The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


35. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued

“My daughter, what are you cooking? Smells good, you make enough for this old man?” Midnight Rose turned to greet her father that entered the front door to his cabin.

The girl gave a nod as Falcon’s Talon closed in as she stood over the cooking pot waiting for the correct moment to stir.

Her father peered into the pot. “I must prepare myself for those. It has been many years since I have had a wonderful meal made by your hand. If I remember correctly you take more after you mother’s tastes than that of your father.”

As Midnight Rose leaned in to stir the cooking eggs, she gave a heavy nod.

“I shall sit until you are done, for I have had a busy morning and need to reflect on upcoming events.” The man pulled himself up to the table to watch as his daughter finished in the kitchen.

The Cherokee Maiden lifted the pot, to hang from the cooling hook by the fire. She retrieved a couple of plates from the shelves, placed two big helpings of hot food in one. She hurried over to serve her father.

“Bring me a very big cup of water, for I shall need it by the looks of it.” The chief eyed his lunch.

Midnight Rose returned with a glass and pitcher filled to the rim. She walked to the kitchen to ready her plate, as she placed it on the table and prepared to sit, her father asked. “My child, do you not drink with your own father?”

The young Cherokee woman, once more reluctantly returned to the kitchen. As her back was turned, she heard the door open and someone enter. It was not until Midnight Rose turned did she see Connor walking in, followed by her mother.

Falcon’s Talon turned to greet Connor with a smile. “Ah you are just in time to eat. Here, my child has just served you a space. Come now while it’s hot.”

“No thank you chief Falcon’s talon. However, I shall accompany you.” Connor stated in a very monotone manner.

Midnight Rose arched her brow, as her mother stopped beside her.

“Come here by the fire. I wish to have a word with you.” Milagros grabbed her daughter by her upper left arm.

The young Cherokee recoiled.

“Milagros, wife, we are waiting for the two of you to fix yourselves food. I am starving. Connor says that he is not, but I feel otherwise.” Falcon’s Talon called from the table.

“I will speak to you later, this is important.” The chief’s wife made a portion and took her spot next to her husband.

Midnight Rose pulled her sleeve back into place for her mother’s touch lifted it. She made herself a plate then took the only free seat, next to Connor. Any other given day she would have been happy to sit so close to him, but not today, since to him, her refusal to speak compared to something as trivial as the removal of a hood around friends, still had her angry.

“Ah, this looks wonderful my daughter, now we eat.” The chief spoke with uncertainty in his voice, taking a bite.

Midnight Rose sat peeking through her long lashes sideways at Connor, for him to take the first bite, to see if he had a reaction to the spiciness of the food.

“Rosa, you have something planned for today? You need to be preparing for the wedding no? The elders have told me that they have a dress ready for you to try in three days. I also have some things planned for you since the marriage will be here in four days.” Milagros up-tightly commented.

The taint in her voice had not been overlooked. “Wife, is there something that is bothering you?”

Milagros smiled at her husband. “I am fine, my love. Just worried that is all. The days are counting down swiftly. There are many things to prepare.”

Midnight Rose began to eat as she shook her head in the process.

“Eat Connor. It is rude not to partake.” The older man at the table observed Connor’s lack of movement.

Midnight Rose slowly turned to Connor as he lifted a fork full of egg. An unseen smile came to her face as it hid behind her hands. She propped her elbows on the table, waiting for the Mohawk to place the fork full of food into his mouth and chew.

Connor eyed the small clump of yellow stuck within the teeth of the fork. It seemed like something he had before, while being with Achilles. However, there was something extra in the fluffy mixture that was not too familiar, green, red, white, and dark brown dices of other foods. Connor closed his lips behind the eggs then began to chew. As soon as he did, his face became the shade of the reddest beet. He tried to continue to chew, but the heat that his mouth was now giving off was too much to bear. His eyes began watering, his nose to run, refusing to take another bite, Connor took a hard swallow instead.

Midnight Rose opened her eyes wide, as Connor closed his lips on the fork. Her mouth opened slightly as her eyes now tightened while watching him begin to chew. Her chest vibrated behind silent laughter as Connor began to react to the hot peppers in the lunch.

Falcon’s Talon thundered with cackles as he passed Connor his glass of untouched water. “You seem to need this more than I do. Don’t eat the green things Connor they are what gives the food their burn.”

Connor’s eyes shifted from Falcon’s Talon to Midnight Rose who was now picking a pepper out of her eggs to eat alone. This upset Connor, as he knew she was making fun of him. She chewed a pepper then shrugged her shoulders, motioned for him to eat with the rest at the table. Connor drank a couple gulps of water then decided to try once more his hand at the more than spicy serving of lunch in his plate.

Connor thought to himself. “She is making fun of me. I shall show her that I do not give up that easily.” He peeked at Midnight Rose from the corner of his right eye.

Midnight Rose finished her lunch, silently asked permission to leave the table, and placed the dish in the kitchen, her mother joined her.

“Come, I need to speak with you seriously about some things.” The women walked out of the cabin, leaving the men to eat alone.

Falcon’s Talon waited for the door to close completely before he spoke up. He eyed Connor, who continued to struggle with the food. “You don’t have to eat it anymore, young one. I know that you were trying to be nice to my child, but her taste in food is far beyond what any man should like.”

The young Mohawk cleaned his nose with the sleeve of his coat. “Thank you chief Falcon’s Talon. This is good, but I must admit that I have never tasted anything this spicy before.”

The chief ushered Connor from the cabin to the ceremonial fire. “Come son, we should stretch our feet. The women have gone to discuss the union ceremony and I only hope that everything goes good. Little Tree’s mother has suffered enough, and Tall Oak’s debt has been paid more than once with such a strong and capable son. Yes, he shall make a good provider for my child.”

Connor stared into the flames as the older man began to speak of Little Tree and Midnight Rose. Those two names did not belong together in any fashion in his opinion. He turned his lip when the man stated that this Cherokee male would be a good provider for the girl that he himself wanted. This talk was only making his decision to tell Midnight Rose what she meant to him, just that much more desired.

He thought to himself, “I am going to tell her tonight after my spar with Poisoned Tears, I have been too afraid to do so, however now since I know that my intentions would be returned, I am not going to lose her to Little Tree.”

“You seem somewhere else, young one. What is on your mind?” The Cherokee broke Connor’s concentration.

Connor shook his head. “How is your union ceremony? What details are preformed to signify the union of the two? Strong Wind has informed me of the acceptance of proposal, not of the actual proceedings when the couple become one.”

Falcon’s Talon gripped Connor’s strong shoulder. “Ah, you may be interested in one of our girls after all. This is good to hear. You are a very fine Cherokee now, any family would be proud to have you.”

The Mohawk gazed down at the older man that seemed joyed with his questioning. “I was only curious chief, nothing more. Your traditions and way of life are very different than that of mine.”

Falcon’s Talon nodded as he reached for the flames, warming his hands. “It is a very simple ceremony. The man’s clan elders, the woman’s as well are present to be witness. The woman brings corn, the man a ham of venison. The ear of corn signifies that she is going to do her best to take care of their family, while the ham means that the husband is always going to do his best to provide for them. They are individually covered with blue blankets. Those blankets are taken off, replaced by one big white one covering them both, stating that their separated lives are finished and their joined life now begins. They drink from a double-mouthed cup. After the drink is gone, they are joined until death. Unless the man is not fit in the woman’s eyes anymore, then she can divorce him, but he is not allowed to divorce her. It is as simple as stated, even though I did not marry my wife this way.”

All this did in fact seem very easy for a marriage, but what caught Connor’s attention most was the last statement the man spoke. “You did not?”

“Sit with me Connor, here by the fire and I shall tell you of the best day in my life, besides seeing the birth of my son.” The two sat with Connor intent on knowing how the man married his wife. “Since the woman that I loved was not Cherokee, I knew that our marriage was going to be looked down upon and not allowed. So, I created my own method. It is much easier than the traditional way. You decide that you want the woman for yours, and she would like to belong to you, then it would only be the two of you in your home. The woman paints war paint on your face in the manner according to her tribe, and then you paint hers in yours. Since my wife was not Indian, I told her to use the Cherokee way. She then belongs to you forever. I like my way better.”

Connor nodded, for he too liked the way that Falcon’s Talon became one with Milagros. It was much simpler than the Mohawk marriage as well. “It sounds very nice chief Falcon’s Talon.”

The chief nodded his head as he scratched at his chin. “Tell me Connor, I see no markings on you, do you have any for your skill or bravery?”

Connor turned to the Air Clan Peace chief, shaking his head he replied, “No, I have none.”

“This is unusual, you don’t lack bravery or skills in any form, and I thought that you would have many even at your young age. That is good in a way I guess, this way the paleface do not scare easily of you.” Falcon’s Talon chuckled.

The Mohawk nodded in agreement, as he heard someone walking up to them, directly behind the elder chief. Connor turned to see Strong Wind. The man nodded to Connor was he squatted to whisper in the ear of his uncle. Falcon’s Talon nodded as he stood. Placed a hand on Strong Wind’s shoulder and set the man on his way.

“Come Connor, I have some things that I want you to see. Some of the dishes that the woman from my clan are preparing for the celebration after the union of my daughter to Little Tree, they are ready and need tasting.” Falcon’s Talon ushered Connor from the fire.

Connor silently followed the chief to the seven-sided grand council house, upon entering he noticed that the very large meeting room was now overtaken with many cast-iron pots, some full of food, while others lay used but empty. Various women bustled throughout the entire building. Many of the elderly women were sitting emptying soups from small pots to larger ones, while the younger women were adding other ingredients to them, as it took two girls a piece to stir the thick mixtures. The chief stopped to talk with the war chief from his clan then they both began to taste the soup from the first container. Falcon’s Talon motioned for Connor to come over and join as well. The hours seemed to pass by quickly, as the different food that the Cherokee ate in their wedding celebrations was taught to Connor.

Milagros and Midnight Rose walked in silence through the ally that seemed to stretch on forever until they reached the other side. Midnight Rose watched her feet the entire walk, knowing that her mother was very angry with her. After finally reaching the corner, the Cherokee girl stole a glace over at her mother. Milagros cut her eyes back at her. Midnight Rose took in a hard breath and let it go sharply. The women entered the cabin, causing the two wolves that were sleeping by the fireplace to wake. The animals changed positions, closing their eyes afterwards to sleep once more. The mother and daughter took a chair on either side of the table. Midnight Rose stared at her mother, waiting to hear what was so important that needed discussing. Milagros crossed her arms, huffed, and followed by a shake of her head.

“Rosa, what in the hell are you thinking?” Milagros starts.

Midnight Rose scrunches her brow.

“Stop playing games the way that you are or someone is going to get hurt.” The small Spanish woman slammed her right hand down on the table.

Her daughter shrugs as she throws her hands upward, as she innocently and confusingly answered.

Milagros closes her eyes tightly and lowers her head. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Think about what you are doing and where this road is going to lead you. I have nothing more to say to you about this. I’m fed up, you are a grown woman, and I take it that you know what you are doing. I can only suggest that you make it know what your intentions are. I want the best for you, and this path that you are taking is not it. I understand that you wish to shield your feelings, but have you sat to think for one minute that you need to get lost in the unknown? Give yourself fully into that fear. Embrace it, please, for your own benefit.”

The Cherokee lowered her head, as she did listen to her mother’s words with her full attention, but could not fathom herself doing any of the things that her mother stated.

“I love you Rosa, I want you to know and understand that.” Milagros stood to find her way to her daughter’s side, pulling Midnight Rose into an embrace. “That is all. When I see your mistakes, I am going to point them out to you, that is my job, as your mother.”

Midnight Rose nodded.

Milagros petted her daughter’s head, “now I have to go, your father will more than likely be looking for me, to help taste the foods for this wedding that should never have been made in the first place.”

The Spanish woman left her daughter sitting in the chair as she rushed back to find her husband. As she entered the Council House, she noticed that Connor was following the footsteps of Falcon’s Talon. She pulled the young Mohawk aside to speak quietly with him. “You need to go. I believe that you are late once more.”

Connor nodded as he quickly exited the building and ran to the alleyway leading to the woods near Midnight Rose’s cabin. He picked up speed as he made his way into the woods. Connor found his way to the stream and followed it until in the distance he could see the large willow that stood wide at the mouth of the water flow. As the Mohawk closed in, he kept his eyes open for the disguised Assassin.

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