The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


26. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     Midnight Rose walked over to hug her mother before she left. In leaning over her shoulder, something caught Midnight Rose’s eye. High above them sat crouched was Connor. Midnight Rose made sure to act as if she had not seen him, she did not want to call her mother’s attention to him. She hoped that maybe he would come down and speak to her if the two of them were alone. Midnight Rose’s mother left for home, after making sure her daughter was alright, and now the only thing that would make Connor not want to speak to her or stay for a good while were her wolves.

     Midnight Rose swiftly made her way to open the makeshift bearskin door, as she did so she made a command with the same hand holding the pelt. The wolves watched the hand and understood. The duo walked out of the home, to Midnight Rose. As she lowered herself to the ground, she grasped a small rock. She caressed her animals, which she loved more than anything, and then sent them on their way. When the two were far enough in the distance, she stood, crossed her arms, and pierced her lips. She then chucked the pebble at Connor. She had no idea in the fact that her throwing the rock would catch him off-guard and send him hurtling to the ground.

     She ran over to Connor who was lying on the now bent bush. His lower back down to just below his rear was stuck within the short shrub. Midnight Rose knelt down beside him. She placed a hand on his chest that pulsed under her touch. Connor who was trying to free his left hand from under him, lacked noticing that Midnight Rose’s head was now an inch from his. She was trying to peer over his chest to see if she could help. Connor turned his head forward after he freed his hand, and came uncomfortably close with Midnight Rose’s cheek. Midnight Rose turned to face him, not shying from the closeness as she stared at his lips.

     The two now stared at each other, for at least a moment before Connor downed the urge to grab her by the nape of the neck and bring her lips to his. He instead opened his mouth and said the only thing that came to mind. “What was that for?”

     Midnight Rose furrowed her brow as she backed away, lowering her head.

     “Some joke that was,” Connor angrily stated.

     Midnight Rose removed her right hand from his chest, raising it to hers as she shook her head.

     Connor studied her apologetic face, “then why did you do it?”

     She eyed him then lifted her left brow.

     Connor was back to trying to free himself, “because I was spying.”

     Midnight Rose nodded her head then reached over Connor to break a few of the stems that were snagging into his coat.

     Connor’s eyes grew as big as quarters and he felt the burn his cheeks were giving off when Midnight Rose’s bosom brushed against his stomach. He could not see them. Although, knew that this was the part of her body that so softly touched his. She had to get off him, for the thoughts that were filling his head were having a reaction on his body, and only one glance in the wrong direction on her part, she would see his yearn for her.

     Midnight Rose inched closer to Connor’s now rock hard cock. As she leaned over even more to loosen the tail of Connor’s coat, Connor squirmed, grabbing her by her waist to lift her off him.

     “I think that I can manage.” He commented as he now sat, loosening the remainder of the limbs that were wedged in the upper thighs, and crotch of his pants.

     Midnight Rose shrugged as Connor now stood. He reached a hand for her. She pulled herself up to stand beside him.

     He looked down to her, “promise that you will never do that again.”

     She placed a hand on her chest, shook her head, and then pointed to him with an open hand, followed by flicking it to the side.

     Connor nodded, “you are right, I am leaving and you will not have another chance to.”

     Midnight Rose’s head shot down rapidly as she scrunched her brow. “He understands me? No, it is my imagination. He can’t possibly.” She thought to herself.

     Connor tilted his head, “I’m not mad at you, even though I should be.”

     Midnight Rose, head down now arched her brows. She walked away from him.

     Connor watched the woman that was now walking away from her house. To the direction of the woods, when she stopped, tipped her head quickly to the side and back upright, motioning for him to follow. He walked up to her without a second’s hesitation.

     Midnight Rose lead Connor through the woods for what seemed ten minutes. They were heading straight toward the huge protruding rock. The monadnock was so tall that it blocked the moon as they closed in on it. With every step they took, it became wider than that of any other rock formation that he had ever seen before. The trees now thinned out and Connor could see a small lake lying at the foot of the large smooth rock face. Midnight Rose now, altered her trek to walk alongside the huge landmass.

     Connor hurried his pace to walk beside Midnight Rose. “Where are you taking me?”

     Midnight Rose only looked up to the monadnock then to Connor as she continued on her path. Connor thought that he saw the hint of a smile on her face, but decided that it was more to the likes of a grimace.

     The monadnock to their left was now lowering to the ground, and more trees grew out of it. Midnight Rose slowed her pace, as did Connor, she pointed to the right of him. Connor looked, for the path that they had taken was a very narrow and to his right was a very steep drop-off that went straight down for miles. Connor peered over the cliff as they walked for the tops of the trees grabbed his attention, and he wanted to see how far it was to the bottom. It was impossible to tell for the dark of night.

     Connor now turned his gaze to the right side of the trail. The huge rock now seemed nothing more than a steep hill as the trees cleared. The rock formation on this side was not as smooth or round as it was on the other. The rock was more in layers, crumbling and broken with loose large square boulders lying sporadically about. The moon that now escaped from behind the trees, shown down revealing a trail going up the side of the monadnock. Which Midnight Rose took. The two continued hiking up the trail, which seemed to take half an hour to complete at their pace. In reaching the summit, to Connor’s surprise, the top of the rock was as smooth and bald as the face. Midnight Rose pushed on until she reached the other side of the peak, which overlooked her village.

     Connor walked up close next to her. “You live on very good land. We have nothing like this where I am from. Yes, we have mountains. Rivers close to my village as yours, but,” he now gazed down at Midnight Rose. “Have nothing as beautiful as this.”

     Midnight Rose looked out over the darkened horizon then, sat as Connor spoke.

     Connor made a place next to her, not too close, for he did not want to tense her. For if she did not want him in the fashion he desired her, he might not get a second chance at trying to win her trust

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