The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


7. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     In ignoring him, the girl held her right hand up with her palm perpendicular to the ground. The wolf stopped its attack. It stood in place quietly looking at her, but when Connor ran to her side it began growling and showing its teeth. She jerked her hand up then down once more, the wolf whimpered. She ignored the man, knelt down and the wolf came to her. She petted the top of the animal’s head then grabbed it with both hands and scratched its ears, as she hugged the wolf it licked her on the face. Connor sheathed his tomahawk provoking the wolf into growling once more. The girl tilted her head, the animal ceased.

     She looked up to Connor who seemed intrigued. In standing up the animal moved closer to her. She walked past the man to the fire with the animal close behind. The man stood there for a moment before he turned and slowly closed in on the fire. The animal watched with hate in his eyes as Connor returned. When began to sit, the wolf perked its ears and lifted its head. The girl petted it causing the animal to lie back down. Connor eased down in his spot, never loosing eye contact with the beast.

     “Nice pet.” Connor observed.

     The girl raised an eyebrow, smirked, and shrugged her shoulders.

     “We are close.” He stated.

     A nod as she continued petting the wolf.

     Connor took one of his fishes, tossed it toward the wolf, which caught it in midair. “Have you had him for long, he seems well trained,” all the while eyeing the beast.

     She pierced her lips then looked up with only her eyes, followed by a nod.

     “Wolves don’t take that kind to humans, even if you have had them long. He must be half dog.” Connor commented.

     She glared at him, looked at the wolf by her side, followed by a raised eyebrow.

     “Yes, you’re right. He definitely isn’t.” Connor replied as he peered up to the sky.

     He began to think about the girl across the fire from him. “There’s much to you that is different, but at the same time just so familiar. You won’t talk to me, but I understand everything you have to tell me from your body language, nods, and the few looks you give me.” He sighed as the girl got up and walked to the water with her pet.

     She played with the animal as Connor watched in deep thought. She was still in a dress that really did not fit her, and her semi curly hair was once again very wild on her head and back in her face. It seemed that he could never really get a real good look at her. The few times that they had the horses in a run, was the only time that he could see her, really see her. She was unusual, unlike anyone else he had ever come across. He could relate to the being different, for he himself was not the normal Indian male.

     He had never fitted in within his own tribe. As hard as he tried, and that he did when he was a boy. Something always made him stick out from all the other children. When he was around the age of ten, his mother finally told him that his father was a British Missionary sent to help their people. She explained to him how their relationship began as a reluctant one. In that, she was smitten with the white man, but he had no interest in her, her people or traditions. The only thing that held his attention was trying to teach them the word of GOD and to be civilized. Over time, the two became friendly and from there, their love grew. In the telling of how they became married in front of his father’s GOD and that shortly after he was growing inside his mother. These were the good stories to remember, but there were also the bad.

     Consisting of how his father’s own people arrested him for fraternizing, followed by how he pleaded his case in court that he loved his Indian wife and that they were building a life in a Christian belief. He remembered the story of the Colonists sending his father back to England after finding him guilty of being a Loyalist, leaving him unable to take his wife with him. His mother told him that while she was with child, each day that passed she believed his father would find his way back to her and their unborn child that he had not even known the existence of. In how she held onto this hope until one day, a young Missionary girl came to her with a message stating that he was murdered for his offences against the Monarchy. He could recall his youth in how his mother never remarried to any Brave, and his entire childhood was full of ridicule for not having a father. This only made him stronger and he was in a way grateful for it.

     Clearly, the negative events outweighed the pleasant, but the worst had to be when he was around twelve and Colonists destroyed his home. They ravaged the village and all of its inhabitants. They murdered the men, raped various women before slaying them, not even seeing fit to spare the children. Connor only made it out alive for his mother. She had previously sent him out to hunt two rabbits for that nights’ dinner. He was so far into the dense forest that he had not heard the screams or gunfire. It had taken him all of an hour to set up his traps and to catch two acceptable sized hares. Soon after he ensnared the second, the woods filled with the stench of burnt wood. His heart dropped, he loosened his grip on his game as he ran as fast as he could home. He ran fast, as if he was gliding through the air. He ran upon rocks and stumps without breaking speed. When he was almost back to the entrance of his village, he stopped with tears in his eyes. He could not believe what lay in front of his eyes.


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