The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


33. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


Midnight Rose allowed Connor to hold her in his arms, as much as she did not want to admit it, she needed him. She needed him at this moment more than ever. The slow hypnotic pace of his heartbeat was comfort for her weary soul. She had never been consoled when this recurring nightmare raised its ugly head, and after five years, she had cried all the tears that were possible. Now the visions that came only left her damaged and depressed. The warmth and strength that Connor possessed was the security needed for her to loose herself and fall peacefully back into slumber.

Midnight Rose was unaware of Connor laying her down on the ground, nor keeping her in his embrace for most of the night. It was only when she heard one of her pets howl at the moon, did her eyes open. The first thing she saw was the bright white cloth material of Connor’s coat. She then felt the pressure of his right arm around her and the steady stream of his breath beating down onto her lashes. Midnight Rose inhaled his breath as she resisted the urge to reach up and remove his hood, even though she knew this would have been an opportune time to do so.

“He will show me his face when the time is right.” She released a long heavy breath in the middle of thought, “I just have to be patient.”

Connor stirred and his grip from her waist lightened. His arm slid to the ground while he rolled off his left side onto his back. Midnight Rose was relieved, for her right hip was now aching as well. The other arm belonging to Connor did not move from under her neck, so Midnight Rose proceeded to reposition herself onto her opposite side. As soon as her body was comfortable, her eyes closed and did not open again.

Connor awoke to the wrestling thuds of Midnight Rose’s wolves echoing from far below them in the clearing of the valley. The sun had begun to break the horizon, but Connor was not ready to leave just yet. Midnight Rose was still sleeping, so Connor decided against waking her. He pulled the blanket over their heads. As he did so, Midnight Rose rolled over and laid her head upon his chest. Her reactions to his movement caused him to look down to see if she was indeed sleeping. When Connor’s muscles tensed, Midnight Rose slid her head down to rest in the arch of his shoulder, as her left knee softly and slowly advanced up his leg to come to a halt dangerously close to his hardening arousal. Midnight Rose then adjusted her body, wiggling closer to him, as her hand found its resting place on his chest. 

With Midnight Rose’s instinctive movements, the way that her body reacted and seemed to fit with his, Connor now knew that she was going to be his. He was misreading the signs the entire time. Her reactions, now alone with him were telling the tale, even if they were subconsciously. She did indeed like him, but had to be as he, unexperienced with expressing the interest. Midnight Rose snuggled harder into him, provoking his loins into a painful ache, Connor desired her, but he was not going to do it like this. He wanted Midnight Rose to will him too. Connor took a deep relaxing breath as he draped his arms around her and tried clearing his mind as he closed his eyes once more.

The two slept soundly for a few more hours until the male wolf belonging to the young Cherokee poked its nose under the blanket to begin licking its Master on her face. The girl smiled opening her eyes to see the animal laying with only its head visible under the cover. It licked her once more on her cheek. The pitch-black beast lifted its head to snort at Connor seen fast asleep over Midnight Rose’s shoulder, then the creature eased away.

Midnight Rose’s eyes grew two sizes bigger as Connor nestled closer into her body and his very stiff lower region poked hard into the small of her back. She curved her neck to sneak a peek at the man with whom she was now spooning. Connor was sound asleep. Midnight Rose carefully arched her back away from the embarrassing body function that she knew all too well men endured while they slept. She freed her hand from under his heavy arm to wipe the sleep from her eyes and to get her bearings, for the night had been very long. While burying her face into her hands she felt Connor’s body back away from hers.

Connor half consciously sensed Midnight Rose remove her hand from under his arm, causing him to fully wake. As he felt his manhood throb, he quickly repositioned himself further from her body.

“You slept well, I hope.” Connor whispered into her ear.

With the man’s question, Midnight Rose rolled over to face him.

Connor retrieved his arm from under her neck, causing Midnight Rose to bend her elbow to use for support for her resting head. She stared at the always-hooded man, as the sunlight shined strong enough through the blanket that the two could see. She wrinkled her brow as she pointed to the hood.

“Since you feel the necessity to change the subject when all I ask is of your welfare, I shall oblige, only if in the case you reciprocate.” Connor countered.

Midnight Rose lifted her brow in awe, as her cheeks grew hot for the admiration she was now feeling for Connor. She had no idea that he had such vocabulary or was even remotely educated. She turned her face into the bend of her arm.

Connor leaned in and lifted her chin sideways to be able to see the entirety of her face. “Even with the lack of adequate light, one can see the blush of your cheek. I am at a loss for words in why you would react in this manner.”

Midnight Rose stared at the Mohawk’s tempting lips, she closed her eyes to mouth the word, you.

“Explain.” Connor demanded.

She nodded. Midnight Rose held her hand to her heart. Thank you for last night, were the muted words that formed. She pointed to him, slowly mouthed the words, why do you continue to wear the hood?

Connor nodded. “I am relieved that you found solace, enough to rest peacefully. I have grown accustomed to it being there. I see no harm or any reason to lower it from my head, much like you and your refusal to speak.”

Midnight Rose raised her left brow and shook her head as she smirked disappointedly. The girl then proceeded to roll off her side onto her back, all while taking a deep breath. She lowered the cover from her face, stared straight at the cloudless sea of blue as she exhaled, followed by rolling her eyes. She then threw the blanket sideways off her body, as it lowered the cover doubled back on itself atop Connor. Midnight Rose lifted to foot, shook her head as she began to descend the cliff’s fragile slop.

The Cherokee tightened her eyes as she filled with rage as her thoughts spew. “How can he actually compare the two? He is an Assassin, an Assassin. They only cover their faces to hide their identity from any threats while on missions or in public, but are accustomed to lowering their hoods when they are home, around the ones that know their identity. How dare he? How could he even possibly think that the two are remotely related? Just when I was beginning to give him the benefit of the doubt, he goes and says something so untrue and unfounded. Assumption is not becoming of you Mr. Kenway. Not becoming at all.”

Connor hastened his pace to catch up with Midnight Rose who refused to slow. He reached out grabbing her arm, spinning her to face him. They stood close enough that each could smell themselves on the other. “Have I offended you in some fashion?”

Midnight Rose pouted her lips, afterwards raised her brows as she shook her head. She pointed to the sky followed by twirling on her heels to venture off once more for the village.

Connor now knowing that something was bothering her, jogged before Midnight Rose, as he turned he blocked the small path between the Cherokee and the broken log they passed under the night before. “I know that something is wrong.”

The Cherokee tried to push Connor out of the way, but as soon as her arms extended, Connor grabbed her waist and pulled her into his arms.

“I held you like this the entire night. At least you can pay me the gratitude of not lying to me now.” Connor spoke down to the top of the girls head, that rested by his lower lip. This was the first time he realized exactly how tall Midnight Rose truly was. Connor then grasped the girl’s arms and pushed her backwards far enough that he could see her face. He stood there trying to read exactly what she was thinking, but she once more closed her feelings from the world as she had done before all too many times.

Midnight Rose stood with a blank stare affixed on the Mohawk.

“Are you going to tell me what the matter is?” Connor lowered his voice to almost a whisper.

The Cherokee wrinkled her brow as she gave him the most confused look.

Connor threw his hands up, “fine.”

Midnight Rose threw her right hand up as she shrugged her shoulder in a questioning manner.

The tall dark-skinned man turned his back on the girl that now began to wear a gratifying smirk.

Connor bent under the limb to pass, when his body was upright again, he took a glance back to an innocent looking Midnight Rose. “Was I reading too much into it? She acts as if it is the time of morning that is the problem, but somehow I do not take her at her word.”

The Cherokee followed in suit under the broken timber. She followed Connor to her village in his silence. She was glad that she was able to upset him, as he had done to her.

As the pair left the thick vegetation, the sun was already overhead shining down bright and hot. Connor did not understand the weather here where the girl lived. In Kanatahséton, if one day was cold then the rest were a safe bet to follow the same pattern, not here. Since his arrival, the climate had been very sporadic. It was early autumn, but this day seemed that it was going to be more along the lines of mid-summer.

Connor was feeling the heat already radiating under his coat, and could only imagine the sweat that he would work up during his spar later with Poisoned Tears, which he admitted that he was rather looking forward to. For the last two encounters, the masked Assassin had come close to cutting him, and now Connor desired answers and could not deny the taste for payback did not sound bad either.

The closer they traveled to the village, the slower Connor’s pace became until he was at a stroll. Midnight Rose peered from the corner of her left eye as she walked past him. The girl continued walking for she had seen what made Connor change his demeanor. There ahead of them sat her father by the door of her cabin. He was still a distance off and had not seen the two but Connor knew that if Falcon’s Talon had seen them together, he himself would be asking for trouble.

Connor grabbed Midnight Rose by the arm as she passed, jerking her to a halt. “Your father must not know that we spent the night together.”

Midnight Rose cocked her head backward as she raised her left brow gazing forward toward her father.

“That did not sound the way I planned. I desired to insinuate as friends, noting more. I would not want him to presume that you and I were, together.” Connor tried to explain.

Each word Connor stated hurt Midnight Rose’s soul just that much more. She turned, reached out to pat him on his chest. She gave a weak half smile then returned to the hike.

Connor debated if he should continue walking near Midnight Rose. For if, her father saw the two of them together this early in the morning he would automatically know that the two were in the company of the other the entire night. Even as innocent as their evening was, no one would be accepting to believe that the two only conversed and slept, especially Midnight Rose’s father. For Connor, he himself would have not found truth in such an unbelievable tale. As Connor decided to walk away from Midnight Rose, her father caught his eye. The man lifted his head, as his hand now clasped his chin. The tattooed chief stared at the two as they moved closer. Connor had no choice now but to continue the trail following the chief’s daughter.

The middle-aged man arose to his feet as he crossed his arms to wait for the pair to reach. Connor was nervous of what he knew the man had to be thinking. Falcon’s Talon only stared at Connor walking behind his beloved daughter. If Connor had to explain himself he would truthfully, regardless if Falcon’s Talon believed what he had to say, or not. Even with this gloomy outcome, Connor knew he would repeat his and Midnight Rose’s encounter without hesitation again if given the opportunity. For the sheer fact of the way things played out for him, favorable, very beneficial indeed.

He had learned that he was very close to getting Midnight Rose to speak to him, first off. Second, he found that she was a very caring person once she trusted enough. Third was the best detail, the one that made his heart light, the fact that this mute Cherokee girl cared for him, even though she had not once told him. Connor had a feeling that she would not tell him if even asked, but just the manner that her resting body moved like a second skin when they were together was proof enough for Connor. He was always taught when he was young that the spirit commands the body what to do, therefore her soul was already connected to his, much as his was to hers, whether they wanted it or not. Connor was content on making a move now, but needed to find the correct moment, one where Midnight Rose could not deny or would not want too, but instead see where his intentions were heading.

“Nihi uha wuwedoi atsinuqowisgv igvyi aioli, ale heah atsutsa? (You have been out early daughter, and the boy?)” Falcon’s Talon reached to grab Midnight Rose by the arm.

In the form that the older man grabbed his daughter, Connor knew that whatever he was saying could not be good news.

Midnight Rose shook her head then made a few motions to prompt Falcon’s Talon to stroll over to Connor.

“So my daughter says that the two of you left early this morning to pay respect to Screeching Hawk. I must admit I am glad that you think enough of my family to go see him. This speaks loud to me. Come, you must eat. You left this morning without waiting for your meal to be cooked.” The tattooed face of the man smiled as he ushered Connor away from his daughter.

As the two men walked past Midnight Rose who now stood in her doorway, Connor stole one last peek at her as she disappeared beyond the threshold.

“Tell me Connor, you plan to stay with your brothers here longer?” The Cherokee made conversation.

Connor nodded, “yes, I find it peaceful, a nice change from what I am used to.”

The chief shook his head, “I am pleased, but concerned.”

“Continue Chief Falcon’s Talon.” Connor stated.

The duo turned into the alley, “you are happy here, but is not your family missing you in your home? You are a very skilled hunter, you have proven the fact with the gift you bring my family. I do worry that your family will be in need for you soon.”

Connor’s eyes darted to the ground, “You need not worry Chief Falcon’s Talon, my Clan Mother gave permission for my departure from the village.”

The man scratched his chin as they reached his wooden porch. “I understand more now, yes you are a free man to make your own choices in life, but are you ready and do you know what the right ones are.”

“I have to make my own mistakes, for I cannot grow properly without making a few wrong decisions. They are the trial and errors that make one’s character, for the better, some cases for the worse.” Connor claimed.

Falcon’s Talon nodded, “you have some wisdom within you young one, now come, eat.”

The two entered the cabin that smelled thick with deer meat that kept warm over Milagros’ fire pit. The woman was not present as the two men wandered to the kitchen table to ready themselves for breakfast. Soon footsteps sounded coming down the stairs. Milagros entered into the kitchen silently to prepare the men each a plate. She smiled to herself as she passed Connor and her husband to pull two bowls down from the cabinets and filled them.

As Milagros served Connor she asked, “I imagine that you are famished.”

“I know that I am wife. Now, why do you not join us here?” Falcon’s Talon asked.

The Spanish woman did not loosen her stare on Connor. “No dear, I think that I shall go and have a very long conversation with our daughter.”

Connor tensed his jaw for he knew Milagros realized he did not sleep in the house with the rest of them during the night.

“Good, make sure that she makes herself eat. She is looking rather pale this morning.” The Cherokee Peace Chief stated.

Milagros smirked as she wiped her hands on the apron worn draped over the cloth dress she was in, “I’ll bet.”

The young Mohawk only lowered his head, for he could see the images that he knew Milagros was thinking that he had done with Midnight Rose.

The petite woman headed for the door, “ah before I forget, when you have had your fill Connor, find me for I want a word with you.”

Connor nervously nodded his head as he stared forward at the Air Clan Chief who seemed very content on eating his food and ignoring their conversation.

Milagros knocked on the doorframe of her daughter’s home. She then entered as Midnight Rose pulled the pelt to one side. Midnight Rose was in a change of clothes and her hair still wet from a resent bath. The girl followed her mother to sit at the table. Milagros stared at her with over inspecting eyes. Midnight Rose shook her head as her eyes rolled.

The Spanish woman only grunted. “Um hum.”

Midnight Rose widened her eyes as she pulled her right cheek tight.

Milagros huffed, “really. You are alone with that boy all night long and you expect me to believe that you and he did not have…”

The Cherokee girl only lifted her left brow cockily.

“So where did you take him this time? Let me guess, somewhere that you knew you wouldn’t been seen, like the last time?” Milagros calmly asked.

The girl could only raise her brows innocently as she shrugged.

Milagros stood, walked over to her daughter to caress her face, “I am so sorry dear. I know that you are crazy about him.” The woman then tilted her daughter’s face upward to look her in the eyes. “So he was a perfect gentleman. Just like your father.”

Midnight Rose rolled her eyes, and then mutely stated, we are friends, nothing more. Why do you insist on pushing us together? I have learned that I am nowhere near his type.

“So you say mija, so you say. (daughter)” Milagros let go of her daughter, as there was a knock at the threshold.

Connor announced himself.

“Your boyfriend is here, and he seemed so guilty while he was eating with your father, what really happened Rosa?” Milagros whispered.

“May I pass?” Connor asked.

 “Go show your man in, how rude dear.” Milagros chuckled.

Midnight Rose now full of anger and embarrassment, hurried to pull back the pelt as she looked up to the hidden face of the man she desired more than her own life.

Connor stated almost embarrassed. “Your mother told me to come here after I was finished eating. She said that she needed to speak with me.”

Midnight Rose passed her arm across her body giving Connor permission to enter. As he turned his back on her to enter the cabin, Midnight Rose left him to speak alone with her mother.

“Connor, good you are here, I need to speak with you.” Milagros showed Connor to a chair.

Connor shyly walked over to take the chair offered. “I understand.” He remarked waiting to hear her accusations of what she thought transpired between him and her daughter during the night.

The short Spanish woman smiled very forced as she sat down in the chair opposite him. “Are you prepared for what you are to do today? Poisoned Tears isn’t going to go easy on you. I have already spoken with the Assassin, who is now at the locale waiting on your late arrival.”

These words were not what Connor braced himself for, these statements were easy to digest and answer. “I am more than willing to accept the tutoring of this masked man. I have much to learn, and if this is part of my mission then I must follow.”

“Good, now you need to get your mind off my daughter and last night to focus on the fore coming training. Poisoned Tears doesn’t play games, nor tolerates people that do.” Milagros stood as she walked to the door.

Connor followed the woman as he put a hand on her shoulder that barely came to his chest. “We did not commit an act that would shame your daughter.”

The woman arched her head back to look up to the young man. “I know that you would never hurt my child. Have you told her that?”

“Yes.” Connor made for the door, but Milagros grabbed his arm.

“In those exact words,” the woman asked.

“I said that I would never hurt anything that belonged to her, which I meant.” After the statement, Connor once more headed for the door. As he drew back the pelt, Connor stopped to lower his head. He stared at the bush in which he fell not too many days ago. “How long has her soul been in torment?”

Milagros walked to his side. “She still has those? I thought that after so long the nightmares ceased.”

Connor left the home for the site Milagros had stated would be the battlegrounds and he planned to make the best of this lesson. He wanted to become stronger while wiser, but also had a feeling that he could not trust Poisoned Tears.

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