The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


27. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued

     “May I ask why did you bring me up here?” Connor asked Midnight Rose.

     She placed her palm on her chest and shook her head as she raised her brow.

     Connor had a look of slight nervousness, “of course I want to be here with you.”

     Midnight Rose shyly smiled as she shifted herself to face him, followed by her touching her breast then lifting her hand, motioning toward him.

     Connor somehow understood that she was saying that she was glad to be here with him as well. “I wanted to ask you. Are your pets going to join us here?”

      She shook her head.

     The two sat in an awkward silence for at least ten minutes until Midnight Rose grabbed Connor by the arm. She pointed to the sky with her other hand. Connor followed her finger with his eyes. He smiled as above them in the clear moonlit night, shooting stars began to fly by.

      Connor looked at the stars for a moment, but the sight of Midnight Rose was what had his full attention. The young woman sat legs crossed staring to the heavens with the upmost concentration. He admired the style of her hair. That thick bushy hair that made her unique was pulled back from her face but flowing down her back and sides. It framed her face, making her features just that much more noticeable, something that did not bother him in the least. He also liked that she did not wear her bosom exposed like all the other tribes women. The fact that she wore very loose fitting clothes was something that drove Connor wild, in the fact that he was dying to know what was underneath.

     Midnight Rose peered over to Connor, who was looking at her, causing her to wrinkle her brow.

     “Your mother wants me to take you to her in town at first light.” Connor stated.

     Midnight Rose shrugged.

     Connor, now fumbling with the knife at his side, wanted to ask Midnight Rose a question, but was not quite sure how to go about it. She glanced over to him, noting his hesitance. She jerked her head upward then rapidly returned it.

     “So were you and Little Tree alone after One Feather left you?” Connor had to know the answer.

     The young girl smiled, then, raised her left brow.

     “I know that it is none of my right, but he is not the right man for you.” He stood, for he knew that he put himself in a position that was not his and now he regretted it.

      Midnight Rose walked to face Connor, lifting his face with a finger until they were eye to eye. She then closed her eyes and slowly shook her head.

     Connor felt his heart race. “I wish to ask you another question.”

     Midnight Rose nodded as she turned her back on him, to gaze over her village.

     “Are you going to go through with it?” Connor only stood in place.

     The girl scrunched her entire face for just the question alone hurt her heart. Was she not here alone with him, had she not showed Connor enough that she wanted only him? The night in the hillside cave flashed before her eyes, how could she have been so stupid? Of course, he had a woman, a man like him would, and he did this entire time. That was why he had ignored or overlooked every little spark that she thought she saw him feel. When he was stuck in the bush, their faces were so close as she stared at his lips, one. Two when she made sure that her body rubbed against his, what did he do? Grab her by her waist, not to pull her close, but to distance himself from her. Three, even now, when she purposely brought him here, so he would be able to do with her what he wanted, but he had done nothing. She felt horribly, so sick that she wanted to leave. First, though, she was going to answer his question, and with the sweetest most innocent face that she could muster. She turned to him raised her brows and nodded. She then pushed by him, headed down the path, heartbroken and devastated.

     Connor waited for her answer, he could not believe that she gave the response she did. She said that she was not with Little Tree, but was still going to let him make her his? Why? Why would Midnight Rose do something that he knew she did not want to do? Could she be doing it to make her father happy since his son was no longer with them? If this was the reason, noble as it was, was not the answer for her. Connor made up his mind at that moment. He was going to put a stop to that union one way or another. Even if she did not want him, she was going to be free of Little Tree finally.

    The pair walked back to the village both wounded and in pain, but unable to see through their own ache to notice the other’s suffering.

     “I shall be back when the sun rises.” Connor stated as Midnight Rose disappeared behind the pelt door.

     Connor leaned against the wall of her home for a second, before catching his breath to walk off into the night. Midnight Rose on the other side of the same wall, crashed backwards, sliding down as she lost her breath, wanting to cry, from embarrassment and heartbreak.


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