, but did not understand one word. He gazed over at the girl who was motioning to Connor to extent his arm. He did so as the Brave returned his hand in kind. “You speak the tongue of the white man maybe? For you do not understand.” The Brave asked as they shook hands. Connor nodded his head, “yes.” “I said that you kept her safe and above all you got here safely. The path here is dangerous, very treacherous. I am Strong Wind. You are my friend?” He started his horse in a walk to lead the rest of the group. “Connor,” replied the assassin.

     “Only one name Connor?” Strong Wind curiously asked.

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