The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


2. The Meeting-Chapter I continued-

     The girl shivered as she felt her protector’s stare piercing her flesh. She could tell that he had many questions lingering in his mind from the way he continually stared at her. It began to make her feel uneasy provoking her to gaze over at him. In doing so caused her companion to swiftly turn his head forward to study their path. The man made a muffled whistle followed by an extended arm motioning to her that they needed to stop. He dismounted his steed as the girl remained seated. He walked to a tree and seamlessly climbed it as if it were a ladder. He walked to the end of a long thick limb to study the surroundings. She watched as he circled around were she and the horses were. It seemed to be second nature to him the way he ran the limbs jumping from one tree to the next. He was extremely agile for a rather tall man.

     Suddenly there was a rustling from the bushes to the left of the young female. She jumped off her horse keeping a hand on the reins and grabbing the stallion’s to lead them both from of the clearing. With her hastened movement, she had lost sight of her escort. There was no time to hunt for him, for as soon as she and the animals were hidden, the voice of a man could be heard.

     “I don’t know either why he told us to come this way, John. But are you going to go against what the Captain says? You do remember what happened to the last guy that told him no.” Asked a soldier dressed in white pants and a red coat.

     “Robert don’t. You know that Philip was a friend of mine. He left behind a wife and two kids.” The soldier named John snapped.

     “That’s what I’m saying, if the Captain didn’t care if the guy had a family or not, then why would he care about two guys like us?” Robert defended himself.

     “Look, we’ll just look around for five minutes, and then let’s get back to camp. With all these wild Indians running around, I don’t like our odds.” John pleaded.

     The pair began to lung their bayonets into the bushes nearest them. They continued down a line until they came to a giant half rotted tree. The next noise that was heard was gurgling. The girl peered around the stallion to see the two men lying on the ground drowning in their own blood, with her new guardian standing above them without a trace of blood on him. She stared at him as he closed in on her and the animals. There was something different about him now than when she first met him, it did not scare her it put her at ease knowing that this man was capable of whatever danger came to pass.

     “We must go now. In which direction must we take?” the hooded Assassin firmly spoke.

     The girl only held up her finger to point out the direction, followed by her pulling herself onto her horse. The young man followed in suit. The female lead the way, except this time she had her horse in a gallop, as to leave the area as fast as possible. After a few miles away from the clearing, she pulled on the reins to let the horse come back to a steady trot. The girl knew the area very well. After this new clearing they were in, they would reach a thick, heavy forest. By dawn they finally reached it. They slowed the horses to carefully enter the overgrown terrain. Even though there was still light from the sun, once entering the woods everything went completely dark.

     “You know where we are, girl? I have never been in these parts before.” The man stated pulling his steed in line with the Pinto.

     The girl carried on as if she had heard not one word he had said. She continued onward, pushing through the high undergrowth. Suddenly the girl lowered herself off her horse and guided the creature up a dangerously sloped hillside. As they climbed, the man could see that they were actually on the high side of a mountain. For down below on either side of them were deep drop-offs. The climb became harder, for the path became narrower and more inclined. The horses were having a hard time griping the wet vegetation under foot. The girl’s horse had lost its footing for a second but recovered quickly. The girl stroked her horse’s mane as they walked, to calm the horse’s spirits for they needed to continue. They keep pushing upward and onward. As they closed in on the summit the man could see where the girl was leading him, a very well hidden cave.

     Finally they reached the peak of the steep hill. They released their horses and journeyed into the cave. It was very well concealed. If you were not familiar with these woods, then you would never have known that it existed. The opening of the cavern was not too great, but large enough for the horses to enter as well. It was covered in ivy that one had to push aside to enter. In entering, the man noticed that it was rather large in contrast to the looks from outside. The girl walked further back to where the cave opened up into a rather huge chamber. She kneeled behind a boulder on the right-hand side and came back with two pelts of deerskin. She walked up to the man and offered one to him.

     “I have no need for this. I do not plan on sleep.” He pushed the fur away.

     The girl turned and returned to the same boulder to throw the furs on top. She headed to the middle of the enormous space and began to build a fire. The man walked over to a rock it sit upon and study the woman. All this time that she had been under his care, she had not once said a word.

     “Do you speak?” he asked the woman at work. Her failure to answer him did not anger him, but it did bother him. He was watching over her, at least she could do was answer a question or two. “You have not said a word since the Cabin.”

     Still nothing, the girl only continued to finish the fire which was actually a good size now. She retrieved one of the pelts and placed it on the ground well away from the seated man. She sat down to finally give her hooded companion her full attention. He seemed to understand and came closer to sit on the other side of the fire. They looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. The man was at a loss for words, which was something that he was not used to. Given he barely spoke, by his choosing, but always had something prepared to say when the need be. It was just for some reason that this girl made him feel very unsure of himself. He shook it off to restlessness, for what else could it be?

     “I take it that you can’t talk.” He began.

     The girl furrowed her brow and nodded.

     “So you can. Why won’t you.” He demanded.

     She shook her head.

     “You have done things as if you are Indian, are you?” He chose his words wisely.

     She gave a half-cocked smile.

     “Where am I taking you?” he asked one more question.

     She began to draw in the dirt that was beside the fire.

     The man walked over to the drawing, and squatted. “You come from big water?” he looked at her, the girl nodded, “there is no lake water in these parts. I have no idea where you come from.” He stated.

     The girl wiped her hand across the sand to erase what was drawn. She drew many mountains and trees, then rolling hills.

     He pointed to the mountains. “This is where we are now, the mountains. This,” he started as he fingered the trees, “is farther and this even more so. You come from further south than the hills?”

     She nodded.

     “How many days travel from here?” he asked as he still looked at the ground.

     The girl thought for a few minutes then held up four fingers and a thumb. He squinted as he began to think. She picked up a small twig on the ground and began to write in the dirt. The man leaned in to take in every letter she wrote. She gazed up at the man’s lips. For that was all she could see of his face, then looking down to finish her sentence.

     “Yes I am Indian. I have my reasons for deciding not to talk.” She dropped the stick for she was finished giving clues about herself.

     The man frowned and backed away from the girl. “There are Indians that far south no that is not possible. The only people that I was told that were far south were the settlers.”

     His reaction was not what she was expecting to see. It completely caught her off guard, to the point that she stood up and walked deeper into the cave. Without a sound the girl disappeared into the darkness.


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