The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


29. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


Connor exited the offices to an empty waiting room. He placed Midnight Rose’s package under his arm as he continued outside the building, where he caught a glance of Midnight Rose communicating with one of the women that was on the balcony earlier. He did not wish to interrupt their conversation, thus he lifted himself onto his steed, waiting on the young Cherokee woman to notice his presence. The woman continued to speak to Midnight Rose as they closed in on a mounted Connor.

“Just let me know, sweetie.” The woman stated as Midnight Rose climbed her Pinto. “Why we meet again, handsome.”

Connor shyly commented. “Hello.”

The woman giggled. “You should keep this one Midnight Rose. Tall dark and handsome, just like all the Prince Charming’s in those story books you gave to my Marie. Remember what I’ve told you.”

Midnight Rose nodded to the woman as she commanded her horse to turn and put it into a trot to leave the city.

Connor looked over to Midnight Rose as he held out the package. “Your mother said to give this to you.”

Midnight Rose pursed her lips. In grabbing for the parcel, her fingers fluttered by Connor’s. There was that feeling again, why? Even after she scolded herself the entire night prior, to not feel in this manner for this man ever again. Nevertheless, there it was, in her heart, her throat burning even harder than before. She pulled the package closer, and the way that it felt through the cloth wrappings, meant it was what she had been waiting for. She placed it under her right thigh.

“You are pleased with what is inside.” Connor stated, unsure if Midnight Rose would receive his conversation.

Connor was surprised when she glimpsed over to him and nodded.

Connor hurried to keep the dialog open. “You know the Assassin that I met in the woods?”

Midnight Rose nodded as she lowered her head to pass under the same Oak branch as earlier.

As Connor passed under the same branch, he saw Midnight Rose take a different route than earlier. He did not make a sound, only paid close attention to their new path. There was no trail to follow in this overgrowth. He thought better than to ask to where she was going for she knew these lands. She guided her horse through many twists and turns, for very prickly vines covered everything in this part of the woods. They draped every tree, swooped down like curtains, as they grasped onto the grass. After leading Connor deep into the forest, Midnight Rose lowered herself from her horse and gently treaded over and through the vines, to a clearing ahead of them. She hopped onto a dead log that seemed out of place. From the manner that Midnight Rose knew exactly what she was doing Connor figured that she put it there. She bent under a few strands of vine that were intertwined above her head as she passed over into what seemed a field of some type of herb.

Connor now dismounted and maneuvered the same path that Midnight Rose had taken. When he reached her side, she was knelt down picking some of the green leaves. Connor looked around them, in every direction the herb had taken over like a weed. There was only one thing he knew that would kill the grass and grow like this. He took a deep breath, for the radiant smell that was filling his nostrils. There was no mistaking the pungent smell of Spearmint. Midnight Rose continued to pick leaves. Connor placed a hand on her right shoulder, causing her to stop and look over her shoulder, up to him.

“I shall carry them for you.” Connor squatted down next to her as she picked a few more, gathered all the green plants in her lap, and passed them to him.

The two returned to their animals. Before Connor lifted himself onto his Stallion, he placed the Spearmint into his side pocket. The two returned to the trail leading to Midnight Rose’s village. The trek there was a very quiet one. Midnight Rose had nothing to say to him for the fear that her heart would betray her once more. Connor did not want to speak to Midnight Rose, for the fear that maybe her mother told her that he was interested in her, and that alone was embarrassment enough.

As the two entered the tribe, Midnight Rose pointed to Connor’s side. Then to her father who was entering his cabin.

“I will give it to your father, on your behalf.” Connor stated as he lowered himself from the pitch-black stallion.

Midnight Rose, who was already tying her Pinto’s reins, shook her head. She inched closer to Connor to place a hand on his protruded chest.

Connor nodded, looking down at her hand, “on my part.”

Midnight Rose nodded.

The two, backed away one from the other as Connor walked into the cabin of Falcon’s Talon. Midnight Rose disappeared into the alleyway leading to her house, when she heard someone call her name. She turned back to see one of the Elders struggling to catch up to her. Midnight Rose stopped to give the elderly woman time to make it to her.

Svnoyi Atsilvsgi, Yv uha nihi asano advnvistanonv nasginai hia yeliigidvnigalisdisgv (Midnight Rose, I have your dress ready for the fitting).” The old woman happily announced.

Midnight Rose weakly smiled.

The woman excited for the answer given by Midnight Rose, boasted. “Itsula asei anelvdodi nasgi nahna nihi hawinaditlv nvgi hilvsgiiga (We shall try it on you in four days).”

A nod from Midnight Rose, made the woman happy, and sent her on her way.

The young Cherokee woman spun on her heels, to continue on her way. She placed the parcel under her left arm as she turned the corner then entered her home. She threw the bundle on her dining table as she then made her way to make a fire in her kitchen, brightening the room as she began to prepare meat left by Milagros the night before. She cut up the deer meat into small chunks, tossed them into the pot, which she placed over the flames. As the meat browned, she cut some vegetables that were stored on her table in a large wicker basket. The meat, now cooking in its own juices, made Midnight Rose pour water into the large pot, along with the freshly chopped potatoes, corn, peppers, and carrots. She stirred the stew once then left it to cook.

Midnight Rose sat herself at the table to open the package she received from her mother. She knew what was in it, or rather she hoped. As she gently peeled back the wrapping, she saw exactly what she was hoping to see. She held up the beautiful blood red fabric as a smile came to her face. Midnight Rose folded the material as she took it to her bedroom, to safely place in a dresser drawer. She walked back to the kitchen to check her stew and remembered that she gave all the Spearmint to Connor.

Midnight Rose jogged around to the house of her father’s. In knocking on the door, she peered over her shoulder to see One Feather with his interest. Causing her to feel pride that he had finally found someone that loved him, whose parents liked, and Elders agreed that when he was ready to bring deer meat to her doorstep, they would have no problems in a union between the families. She was about to knock again when she finally turned to see Strong Wind standing at the entry.

“He seems happy.” The man spoke lifting his chin toward One Feather.

Midnight Rose returned her gaze to One Feather who was now walking with his arm wrapped around the girl.

Strong Wind grabbed Midnight Rose by the arm, ushering her into the cabin. “You came for a reason, now what is it?”

The girl pointed to her father.

“Ah, but you can’t interrupt him now, he’s giving praise to your friend.” Strong Wind leaned over to whisper in Midnight Rose’s ear. “Seems that somehow your friend knew your father needed leaves for his tea.”

Midnight Rose cut her eyes to look at him.

“Now I wonder how he managed that.” He stated smiling.

The girl only shrugged, as she broke loose of his grip and headed to the area in which sat Falcon’s Talon and other braves, including Connor.

The older man noticed his daughter and motioned to her to come to his side. Midnight Rose did so, but first turned her head to Strong Wind and quickly raised and lowered her brows. Causing Strong Wind to shake his head and laugh. Midnight Rose took her place by her father as he began to speak.

“I am pleased that our young brother has brought me a very humble gift. One that speaks heavily to my heart,” Falcon’s Talon began.

Midnight Rose sat with her back stiff as a board, holding herself proud as a child of a chief should. She stared into the eyes of each brave one by one, until her eyes met the lips of the man that she could not keep from stealing her thoughts and entering her dreams. Her eyes then slowly inspected every aspect of him sitting there with his legs crossed just like the other men. He seemed no different from the rest, young, strong, respectful, and capable. However he also possessed qualities they lacked, humility, wonder, patience, grace, but the one attribute that intrigued her most was his innocence. On the path he had chosen for himself, was rare to leave anyone with any ounce of innocence intact.

“Right my child?” Falcon’s Talon spoke to his daughter.

Midnight Rose nodded.

“Take this wonderful gift to my kitchen, now off with you.” He chief handed his daughter the entire pile of herbs.

Midnight Rose was happy, this was what she came here looking for. She grabbed the jar her father used for holding the leaves. She placed the Spearmint on the table as she could separate the loose leaves with the ones that still contained their stalks. She placed all the loose leaves in the jar as she then grabbed a strip of leather and prepared to wrap the stalks together, but not before, she retrieved enough for herself. Midnight Rose tied the stalks and hung them upside down on a hook high above the fire pit her mother used specifically for drying herbs. She left her father’s home in a hurry back to check on her dinner that lacked the mint. Midnight Rose tied the stalks with a piece of string, placing it into the pot to boil for a couple hours.

Midnight Rose left her room and took the pot out of the fire, for it had cooked long enough, and now the smell of stew filled the house. She heard someone enter her home.

“You have it smelling so wonderful in here my love.” Milagros entered the cabin, but not alone.

Midnight Rose placed the pot on a hook away from the fire, turned to see her mother standing in front of Connor. She walked over to hug her mother, then up to Connor. Midnight Rose leaned into Connor as she reached for his stone tomahawk at his side. Connor grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing?” He demanded.

Midnight Rose jerked her hand free, angrily pointed to the weapon, then to the hooks on her wall.

He turned in the direction of her pointed finger, “I see. I am sorry.”

Connor walked over to place his bow, quiver, tomahawk, and hunting knife on the hooks, as Midnight Rose watched him with very examining eyes.

“It is not his fault. You have not taught him the way of the Cherokee now have you? Connor, the Cherokee do not like to bring weapons into their homes. They place them by the entrance to be at the ready if the need be. On the other hand, this beautiful young lady here,” she grabbed her daughter’s shoulders, “doesn’t like weapons that have slain in her home. Now come you two, sit. I have a mission for you Connor.”

Milagros opened the paper that she had in her pocket. In placing it on the table, another page fell to the floor. Midnight Rose reached down, grabbed it, and opened it as she placed it on the table.

“Midnight Rose, that paper is for Poisoned Tears, it is not needed. Connor, I no doubt trust that my young Rosa here has showed you the trail on the backside of the monadnock.” Milagros asked the young man.

“Yes,” Connor dryly stated.


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