The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


4. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     They did better going down than coming up, making it to the bottom without fail. The girl took the lead as they set the horses into a gallop for what seemed an hour. She slowed her horse in knowing the location very well. For in a couple of steps the land would run out and one would have to find another route. The girl guided her horse to the right in the direction of a rising hill where there was a very narrow cliff that she pointed out.

     The cliff was actually a path leading down and around the protruding land mass. The horses began on the path that was very fragile looking and even more so for every step they made, it crumbled just a little underfoot. It was slow going down the path. Soon they were eye level with trees however they maintained their downward movement. The sites around them were beautiful. The bare rock beside them had carvings etched deep into it. The images were all too familiar. There were Braves hunting food, men in sweathouses, and men and women praying to the spirits. Even though he knew his tribesmen never traveled from the Valley, all these drawings could have easily been done by His people.

     The trees were tall and abloom. There were even types the man did not recognize. Some were all green while others had large and extremely fragrant flowers. Many had peach and orange colored fruit hanging from them. Some were close enough to the narrow trail to touch. So as they continued the hooded man began to pick what he could reach. The girl as well pulled a furry peach and began to eat upon it. As the route turned one last time around the rocky hill, the ground became flat and opened up.

     The man noticed that there were more telltale signs of Indian existence about. Sporadically lying around were loose arrow heads, a shaven pole used for hunting and a few mounds that were more than likely remnants of fire pits. The horses did not stop as they passed the deserted camp site. The path then became swallowed by two large tree covered mountains on either side. The leader of the procession did not let up, but instead slowed her horse down to dismount and lead it into the now dark valley. Continuing through the gorge the temperature dropped considerably. The man felt the chill through his coat. He studied his company to see her reaction, but she had none. The sliver of opening that they were reduced to walk through only got darker as they continued. Just as everything went pitch black and the pressure from the mountains became apparent, a small ray of light shown through to show the exit.

     The day dragged on and the horses were getting tired. The female knew that they could not let up. The only thing that she could do for her animal at this moment was let it walk without her weight upon it. She lowered herself to the ground and continued walking without thinking about her company.

     “The horses are tired and thirsty.” A bothered voice declared from behind her.

     The girl only shook her head. With a big smirk that she knew he couldn’t see.

     “Are we going to stop or let the animals parish?” The voice now came from her right side, making her shiver as he spoke.

     She turned her head to give a dirty look.

     She returned her gaze to the terrain that lay beyond them. Her keeper continued to speak, but she did not understand the words that he spoke. The young woman walked in front of her horse, grabbing the reins and ushering it into a heavily overgrown path to the left of the open land that they had been hiking. The animal was too exhausted to do anything but obey entirely. There in front of them, not a yard away was a small creek. The horse saw the water and took off in a trot, followed but the giant black creature.

     A small rock was used to sit upon by the young female to rest while the animals drank their hearts’ content. She was now inspecting her protector more than ever before. He as well walked to the water splashing his face. He was growing dreary of this. This woman was like none other he had seen before, in looks and in attitude. She refused to speak, he was fine with this, but the way that all her actions spoke louder than words was what was bothering him. He thought that she should be grateful and respectful that he, an Assassin was taking his valuable time to take an undeserving girl back to her home. He shook his head and lifted himself back to his feet, looking at the sky, then at the girl who was staring at the horses.

     “We need to find shelter and make camp for the night shall be upon us soon. You know this land, where to?” he called to her making her start.

     She only nodded her head to motion that they needed to cross the water.

     “Then what are you waiting on.” He coldly stated.

     The girl arose from the rock, mounted the Pinto, and headed over the creek. All the while wondering why he was in such a foul mood. Something had to be bothering him, for he was just that much more unbearable than usual. After crossing the water the hooded man noticed that the girl was staring at something just to the right behind a group of trees. He could not see from his vantage point so he rushed to her side and too was taken back.

     There sat a huge grizzly bear with her cub staring at them, angering more every second that passed. The bear stood straight up and let out a giant roar, which made the two ease the horses away from their current position.

     “Go slowly, I do not wish to kill her.” He whispered.

     The girl only wrinkled her brow, for how could he even think of killing a mother only defending her young. She moved her horse even further away from the protective mother with the man not far behind. As soon as they were far enough away for the mother’s liking, she lowered herself and left with her playful cub under foot. Now that the danger was gone, the girl turned her horse back on the route. They walked for two more minutes and there it was. In front of them was a clearing with a rather large hill that contained broken rocks. Where he saw what he knew the girl was looking for, an opening by the large rocks on the hill.


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