The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


32. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued

 Connor was enjoying the water until he paused to give thought in what Milagros had said about the days counting down. In addition to her being right, he could not bear seeing Midnight Rose with Little Tree, no matter the significance of their marriage. Connor was determined to get Midnight Rose to see that she still had other options, whatever they might be, one, possibly being his. It was time he made his final attempt to see what Midnight Rose’s character really was and if she really was as beautiful within as she absolutely was on the outside in his opinion. He swam back to his clothes and took his time in dressing.

“I must speak with her tonight. Something is telling me that it has to be now.” He shook his head, “I have to do this, and I must be steadfast. I shall show her that I am a good friend at least if she is not how I imagined her after I speak with her.”

Midnight Rose walked slowly toward her home, but halfway there her mind became sidetracked. She began thinking of Connor bathing in the very hot water, first him taking off his coat then lowering the hood from his face.

“His face,” she smiled in thinking, “his face, those swollen lips, they seem so soft and I can only imagine what he looks like. From what I can tell he is adorable.”

She saw Connor taking off his leggings, then his shirt in her mind’s eye. Causing her to fumble and stumble over pebbles as she crossed the stream not far from her cabin. In almost falling, Midnight Rose caught ahold of a large rock then fixed herself upon it. There was Connor shirtless, and ever so handsome. His chest was a nice size, not too big nor too small. It protruded ever so slightly, just the way she liked a man’s chest too. His stomach was slim, but lacked abs, or the v shaped pelvic muscle that drove her wild, for what it lead too. She bit her lower lip as she could now see him loosening his pants. However, before she could let her imagination run wild with what lay underneath, a rustling came from behind her, causing the fantasy to come to an abrupt halt. She turned to see Connor. Midnight Rose rapidly returned her gaze toward her village, over the lust that she was now feeling for the hooded man and knowing that the heat from her cheeks would be more than noticeable with the moonlight that was now high above shinning down bright.

In crossing the stream, Connor saw Midnight Rose resting upon the same rock that Little Tree’s mother used not too long ago. He quietly closed in on her. In approaching, Midnight Rose lowered her head.

“You cannot sleep?” Connor squatted down facing her and took a deep breath.

Midnight Rose found the strength to raise her head.

The Mohawk pouted his lips, “me either. What do you do when you cannot sleep?”

The young girl could only stare at his lips and bite hers once more. She closed her eyes hard to regain composure then tilted her head.

Connor lifted himself to foot, kicking a pebble as he spoke, “I will understand if you do not want to show me.”

Midnight Rose smirked as she shook her head. She stood and motioned for Connor to follow.

Connor was glad that Midnight Rose did not shun him, as he cautiously walked beside her as she led him toward her house. Midnight Rose held up a finger, before she ran behind the pelt door. Connor strolled over to lean upon the door pane. Midnight Rose returned within seconds to stand in front of the Mohawk holding a pale blue blanket. She tilted her head. Connor understood and followed the object of his affection. Midnight Rose directed him into the forest. They seemed to head toward the resting place of Screeching Hawk. Before reaching the hill that the girl’s brother rested in high above them, Midnight Rose ventured off to the left of the hill. In this direction, Connor observed that it was not as traveled as the various paths that twisted and turned all around them.

There were many vines hanging low and signs that only animals took this trek. As they pushed on, the forest began to consume the two. The undergrowth was up to their calves and the bushes, matted on either side of them and the moonlight, blocked for the heavy vegetation overhead. Midnight Rose bent down to pass under a dead limb that laid diagonally across the path, which barely hung onto the tree from which it once grew. Connor was going to detach the limb entirely to clear the footpath when Midnight Rose reached over the dead appendage, grabbing his hand. He looked at her as she shook her head. Connor furrowed his brow, as Midnight Rose dropped his hand to point down into the hollow to three tiny baby opossum using the dead branch as refuge from the night.

“Where are we headed?” Connor spoke.

Midnight Rose lifted a finger to her lips, as she started back on the route.

Connor passed under the branch as to join his company at her side once more. In doing so, he saw that the forest was now giving way to rock, the further they entered. The greyish to pinkish-white granite began to grow on either side of them. On his left-hand side, a crumbling hill, with what he thought would be their destination at the foot, a cave down below. That was until Midnight Rose, started off in the opposite direction, up a thin embankment. The rock was jagged and very unsafe. Even still, the young Cherokee girl was scaling the serrated rock seemingly unaware of the loose stones underfoot. This caused Connor to hurry and stay as close to her as possible, for fear of her safety, as she griped to the blanket she continued to have in her possession. The girl was fast and agile as she was already at the summit. Midnight Rose turned to study Connor who was now taking the last step from the narrow edge to join her on the top of the rock hill.

Connor looked around him. The rock surface was smooth, not as level as the large landmass that towered high above the trees behind them, even though it was the same type of rock. This drop-off was roughly the size of Midnight Rose’s log cabin. Beside from the crumbling trail they climbed, there seemed no other way to get onto the flat surface on which they now stood. Thick bushes with thorns barricaded them in on two of the four sides. Midnight Rose walked over to the only other side of the cliff that overlooked the cave far below them, across the clearing and took a seat. Connor smirked as Midnight Rose raised her left eyebrow. He walked over and sat down for he knew that she was telling him to.

“So you come here alone? It does not seem safe for a girl. It is very secluded.” Connor slowly made conversation.

Midnight Rose nodded then threw her palm up.

Connor continued. “Not having to worry of others disturbing you.”

Midnight Rose nodded giving the young Mohawk her full attention, as she pulled her knees up into an embrace, then laying her head upon them.

With the piercing eyes of the young female, Connor turned to look at the cave across the valley. He lifted his chin, “the cave?”

The girl shrugged.

Connor smirked, “I know you know what it is about, for you would not have brought me here otherwise.”

Midnight Rose nodded as she extended a hand and motioned for him to wait.

“I understand. So when you are here what do you think of or in?” Connor leaned back to prop himself on his hands.

As soon as Connor finished his statement, what Midnight Rose was waiting on ran out of the vine-ridden cave. She reached over to tap her inquisitive company on the thigh. The couple watched as her two wolves exited the cavern and began to play roughly on the pink flakey granite ground far below them.

Connor studied the two wolves as they nipped at each other and tussled to see who the stronger was. “They are very…”

Midnight Rose flung herself to Connor’s side, almost tackling him in covering his mouth with her hand, but it was too late. The pair of animals stopped to stare at the Mohawk. The male was the first to growl and dart to the hill, and run up the same path leading to the clearing. Midnight Rose jumped to her feet, as did Connor. She ran to stand directly in front of him as the beasts made their way onto the same level ground. Midnight Rose stepped backwards until her body was fully touching Connor’s. She extended her arms, and wrapped them backwards around his waist, as the wolves enraged by her actions. The female wolf inched closer, eyes staring at the man. Midnight Rose let go of Connor’s waist with her right hand as she held it up, palm perpendicular to the ground. She then lifted and lowered her hand swiftly. The wolf ignored her command. The woman repeated it, this time the snow-white beast whimpered. Midnight Rose snapped her fingers and pointed back to the path as the animal slinked away with its tail between its legs. The male wolf was not going to back down that easily. He continued to stand at the ready. It did not take well to the fact that Midnight Rose and Connor were close, even less in them touching. The Cherokee woman lifted her chin. This enraged the beast as it let out a loud snarl. As the woman began to lift her hand, the wolf snapped hard his sharp white teeth, sending saliva flying.

Connor leaned down over Midnight Rose’s right shoulder to whisper into her ear. As his breath warmed her neck, she rolled her eyes back in ecstasy as her skin was overwhelmed with goose bumps. “He does not like that you and I are this close.”

The pitch-black wolf started toward Connor, as Midnight Rose held her hand up to repeat the commands she gave to the other animal. She lifted her chin once more, followed again by the hand motion. The beast did not stop in its run until it was a foot away from its Master. Midnight Rose angrily stared at the wolf as she snapped her fingers. The wolf, stopped dead in its attack as the girl snapped once more. The wolf whined as it laid down and rested its head on her feet. It stared up longingly at the girl. Midnight Rose stared into the eyes of the beast without blinking and returned her right arm around Connor. The wolf whined once more, causing the girl to tighten her eyes. The pet stood to slink away, slowly joining the other down in the valley. Midnight Rose dropped her grasp from Connor as she turned to face him. She placed a hand over his chest, as she looked up to him.

“You saved your pets from a certain death.” Connor harshly stated.

Midnight Rose frowned, strolled back to her seat to watch as her wolves began to play slowly with each other once more.

Connor walked over to Midnight Rose, squatted by her side, and placed a shaky hand upon her shoulder blade. “I did not mean that, I was mad. You have your wolves trained well and I would have not hurt anything that belongs to you.”

Midnight Rose turned her head to him, she sadly shook her head as she placed a hand on his extended arm.

“I know you would have not let them hurt me. May I sit?” Connor asked.

Permission was given with a gloomy nod.

Connor reminded the young woman as he crossed his legs. “You have yet to answer my question.”

Midnight Rose straightened herself as she turned her body to face him. She furrowed her brow, first threw her hand up, and followed by covering her heart.

“You think about everything then in yourself?” Connor asked.

The Cherokee shook her head. She looked up to the sky, thinking in a way to express her feelings to the young man seated in front of her. She placed her hand back over her heart once more, but this time followed that by pointing to it as she raised her brows.

Connor tensed, “love.”

Midnight Rose slowly nodded.

“I see. Which leads me to ask you something.” Connor began.

Midnight Rose stared at Connor.

“We are friends now, right?” The Mohawk asked.

The girl did nothing but push her lips to the side of her face.

Connor accepted her reaction as positive. “I take that as a yes. Good, then do you plan on uniting with Little Tree?”

Midnight Rose poked her lower lip out and shook her head.

This made Connor’s heart dance in delight. “Is he not fit to make a good husband?”

The girl smirked as she then pointed to herself followed by waving her finger back and forth.

“Not for you. That is good. I mean in my tribe, we never make our loved ones unite with someone that they do not love.” Connor shared.

Midnight Rose lifted her brow, for she was very interested in the tribal life that Connor was accustomed.

“In my tribe, one is free to choose whom they want to love for the rest of their lives,” Connor started, but Midnight Rose grabbed his attention as she forcefully pointed to the ground.

“You do the same here as well, you say, but then you are forced to marry a man that you do not desire, you do not do you?” Connor asked Midnight Rose who was giving her full attention.

The Cherokee curled her lip up as if Connor’s words left a wretched stench.

Her reaction was very pleasing to Connor. “We are very different from you Cherokee. Mohawk men are not that open with their feelings as the men here are. Your men seem somewhat similar to the white men that I have come across through my journeys into Boston, meaning, that they are very affectionate outside of the privacy of the home. This is something that none of our men would never dare to do.”

Midnight Rose pursed her lips as she disappointedly shook her head.

Connor scrunched his brow, “you think that your way is better?”

The girl nodded rapidly.

“How,” Connor called her on it.

Midnight Rose lifted a finger then held it to her chest, rolled her eyes as she smiled a very small sweet smile.

Connor huffed. “But does not what the man do for you within the home keep the woman suffice?”

The young Cherokee maiden raised her left brow and silently giggled. In seeing Connor’s building anger, she stopped and shrugged her shoulders.

“What do you mean you do not know?” Connor replied angrily.

Midnight Rose shook her head as she shrugged once more.

Connor tightened his eyes as he thought. This girl had to have many men after her even at her young age, for she was the most beautiful thing that breathed the same air as he. Connor stared at her as she leaned back onto her hands. He wanted to ask her more questions, but did not know in what manner to ask, when he blurted out. “You have had suitors before.”

The girl leaned back up. She softly tightened her eyes as she nodded, held up one finger, and then pointed to him.

“Who me, sure many,” Connor replied quickly.

Midnight Rose threw her palm up.

Connor was glad that she was still in a good mood, given the topic. “Only one, I would have guessed more.”

The girl’s mood changed, she slowly shook her head.

“Cherokee,” Connor asked.

Midnight Rose lifted her lip in disgust.

This reaction confused Connor, “Creek?”

Now the young girl scrunched her face terribly.

“I see,” as Connor knew that her former suitor now had to be a white man. “So why have you no interest in the men here?”

Midnight Rose shook her head. She pointed to herself then passed her hand across her body, then returned her finger to her chest.

“They have not took interest in you. Why?” Connor was now intrigued.

The girl held her hands, fingers separated wide, far in front of her breasts as she sternly looked at Connor. Midnight Rose then made the silhouette of a very slim woman with her hands.

“Skinny women with big, I see.” Connor hungrily stated.

The way that he said it, hurt Midnight Rose’s feelings for she was in possession of neither of the things that she just described. She could see that that was what Connor also liked but refused to let this man see that he just hurt her. She raised her finger to point at him.

Connor wondered what she wanted, “what?”

Midnight Rose rolled her hand in circles as she raised her brows.

“No, I have no woman. I do not have time to make one happy with the life that I have chosen to live.” Connor replied.

The girl raised her left brow then waved her hands in front of her. She stopped as her eyes shot up in thinking of how to ask him a very personal question. She made the thin female shape in the air once more. 

 Connor stated. “Yes. The girls that I have been with were slender if that is what you are trying to ask.”

Midnight Rose quickly widened her eyes. That was what she was trying to ask, but did not know how. She was not bothered that he had been with other women at all, she had expected that a man of his age to be very experienced. What gave her the sting was that they were the type of women that the braves here liked. Not like her, the lack of having a flat stomach, or very top-heavy like the men loved. No, her stomach was anything but flat, and bosom were nowhere near as big. She was tall for a Cherokee female as well, but that was a good thing in her opinion, but seemed also unlikable with the Cherokee men. Midnight Rose was never a skinny girl. She was a lot heavier than she was now, in fact, she had lost some weight, but one could not tell, for her face was still the same plump heart shape as it has always been. Since her return, she had not given herself the time to take in her deerskin clothes or the dresses that she had worn. They all have been very loose, when they were supposed to bit fitting. Her appearance never really bothered her, but now she was feeling very self-conscience around Connor. She had a first love, and the way she looked never seemed to be a problem with him. Recalling, she never worried about the way anyone saw her until now with this dark bronze-skinned man that sat in front of her. She wanted him to think that she was at least pretty. Now with all Connor’s openness, Midnight Rose was finding that she liked him more and more, but also with this new friendship, she was finding that she was not the type for him.

Midnight Rose knew that there were all shapes and sizes of women, but here in her tribe, the most tried to stay thin and desirable to their men. The manner in which the maidens thought here was different from the way in which Midnight Rose believed. They assumed that they should dress special and fix their hair nicely every day, and the fact that the white settlers that were now heavy in the area have not helped in their thought process. Some of the women were friendly with the Cherokee and taught the women of makeup, applying it and the significance of it. Things Midnight Rose could honestly say never really grabbed her attention. If a man could not like her without her face painted, then what would he think when she was to wash it all off. The Cherokee shrugged her shoulders as she thought in a question that she needed answering.

Connor studied the young woman and could tell that she was in the middle of a mental battle. “I have been around you long enough to know when you are having conflicting thoughts, if you have something to ask me, then by all means.”

Midnight Rose lowered her right cheek as she peered slowly over to Connor from the corner of her left eye as she thought. “Why am I so visible to this man? Am I that obvious?”

Connor licked his lip, “did I say something wrong.”

The Cherokee only stared at the very confident man. She never once blinked as her eyes tightened. In all her confusion, she mouthed the word, no.

The Mohawk shifted as he lowered his chin. “No, that is the first time that you ever made an attempt to seem like you want to speak to me. Since you are debating on how to ask me what it is that you feel so compelled to ask, stop using your hands and use your mouth.”

Midnight Rose wrinkled her brow as her head lowered. “What is wrong with me? How does he have such a power over me? I fear nothing, but I am terrified by the sheer thought of this man. All my senses are betraying me, while he is somehow taking over.” She raised her head, as she decided that she would take his advice. “He was smirking, why would he smirk? Does he know the effect that he has upon me?”

Connor knew that he had been able to get inside Midnight Rose’s head, as this gave her a shock it pleased him. He waited until she gathered herself to ask him whatever it was that she wanted. He had already decided that he was going to tell her everything that she wanted to know. Connor was going to be the open book that his mother always was with him when he was but a boy. Connor planned not to lie to Midnight Rose. That was up until she mentioned that she had a past love. The anger and jealousy that the feeling provoked, made him invent the various women. However, in seeing that the fact he was with others did not seem to make her bitter was a sign that she did not like him, possibly, she was still in love with the other man, or maybe she truthfully did not like Indian men and wanted to spare his feelings. Whatever the outcome of this evening, Connor was enjoying the fact that he was getting to know more about this woman Midnight Rose, and he liked what she offered on her part even if she was not interested in him as a possible suitor, but friend.

Midnight Rose took a deep breath as she formed her lips to mouth the word, family.                                                                                                             

Connor’s whole demeanor changed, as soon as the silent word left the girl’s lips. He had not expected this to be what was troubling Midnight Rose.

The Cherokee girl regretted the question asked now, for the reaction the Mohawk gave. He was screaming on the inside and she could see it. She now wished that she could take back the word and ask something stupid, although she was all too curious about the tall dark Assassin, and it needed asking. He knew her family, and the scarce details. He met her father and mother, but he also knew that she once had a brother who was Assassin as well. Midnight Rose had no control over her body, as she reached out to slip her hand inside his hood to cup Connor’s left cheek. As she did so, she mouthed the words, I am sorry.

“No, it is an honest question. I wanted you to ask me, and now I will answer you.” Connor stated as Midnight Rose lowered her hand.

The Cherokee grabbed his hands, as she shook her head.

Connor allowed the woman to hold his hands tightly as he began. “I am the only child of my mother and father, the only child that my mother bore.”

Midnight Rose softly caressed his left cheek once more, as she could not bear seeing his hurt.

“When I was young, my mother told me stories surrounding my father that were not true.” He grabbed the hand that was warming his cheek tight within his hand. “She died when I was but a boy.”

Midnight Rose felt awful now for the harsh topic that she made the man endure. She felt sick to her stomach. This was the least of her intentions. Midnight Rose hated that she was making him relive the tragic events of his past.

“I understand now why she told me the stories that she did. It was for me to not hate my father for leaving us.” Connor noticed the pain in Midnight Rose’s eyes. “Do not feel sad, I want to tell you. The death of my mother was the motivation that started me down this path. Her life, taken by force, I know who took it and I have made the promise to avenge her death.”

The Cherokee now caressed his cheek with her thumb as she stoked it back and forth.

Connor took a stuttered breath as he loosened his grip from the hand that rested so lovingly on his face. “There are good memories as well, some of the best.”

Now the young woman was beginning to feel a little better, since he seemed willing to change the subject.

Connor now began to beam, “I was the best hunter in my clan for my age. I taught my best friend how to hunt and capture game without damaging the hide.” 

 Midnight Rose now lowered her hand for the need to console him had passed. She pulled her legs up into an embrace for the night’s air had turned frigid. As her body let out a hard shiver as a painful wisp of air blew by that felt like needles piercing her skin.

The Mohawk leaned over to pick up the blanket that was lying on the ground next to him. He unfolded it and leaned into Midnight Rose to wrap it tight around her shoulders as she shivered once more.

Midnight Rose watched as Connor picked up the blanket and allowed him to lean close, as he did her body shivered once more, but this time it was not reacting to the weather, but him.

“The night has a big chill. You need this more than the ground.” Connor stated.

His words brought a small smile to Midnight Rose’s face as she shook her head.

The two sat in an awkward silence for a while as Connor watched the wolves down below that now fought over a fresh kill.

“So tell me about the two, are they mated.” Connor asked before he looked over to his company that was now fighting off slumber.

Midnight Rose shook her head that now laid resting on her knees.

The Mohawk only grunted. “Hum.”

The battle with sleep was a losing one as Midnight Rose’s eyes refused to open once more. The last sight she saw before falling off to sleep was one that she wished to see for the rest of her days. Connor at her side, willing and loving, even though he stated that the Mohawk men were not keen for being passionate out of the home, Connor was all of that and then some. He may not have seen her as a perspective mate, but he was a good friend to her and she was not going to forget it.

She fell deeper and deeper into slumber as her mind raced with images of her new friend. First, they started out happy and promising as she saw him throughout their journey. He was ever so attentive and she had to admit trustworthy. She remembered just how respectful he was and knowing that the men in her tribe, even though they did respect the woman here, they still had their needs, and would not have thought secondly of trying to make a move, just to please the hunger. However, with this Mohawk, something was different and that difference was what was appealing to her, not just his demeanor, and the mystery of what was under the hood, but the entirety that was Connor Kenway. She once again found herself in his arms, but this time he was the one that pulled her into him. He was the one that hungered for her, unlike all the other times that she dreamt where it was always her with the need that had to be satisfied. He was the one that would not stop, he was going to take her, and she was going to let him. As soon as Connor leaned down to push her dress down, the dream started to change.

It was no longer her and Connor alone, but her and her brother. They were outside of a small cabin in the middle of a huge wildflower field. The sun was lowering behind them and Screeching Hawk was putting on his Assassin coat as he and she were arguing.

“I understand that the two of you love each other, but it is not safe for you two to be together tonight. I have a very bad feeling that evil is going to happen during this mission, and I need the peace of mind knowing that you will be safe within the tribe.” Screeching Hawk grabbed her arm to usher her to a horse that stood next to his.

“I am no child brother. You and he have both taught me how to fend for myself, ever since I was ten. After what I did,” a few years younger Midnight Rose yanked free from her brother.

The very trim longhaired Cherokee tied a leather strand around his thick locks. “I love you and I only want the best for you. You think that just because four years have passed and now you are so skilled and could kill someone that tried to hurt you. I would die if something ever happened to you do you not understand that. You were lucky that day when you killed that drunk that tried to hurt you. It was luck and nothing more.”

Midnight Rose was infuriated. “Why do you say these things? Would I not be safe with him as well, seeing as who he is what he is?”

“You think that I do not know what the two of you feel for each other? I see it every time the two of you are together, and I see it every time that my Isabella looks at me. I did not wish to send her away and in her condition, which you shall never speak of until the time is right. What I do is for the protection of you my family. Now go, go home, and tell father that I am staying the night with Isabella.” Screeching Hawk lowered his beaked hood low upon his face.

Midnight Rose shook her head. “You know that as soon as you leave that I will go and see Angel right. He said that he had something to tell me and I want to know what it is.”

The fully dressed Assassin in black sheathed his bow and turned to face his sister. “You need to do as I say and stop acting as a child. Now,” he hugged the girl. “I love you and I must go.”

The fourteen-year-old Midnight Rose did not return her brother’s embrace, “If you forbid me to go to see him then I hate you Screeching Hawk.”

The Assassin squeezed his sister tighter, “I forbid you.”

Midnight Rose wrinkled her brow in anger, “then you are dead to me.”

“Do not say things that you do not mean young one, you know the significance of those words to us Cherokee.” The man lifted himself onto his horse.

“I know what they mean, and I repeat them, you are dead to me.” Midnight Rose turned her back to her bother as her eyes filled with tears.

“That is a shame, for I will always love you, my perfect little Midnight Rose.” With his words spoken, Screeching Hawk rode off to his mission.

The dream flashed again, this time it had turned into a nightmare. It showed the last minutes of her brother’s life. There was her male wolf dragging her brother’s next to lifeless body to her on the hilltop high above her home. Midnight Rose ran to the struggling creature as she grasped onto her brother’s chest. The wolf let go and began to howl. She clutched onto his torso as she pulled him into her arms.

Screeching Hawk barely opened his eyes as he struggled to speak. “My mission was a suc…cess. I killed th…em. You went to Angel last night.”

Midnight Rose could not say anything for the tears that choked burned her throat. She could only nod.

“I am gl…ad.” He continued.

The girl shook her head, as her tears fell upon her brother’s face.

“An…gel was captured this morn…ning.” He weakly lifted his hand to her face.

Midnight Rose could only gasp.

“I want you to pro...mise me that you honor my dea…th by keeping your si…lence until some man can look be…yond and see w…what lays be…neath and see…s what I d…do.” The light tan Cherokee wheezed.

The younger Midnight Rose hugged her brother tight as she heard his last words.

As Midnight Rose slept, Connor was content on watching her pets. As soon as the wolves were running away from the cave, a sound startled Connor. He turned to see Midnight Rose having a nightmare. He rushed to her side, reached down to wake her. Midnight Rose gasped, swiftly sat up, grasping Connor into a very tight embrace. Connor without hesitation wrapped his arms around her.

“It is okay, I am here. I will not let anything hurt you.” He softly reassured her.

Midnight Rose leaned her head onto Connor’s chest as he lowered his chin upon it.

The girl shook terribly in his arms as her breathing was staggered.

Connor reached for the blanket on the ground. He wrapped it around the both of them. “Here, you shall rest in my arms.”

Midnight Rose nodded as she relaxed her grip.

The Mohawk felt the only way that Midnight Rose would be able to rest well was in his arms. For he remembered after his mother died, there were all too many a night that he needed to be held for the nightmares to stay away. He felt the grip from the girl loosen entirely, meaning that she had found refuge in him. He reached and pulled both of her arms to place between them. He moved her legs around with his, and proceeded to lay the both of them down in unison on the stone ground beneath them. As he lowered Midnight Rose’s head upon his arm, she nestled close into his body. He could not resist the urge to kiss her head as he too found the slumbering woman a welcoming sanctuary. Soon Connor lost in thought, too fell asleep.

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