The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


30. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


Midnight Rose left the table, to let the two speak. She headed to her room and threw herself onto her bed as she listened to their conversation.

“Good, then you know of the steep drop off. You will have to find yourself to the bottom of that and there you will find your eavesdropping targets. The Templars are trying to recruit Creek, but we do not know why. Your job is to find out. This shouldn’t be too hard for you.” Milagros stood and ushered the young man out of her daughter’s cabin.

“No,” Connor commented.

Milagros walked past the young man stopped at her daughter’s door. “You have until night fall. Use your time wisely. Maybe you could keep my daughter company. I know for a fact that she’d like that.”

Connor made no remark only scratched his head in response.

Milagros squinted. “Or is it that your infatuation with Rosa has ended?”

Connor had no idea in how to answer the question that lay before him. He only pulled his head back as if the Spanish woman gave off a smell.

“I thought not. Maybe you should do something about those emotions that you are feeling, hum.” The woman turned to leave the confused man paralyzed at Midnight Rose’s door.

Midnight Rose, in noticing that her mother and Connor had left her kitchen exited her room. She eased her way passed the ash strewn table, and heard the voices of her mother and Connor speaking outside her doorframe. She walked over to the opening to get a better ear on the words exchanged, but by the time she stepped up to the pelt, she heard her mother leaving. Midnight Rose then noticed that Connor’s weapons still hung on the posts, thus meaning that he would have to return to get them. No sooner had she thought in it, Connor knocked on the framework.

“It is Connor, may I pass?” He nervously stated.

As the words left his lips, Midnight Rose opened the pelt for him. She passed her hand across her body motioning for him to pass.

Connor entered head down. “I came to retrieve my weapons.”

As Connor went to grab his weapons, he heard Midnight Rose leave from the log home. He quickly sheathed his belongings, to follow her. Connor slowly eased to her side as his hand fumbled with his stone tomahawk.

“There are a couple hours before the Templars are to join in conversation with the Creek.” Connor tried his hand at making Smalltalk.

Midnight Rose crossed her arms and nodded as she stared off to the left of the monadnock.

“You loved him much.” Connor observed.

She made no movement.

“Would you bring me to him, for I may pay my respect?” He asked fearful of her reaction.

Midnight Rose scrunched her brow, turned to Connor confused.

The young assassin readily made his intentions known, “for a fellow Assassin.”

The young woman narrowed her eyes as she gave him the once over. Before she was able to give her answer, Running Fox walked up to the two.

“Connor, I have been looking for you, brother. We are going out hunting before the sun falls, and wish for you to join in the hunt, since you have yet to leave us.” Running Fox clasped Connor on his shoulder.

The young man turned from Midnight Rose, “I do not think…”

“Good, don’t, just come. You may kill a deer, and many a good woman here would like you to place it on her doorstep. Am I right little one?” Running Fox interrupted Connor, but now looked at Midnight Rose.

Midnight Rose barely nodded as she stared at Connor.

“Ha, told you, now let’s go. Only a few on this hunt, one man from each clan, you might learn something. I can teach you everything that you need to know about hunting. I am the best from my clan. You should pay close attention to what I do. Since only the best hunters are going on this hunt, it will not last long. Once each man has killed one buck, we return. These types of hunts never last more than an hour. You will have more time if you need it to make your kill. It will be time well invested, you’ll see.” The very talkative Cherokee now ushered Connor around the corner out of Midnight Rose’s site.

Connor noticed that besides Running Fox, there were a few recognized faces, Strong Wind, Hiding Turtle, and Rolling Thunder. The other two braves that stood in front of him seemed almost as twins, but with a few differences. One of the two had sun kissed skin, as the other stood paler in aspect, the darker skinned man had many earrings framing his face, while the other had none. They both had topknots, with the same amount of feathers sticking from them. Even their faces were almost identical. The lighter skinned man had large lips, as did the other, same cheeks as well. The only differences that stood apart on their faces were their eyes. The darker, had black while the other brave, hazel. They were good-sized men, standing the same height, and with their torsos lightly covered in tattoos.

“I see that the two have you very confused. They are from the same bloodline. Their fathers are born on the same day to the same mother. It is not very common here with my people.” Running Fox then raised his voice. “They are both just as horrid on the eyes as the next.”

The darker man laughed, “Ah, but your sister does not think so. You are someone to talk, you thin twig.”

Running Fox responded, “Nor does your sister mind my trunk.”

The two stared at each other harshly, Connor thought the two were going to scuffle, but suddenly the two started to laugh.

The paler of the two men walked up to Connor. “I am Blue Rain and this is my, well in the white man word, cousin. He is Brave Wolf. Your name is?”

“Connor,” the young assassin replied.

“We are waiting on one more Connor then we can go. Ah here he comes now, checking in on Midnight Rose I see.” Running Fox observed.

As soon as Connor heard the statement from Running Fox, he knew who was coming and it made him regret agreeing to accompany them. Little Tree joined the group, as he did they each mounted a horse and left for the hunting grounds. All the braves were joking and gloating about the previous hunt, who was first to slay and who slain the biggest game. They were all having a good time, all but one, Connor.

Strong Wind slowed his horse to speak with Connor. “You seem troubled, by the look, it is a woman.”

Connor nodded, “yes.”

Strong Wind scratched his chin. “Her parents accept you? Hell, what am I asking, do you even have the same traditions as we Cherokee is a better question to ask.”

“I do not know.” Connor furrowed his brow, but was intrigued to learn this custom of Strong Wind’s people.

Strong Wind situated himself, “well, when you like a girl and it is time to make her yours. First, you talk to your family, followed by your clan elders. If they think it’s a good union they give their blessing. While you are doing your part, the woman is doing the same thing. We Cherokee do not mix blood or clans. This is very important. Now, if she gets her parents’ and elders’ okay, you then are to kill a deer, bring back the meat, place it on a pelt at her doorstep, and wait. If she has changed her mind about the union, nothing will happen, but if she decides that you are worthy of becoming her one and only, she will retrieve the meat and cook it for you. Then after that, the union shall take place in the Council House, with all of your and her clan present. It seems a bit much, but it is life here. Now, after all that, is it the same as in your tribe?”

“No.” Connor responded.

Strong Wind clasped Connor’s shoulder, “then, what is keeping you from taking the girl for wife?”

Connor squinted, he knew what was keeping himself from Midnight Rose, and it rode a horse in front of them. If only he had known her before, then everything would be different.

Strong Wind asked again, “well?”

I was introduced far too late in her life.”

The Cherokee brave became curious. “So the girl that you care for has a husband?”

“She is promised.” Connor stated.

Strong Wind raised a brow, “so what you are saying is that the only thing in your way of being happy is you.”

Connor wrinkled his brow as he thought. “Could he be right?”

“Oh young Connor, you have much to learn about women. Have you even known a woman?” Strong Wind wondered, by the reaction the young Mohawk gave, he knew his answer.

The young assassin shot his head down in embarrassment of Strong Wind’s question.

Strong Wind gave his attention to the oncoming trail as to rest his inspecting eye on the overly embarrassed young man. “When you are in love, love is much like the reins of a horse Connor. It is always present, you can feel it’s pull, but until you take control of it, does anything happen.”

Connor’s eyes raced as he listened to the man’s logic. He was right. All he had to do was take control of the situation and make Midnight Rose see what she meant to him. “Thank you Strong Wind.”

The young Mohawk watched as the two lead men veered off the red clay trail that they were on to go into a plush green field. Little Tree and Running Fox lowered themselves and tied their horses to the same tree. Connor studied Little Tree and now, he could honestly say that he did not feel threatened by the man. He could see that the Cherokee was just like himself, in that he could not help but see the beauty in Midnight Rose. Although Little Tree was not afraid to fight to get what he wanted, while Connor himself all too new to these feelings was unfamiliar in demonstrating them.

Strong Wind and the rest of the Cherokees found trees to attach their horses too. Connor lowered himself as well to find a suitable place to rest his Stallion as Running Fox approached him.

“You ready Connor? We have a bet on who the first to kill game will be. Most have their thoughts in Rolling Thunder, but just because you are first, does not mean that you kill the biggest. Now, we all find different places to hunt our prey. That is the only rule, and that you do not enter your brother’s hunting ground. Now, off you go and try to find the biggest buck first, bring it back here. Tie it to your horse, and that is all.” Running Fox explained.

Strong Wind whistled then all the men scattered into the tall grass, in hunt for the perfect game. Connor already knew he was going to take to the trees, for that was the best way to find deer without scaring them away in the process. He ran in the direction to the left of him, where he saw a broken limb leaning against a tall tree that was climbable. He scurried up the tree, noting that none of the other men were coming in his direction, so he continued to roam the treetops until he found a few does and fawns. He knew from experience that there would be bucks close. He studied the does to find the ones that grazed without young, for if they were alone, then males would be even nearer. He jumped to another tree, one that was just a bit closer to the ground, ran along the limb to continue around it. He stopped, for there it was, the perfect creature to bring back. Also for Midnight Rose to see he proved himself as a top-notch hunter amongst the elite hunters in her tribe.

Connor inched down to the thin end of the branch, never loosing eye contact with the deer whose antlers were extremely large. Connor stood still for a moment studying the creature as it heard a noise in the grass. A doe ran from behind a bush that was under the tree limb in which he was perched. The male animal smelled the air, as it closed in on the female. “Good, come closer my friend.” Connor thought as the buck inched closer to the doe to smell at the air she was breathing. As soon as the deer was directly under him, he pounced. In his descent, he unsheathed his hunting knife and stabbed the animal in the top of its neck as his feet crashed onto the earth.

Nia:wen (Thank you).” Connor stated, cleaning the blood from his knife, “now to get you back to my horse.”

Connor lifted the large animal to drape it over his shoulders. It was slow going at first as he wobbly struggled in lifting himself. He staggered briefly, in regaining his balance. As his legs became sturdy underneath him, he made good time back to his steed. He noticed that Strong Wind was toting his fresh kill as well to his horse. Connor closed in on his horse as he lowered the buck onto it.

“Now, why weren’t you born Cherokee Connor? You are fast and that is some beast you have. I must admit that my kill fails in comparison. And you think that you would not make a good husband for some special woman.” Strong Wind commented as he too secured his game.

“Who will make a good husband?” Little Tree walked up behind Connor, with a good-sized buck as well.

Strong Wind walked up to Little Tree and gave his kill the once over, “Connor. And I think that the boy has outdone you as well.”

“You have a female, why is she not traveling with you.” Little Tree now walked over to Connor, inspecting his deer. “You have managed to find a good one.”

Connor could not believe that he no longer felt threat from Little Tree, the conversation he had with Strong Wind had opened his eyes more than he expected. He knew all he had to do was let Midnight Rose know how he felt, and then she would choose him over Little Tree he could just feel it. She was stubborn, yes but from what Connor could tell, she seemed to enjoy their time together. He trusted her enough, to give himself entirely to her. Connor knew that he had to be brave enough to face her and strong enough if she refused him. Besides, the times that he caught her looking at Little Tree, it did not appear that she was interested in him, let alone think highly of him.

Connor answered Little Tree. “No, I am only interested in a girl, nothing more.”

Little Tree smiled, “that is good then, you at your young age should be having fun with the girls, not thinking in uniting with them.”

As the three spoke, Blue Rain ran to his horse with his kill to throw it over the poor horse. “Has Brave Wolf made it back before me?”

Little Tree and Strong Wind laughed at the boy, who was out of breath, as Connor lifted himself onto his horse. The young assassin looked up to the heavens to see that the sun had not moved that much in its position since they started on their hunt. When he lowered his head, the three men mounting their horses, as the raining Cherokees ran back to their steeds. Connor found it amusing to watch the extremely thin Running Fox struggle with the game and trying his hand at running. He had almost fallen twice by the time he finally reached his horse. All the other men seemed to find joy in the site as well, for they were all silent with all attention on him.

Running Fox doubled over, breathing hard. “So, who got here first?”

“One of those two,” Little Tree pointed over his shoulder with his thumb.

Running Fox pulled himself onto his brown mare. “Seriously, damn. And whose is biggest?”

All the other men laughed. Even Connor smirked at the comment.

“No, really, whose?” Running Fox did not understand why everyone thought he was being funny.

“I think that all our women would say that each of us does. But between you and me Running Fox, I do.” Hiding Turtle could barely finish the remark, as all the other Cherokees were enjoying the face that Running Fox was showing.

It took Running Fox a moment, but he finally realized why everyone was laughing. “Damn you all. So now I own you Strong Wind and who else do I owe?”

Strong Wind stated, “me again.”

“You are kidding?” Running Fox was now upset.

Strong Wind pursed his lips and raised his brows in triumph.

Running Fox shook his head, “I truly hate you.”

Rolling Thunder laughed, as he was the first to put his horse in motion for the village. All the men seemed to be pleased with the deer each killed for their families. The Cherokee men all carried a conversation within two groups. Connor slowed his horse as to let the others get a few steps of distance from him.

Images began to flash before Connor’s eyes as his thoughts lingered. He saw himself bringing home the buck for his wife Midnight Rose and their daughter. She was a beautiful little girl that had to be at least five. She had long shiny thick black hair. As dark as he, but just as beautiful as her mother, a very pregnant Midnight Rose in fact. These thoughts were going to come true and he could feel it deep within him. For Connor’s deepest secret since he knew what he was feeling for Midnight Rose, was to have a girl child that looked exactly like her, but have his blood running though her veins. This was what he dreamed about every night. A daughter, born out of the love that he felt for Midnight Rose, and the love that she had for him. Now the only thing stopping his dream from coming true was getting the real-life Midnight Rose to love him the in the way his dream Midnight Rose did. A voiced called to him, bringing him back to reality.

He had not heard who had said anything. Only saw Milagros standing in front of her house.

“Yes,” Strong Wind said.

All the other men separated to their own clans to head to their families. Connor lowered himself from the horse, as he happened to see Midnight Rose leave her parent’s home.

“You have done well Connor. Please take the animal into my house. You will see that I have a place ready for it.” Milagros demanded.

“Of course,” Connor steadily watching Midnight Rose, as she seemed to not notice him as she left her father’s home to disappear into the gap between the chief’s log cabin and the one next to it.

The young Mohawk lowered himself from the dark shiny black stallion as he turned to lift the buck to take into the home for Milagros and her family. Connor entered the home with Milagros not far behind. He slowly entered the kitchen to see that there were pelts strewn out on the floor, with cloth on top of that. Hanging over the cloth was a large hook, and large bucket underneath.

“Just place the animal upside down on the hook for me could you Connor.” Milagros walked up behind him.

Connor nodded as he studied the hook.

Milagros walked over to the pelts, “just leave his back legs bound, and place him on the hook, simple enough. I know that you are probably wondering why I’m doing this in the house instead of outside, no.”

“Umm,” Connor only stated as he lifted the animal on the hook, in the manner instructed.

Milagros moved the bucket under the deer so she could slit its neck to begin the bleeding process. After she opened the animal’s neck, she turned to the young man, “all the woman have to bleed and clean the animals in their houses now, for the fact that the woman you are interested in has two pets that love to eat the parts that we need. They never eat the deer you see, only the innards that we use for many different things, such as medicines, food, and storage. You are finished here son, go. Go see about my daughter, she was worried over you earlier. Maybe you should ask her why, good idea no? Now off with you.”

As the woman spoke, Connor looked around the kitchen and in the direction of the large meeting room to make sure no was listening. “I shall go, I have a job to think of, and I still do not know why you bring up your daughter in that way. I am not interested in her. I do not have time for a woman right now, and I would not make one happy with the life that I am going to live.”

The small woman huffed, “oh yes, I forget. The grand Assassin must oust love that he feels, for the ‘girl’ would get hurt or something like this. Make ‘one’ happy whom are you kidding? First, ‘my daughter’ is more than capable of taking care of herself than you realize. You, boy, think that you can turn off what you feel, better said than done. Love is that way, especially when it is your first love, right Connor. You spend all day thinking in her and only her, when you leave her side, you count the hours until you can see her again, I know how you feel for Rosa. It is written all over your face. Your mouth may deny what you feel, your mind may think better than too, but your heart will always, always want what it needs. You have nothing more to say Connor Kenway, I can show you the error in everything that you say, so go, before I become upset with you and tell my Rosa exactly what you feel, but are too afraid to say.”

Connor stood unsure of what to say, he wanted to defend himself, but the woman was all too right. He was crazy about her daughter, as many times as he tried to talk himself out of liking her, it was impossible as soon as he saw her little smiles that she smiled. “I am not afraid of anything,” blurted out of his mouth before he knew it.

Milagros squinted, “of course you’re not young brave. Now go and tell ‘her’ that. I have work to do.”

Connor exited the door and shook his head as he walked. He paid no attention to where his feet lead him. In hearing a noise to the right of him, he looked over to see that something was bothering Midnight Rose’s white female wolf. He peered to his left in the same direction the wolf was staring. There at Midnight Rose’s door was Little Tree placing a rather large piece of the fresh deer meat he killed on the hunt. Little Tree just left the meat on a pelt, as Strong Wind told him that the men here in this tribe do. After he placed it, he walked in Connor’s direction. He smirked as he noticed Connor’s presence.

“I give you advice on not to unite with a woman, but try to do the opposite. This one is a very hard one to win over though I must admit. She is just as wild and uncontrollable as those damned things she calls pets.” Little Tree stopped to make conversation.

Connor did not like the way he was speaking about Midnight Rose. “Yes, I have had my problems with those wolves as well.”

Little Tree smiled, “I bet you have. You wouldn’t believe that just the other night when you and One Feather left, I only wanted to speak to her and the damned animals attacked me for no reason. I had to leave, for I thought that they were going to bite me this time. It is running late Connor. I have something that I must do before it gets too late.”

Connor watched the man leave. “Yes, I too do not like that man getting too close to her.”

The wolf looked up to Connor, let out a growl then ran to the pelt that was moving as a light tanned hand reached and pulled it further to the side.

Midnight Rose stepped over the huge roast that lay at her doorstep. She shook her head as she walked away from it. Connor rushed to the side of Midnight Rose’s house and peeked to watch the girl as she played with her pets. These animals were very well trained and Connor knew it, in the way that Midnight Rose would give little mute signs to the beasts and they reacted without thinking, said everything. She gave them sign after sign as they ran around to fulfill every command. The young woman then sat on the ground as the animals lay down by her side. Midnight Rose took a deep breath, looked down to scratch the black wolf on her right. She then looked over her shoulder to the meat, making Connor move his head from site.

Connor cussed to himself, as he leaned against the wall. He wanted to glance back around the corner, but was going to wait a while before so. When he thought it was long enough and safe to do so, he peered around the corner, but this time into the brown eyes of Midnight Rose.

Connor had to think quickly in what to say, “I was just wondering if you were still thinking over what I asked you.”

The girl put her hands on her hips.

“I was coming over here to ask you that, but saw that you were enjoying time with your pets, and then wanted to wait until you were finished to bother you. I did not mean to spy.” Connor explained.

Midnight Rose raised her left eyebrow.

“Okay, and that your wolves do not like me, I was waiting until they were gone to speak to you,” Connor lowered his head.

The young Cherokee woman tilted her head.

Connor lifted his head once more, to see Midnight Rose point to the sky. “Yes, it is getting dark, but I would really like to, no you are right, it is not right for you and I to be alone at night. Maybe you would show me tomorrow, when there are more hours in the day.”

Midnight Rose shook her head.

“So your decision is to not take me. I under…” Connor stopped as Midnight Rose pointed down with her right finger.

Connor understood, “are you sure?”

Midnight Rose nodded as she turned to lead Connor to her brother’s final resting place. The assassin hurried to her side as she walked in a rapid pace. She walked into the bushes by her house and continued to push onward. She looked up to the sky then back down to the path as she quickened her pace.

The woods now were becoming very thick as vines overtook every living thing visible. There were two different types of vines about. There were thick ones, which seemed like bark of a tree, and then there was the kind that Connor remembered running into earlier, the small thorny kind. Connor heard water running downstream in the distance. Midnight Rose did not give up, she continued, then a small creek came into view as a hill was just on the other side. Connor followed the girl, stepping on the same stones as she to pass dryly over the water. The young assassin now joined the girl to walk at her side as she slowed her pace.

As they scaled the hill, a white marble stone come into view. Connor noticed the change in Midnight Rose as she reached the top of the summit. She lowered herself to her knees beside her brother’s grave as she began to clean the dried brown leaves off. Connor could see the hurt in her eyes and demeanor as she continued to pick up leaves. Connor knelt down beside her, as he too grabbed leaves by the handfuls to uncover the lush green grass underneath. He then reached for her hands and grabbed the ones she had ahold. Midnight Rose gathered the leaves in her lap and lifted herself to walk away from the grave to throw them in the opposite direction. She turned to head back to her brother and bumped into Connor.

“I am sorry,” Connor dropped the leaves and put his arms around Midnight Rose.

Midnight Rose closed her eyes, lost in the embrace, then quickly pushed away from him.

This left Connor hurt, “I did not mean to.”

She shook her head sadly.

“I should have not…” Connor began but stopped midsentence as he watched Midnight Rose.

The girl pointed to the heavens, as she looked upward.

“What, you are right, I must go. Thank you for showing me this, I shall return tomorrow to correctly pay my respects.” Connor turned and ran into the night.


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