The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


3. The Meeting-Chapter I Continued-

     She continued walking until she came to a small stream of fresh water. She knelt down to splash her face, and began thinking. “Who is he to tell me that my people do not exist? Am I not proof enough? How dare he not believe me? Is he not intelligent enough to know that there are more than just his tribe and tribesmen on this continent?”

     If there was one thing that she did not like being called, that was a liar. This man irked her, in the utmost way. In regaining her composure she left the small flow of mountain water to return to her spot on the soft fur pelt in front of the fire, to her relief the rather rude company she had to endure was nowhere to be found. She sat down then decided to get some rest so she laid back and drifted in and out of slumber.

     The young Indian man finished feeding the horses. He walked over to the cliff’s edge and studied his surrounding which was a sea of trees that rose and lowered as far as the eye could see. A chill filled the night air causing him to usher the animals into the cave. He tied each one off keeping them in, and straitened the ivy on the entrance making sure to cover it completely. The man turned heading to the fire to look for the girl and found her sleeping. He eased over closer to the fire and sat down.

     He leaned back on a rock, crossed his arms, stared into the flames, and became lost in thought. “This girl says that she is an Indian but there can be no way. When I was young my mother taught me about the other tribes and to where they all migrated, never where there talk of some going south to build life. NO. Look at her she is something. Has a tendency of being one with nature, but her appearance lacks that of, someone like me. I suspect that she is Spanish, for they have around the same skin.”

     He was consumed with the thoughts swimming in his head that he had not heard the girl wake. He continued to stare into the whisper of fire. She lay still, perplexed, watching him. He made no movements, she slowly moved her arm and grabbed a small pebble and flicked it in his direction. The man barely shifted. She smiled slightly, turned over, and fell back asleep.

     When the assassin saw something in the corner of his eye stir, he darted his eyes from the fire to the girl to see her toss the rock. He made a very subtle jolt to let her know that he was indeed still awake. The night dragged on and soon the man found himself drowsy. Enough to make him lay back further and allow his eyes to become heavy, forcing him to succumb to rest.

     In the morning, he awoke overtaken with hunger, for the smell that had filled the cave. The girl had roasted fresh fruit. She was not in sight, but he noticed a portion by the fire keeping warm. The girl was feeding the horses as she heard the man stir within the cavern. She stayed with the animals as to give him privacy as he ate.

     She finished with her Pinto and started in on the Stallion, which was rather troubled by her. She raised her eyebrows and outreached an arm for the animal to eat an apple within her hand. Nothing, she smiled, as her arm was held steadfast. The Stallion only shook his head in disapproval. This made the girl’s smile widen as she thought to herself how this creature was exactly like his owner. She pulled back her arm to smell the apple then take a bite from it, causing the steed to whinny. She raised one brow and offered the apple once more, this time the horse took it. The Stallion inched closer into her and she petted it, while giving it more apples to eat. The beast was no longer tense under her touch, meaning that it was now comfortable around her and that he trusted her. She hugged and rubbed its mane. She then turned around to head back into the cave when she jumped from fright. For her companion stood propped up on the entrance with his arms crossed.

     “He never lets anyone touch him.” He commented walking around the girl to his animal.

     She raised her lip and entered the cave.

     “What is her problem,” patting the horse, “I was giving her a complement.”

     The girl squatted by the fire and began to extinguish it with sand she poured on by the handfuls. Gathered all the belongings and packed them together behind the large boulder that concealed their whereabouts when they first arrived.

     “Bring it, we will need it.” He called from over her shoulder.

     She nodded her head for she knew that he was right. They had many more nights travel and this time of year it was cold at night in the mountains. Let alone the flatlands.

     He walked over to her and grabbed the gear. “Let’s go I want to make good time before the moon rises.”

     The girl held up a finger.

     “You have one minute only.” He stated as he walked out the cavern.

     The girl ran to the water in the darkness and grabbed a parcel. Opened it and rapidly changed out of the hideous oversized dress that she had been given by the man in the cabin. She then ripped the ragged skirt to make a satchel to carry the metal canteen that she had filled with water. She hurried to the exit. She tied the bag onto her horse and climbed on.

     The assassin was taken back by the girl. She now had on a dress that fit, with her hair pulled out of her face. He could finally see her. She had gentile facial features that he was not used to seeing. A small nose, big oval shaped eyes, with medium full lips and very high cheekbones. This was not seen where he was from. The women that he had known were all the same, whether it be his tribe’s maidens or the white women. The Indian girls all had rather large noses and slightly almond shaped eyes with full lips and low cheekbones. While the white women had their medium high bridged noses, round eyes, no protruding cheeks and pencil thin lips. It was indeed a big difference but one for some reason that did not bother him

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