The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


28. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


The next morning came very early for Midnight Rose as she heard Connor knocking at the cabin’s threshold. She slowly arose to clothe herself and exit the door.

“Come, I have the horses ready for our departure. I trust you had a good sleep.” Connor led the way around to their horses that he tied down by her father’s home.

The two left the village as Midnight Rose took the lead. She not once acknowledged Connor’s presence the entire trip to the town, which was not that far from the village on horseback. Midnight Rose kept her head focused on the oncoming terrain as Connor pulled his horse alongside hers. He gave her the onceover, in detecting that she did not want to be disturbed he took the time to study the path and his surroundings.

The trees and vegetation were thick on both sides and as far as the eye could see. The two had to be careful of the thorn vines as they snaked around trees while continuing to push on. Midnight Rose lowered her head as an extremely large branch of an old Oak Tree extended downward. As soon as Connor passed under the same branch, the forest opened up onto the town.

The town was larger than Connor imagined it would be. There were many people bustling about from building to building as they made their shopping done. Many of the white women had dark skinned people carrying their packages as they followed their every move, but two steps behind. Some husbands accompanied their wives and children. Many children were running around, laughing, and screaming with joy. This town was very heavy with traffic, just as Boston, but nowhere near as large. This town could not have been but a tenth of Boston. There were no large or long buildings, mostly small wooden two story shops about.

The two continued past a few stores with large painted wooden signs hung high, to get the attention of any random passerby. Midnight Rose stayed sturdy on her route. She slowed her horse as a child darted by. The little girl smiled and waved to her, Midnight Rose smiled, lowered, and raised her fingers back as the little girl passed the two to climb the few stairs in front of a Barber Shop. The bubbly girl stopped to watch the two with wonder in her eyes.

Midnight Rose returned her gaze to the dirt road their horses strolled. She pulled left on the reins and the animal obeyed. The road that they now started down was much wider than the pervious. This street was large enough for two carts to pass as well as the two steeds without problems. As Connor investigated the new buildings, he saw a very different building oncoming on his right. It was rather large and much grander than the rest of the wood shops. This structure was made of brick as it towered high above all the others. By the looks of it, Connor decided that it had at least three floors. As they closed in on this business, there were three women standing on a second floor landing.

“Hey baby, looking for a good time,” one dressed in red called out to Connor. Making him blush and lower his head.

Another with a dark blue dress that seemed two sizes too small yelled, “when you need a woman’s touch, leave that girl and I can give you what you need sugar.”

The third in yellow smiled a very provocative smile as she leaned over the banister, “I see you’ve got yourself a big one Midnight Rose.”

Midnight Rose watched the three and shook her head as she and Connor passed by.

“Bye Midnight Rose,” the three women said in singsong voices as Midnight Rose and Connor passed below them.

Midnight Rose cocked a half smiled as she lowered herself from her horse. She pulled the animal to the left of the road as Connor noticed that they arrived to the Doctor’s Office that belonged to Milagros. He followed in suit and tied his horse with that of Midnight Rose. The two walked in noting no one was waiting to be seen. Connor took a seat on a long bench that ran the entirety of one wall.

Midnight Rose walked behind a door, leaving him alone. He took this time to study the waiting area. The wall behind his head was full of art that in some way, Connor thought related back to medicine. For he had no idea what was painted on them. On the wall opposite him, were more paintings. These paintings were different, in that each had a man standing holding a piece of paper. He imagined that they had to be Healers in their own right. To his right was the entrance to the building, one either side of the glass door, were two long windows that were half the size of the door in length. Connor now glanced back to his right, to the direction that Midnight Rose had walked to open a door and leave him. Besides the solitary door, the remainder of the wall was bare. A foot in front of the door was a desk.

Connor lifted himself to walk over to read the stack of papers piled on the work desk. They were patient files of those that had been in recently to see her the previous day.

“Good reading?” Milagros asked as she caught him off-guard.

Connor turned to see Milagros without Midnight Rose. “I am sorry. It was not my intention to pry.”

“Ha, pry, in the lives of the Fancy Ladies? I think that, follow me Connor,” Milagros held open the door for Connor to go through. “They would love for you to pry into everything that they have, in the last room at the end of the hall. They are sweet women though. You just have to get to know them, that’s all. Go on in the room, I’ll be right there in a second. I have something that I need to get first.”

Connor entered the very small, windowless room to see that Midnight Rose was there reading what seemed to be a novel next to a thick candle that lit the entire room. Behind the opened door there were more chairs, he took the one in the corner. Midnight Rose moved her eyes up to watch Connor sit in the chair furthest from her, then, returned to her book. Milagros entered the room where the two sat quietly. The woman carried a tube of paper under her left arm. She closed the door behind her as she walked over to Midnight Rose, snatching the book from her, making the young woman remove herself from the chair and go sit next to Connor. Milagros unrolled the parchment.

“Connor, come, this was sent special for you.” Connor walked over to the woman that held the paper open.

Connor could not believe the words written. He looked up to Milagros, “I do not understand why you have this.”

“There are a lot of things that you don’t know young one.” Milagros placed a hand upon his shoulder.

Connor nodded, looked over to Midnight Rose who watched the two. “We should talk in privet.”

“There is no need Connor, she knows. Her brother was as you.” Milagros motioned for Connor to sit.

“So Milagros, you…” Connor began.

“No, I am only a contact. My husband knows nothing of this. I have ties in The Order since before you were even born. It has been a very hard secret to keep from him for all years.” Milagros explained.

“I see. I have a question. Last night, there was this Assassin in the woods not far from your village.” Connor recalled.

“What else Connor,” Milagros asked intrigued.

Midnight Rose walked out of the room, for a bell rang as someone had entered the front door. As she left to tend to the person, Milagros and Connor continued to speak over the Assassin.

“He threw a knife at me, to let me know he knew who I was. That is all.” Connor remembered.

Milagros looked up to Midnight Rose as she returned now with a basket, to reoccupy her space. “He threw a knife at you?”

“Yes, but not trying to hurt me. For he could have if he wanted, since he caught me off-guard.” Connor stated.

“I see.” Milagros crossed her arms, “what else, Connor?”

Connor scratched his covered head. “He was dressed in all black with his entire face covered. Drawn down his mask were tears.”

“Umm hum.” Milagros did not look very happy with what she was hearing, “the Assassin that you speak of is fully trained. Has been for years, and goes by the name of Poisoned Tears.”

“If there is an Assassin here, then who trains him?” Connor wondered.

Midnight Rose placed her hands on top of the basket as she lifted a brow listening to the conversation.

Her mother retrieved it from her, to place it on the small table. “If you are asking if Poisoned Tears is from here, yes, meaning that the Assassin is Cherokee, and protects this area very well from any dangers put forth by the Templars. As for your other question, I have my suspicions on who did the training, but Poisoned Tears is not big on the conversational skills you see.”

Midnight Rose lowered her head as she crossed her arms.

“There is no doubt that since now I am ordered to stay here longer, I will be running into this Assassin again.” Connor commented.

Midnight Rose lifted her head as she heard this bit of news.

Milagros, now fumbling through the basket she took from her daughter, retrieved all the contents. In placing them on the table, she handed the empty container to Midnight Rose. “Rosa, take this to Gertrude. Let her know that she has paid more than suffice for my services. In fact with this, the next three shall be on me.”

The girl nodded as she closed the door behind her.

“Now, as for you Connor, hum, what are we going to do?” The woman sat next to him.

Connor had the most perplexed look, “I do not think that I fully understand.”

Milagros tilted her head, studying his face, “you are very young, Connor. I never got the chance to ask exactly how old. You don’t seem to be that much older than my Rosa is.”

Connor shifted in his seat as the woman possessed the same piercing eyes of her daughter. That seemed to be able to see straight into his soul. “I have only twenty winters, soon twenty one.”

Milagros smiled, “yes, of course. No wonder you have no idea how to express what you feel for my daughter.”

Connor stood straight like a board. “I have no idea of what you mean.”

Milagros grabbed his forearm, turning him to face her. “She is not that much younger than you, child. Only two winters, as you say.”

Connor was very happy to find out this bit of information, but was it so obvious that he liked Midnight Rose? “She is to be Little Tree’s, and this makes her happy.”

Milagros laughed. “Sure, it does.”

The young man only stood looking at the woman.

Milagros stood, walked over to the table, grabed the parchment that was from Achilles Davenport. She held it over the candle’s flame as it began to slowly burn. As she watched the flames grow, she asked Connor a question. “So how far along are you in your training? You do not wear robes, or any markings that lets anyone know what you are. The beak on your hood is the only telltale sign.”

“I have only begun to start training. I have not known of this life for long.” Connor peered to the ground.

“Ah, yes, that explains a lot. Now, I am sure that I will have missions to come in later, but for now, there is nothing. I suggest that you and Rosa go home and enjoy yourselves, since you say that she is happy to take husband in Little Tree, she will not have much time for that. Now go Connor, but first, take this with you and give it to my daughter.” She handed Connor one of the cloth wrapped packages from the payment that she received.


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