The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


25. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     Connor ran, jumping tree to tree, until there were none left. “Where are you going wolf.”

     The trees thinned out as the dome monadnock came closer and closer. He lowered himself to the ground, following the direction the wolf had taken. In squatting, he searched for any clues that he could, but found none on the ground underneath his feet that was slowly turning from grass to granite. He raised himself, and looked around in every direction. Connor thought about going around the large rock, but convinced himself otherwise, in knowing that he was not familiar with his surroundings. Connor took one last thorough inspection of everything. Looking up at the rock, and the trees growing out of it, nothing. To his left, then right, still nothing. He looked back to the direction in which the houses laid, still no sign of anything.

     It was not until he began walking toward the village that he heard a rustling from above him. Connor quickly jerked his head upward, to see only an owl watching him. He shook his head and continued on his route. It was simple, since he had only taken a straight path jumping from tree limb to limb. He continued until there was something thrown. It buzzed past his cheek, barely missing it, landing lodged in the toe of his right moccasin. Connor bent down to see a small knife standing erect from his moccasin. He retrieved it, noticing the detailed work in the blade and handle. He took a deep relaxing breath then slowly let it go.

     Connor peered upward faintly seeing someone, arms crossed. Neck tilted just watching him, from the shadows of the night. The person was very difficult to distinguish, with the moon now behind thick clouds. The only thing that Connor could tell was that he had on black, making it just that much harder to see him in the current moonless night.

     Connor threw the blade back to its owner. “You dropped something. You have good aim.”

     The man on the tree limb grabbed and sheathed the knife, as he stood upright, and turned to leave.

     “Hey, you wanted me to know that you were here. Now why don’t you come down here and let me know why.” Connor sternly stated.

     With Connor’s words, the man stopped, jumped out of the tree he was in currently. He landed within a few feet from a cautious Connor. With his back still turned to Connor, the man lifted himself from a crouching position the descent left him in. Connor watched in awe, as the moon returned once more. The man that was now lifting himself from the ground was indeed dressed in black, a long black dyed deerskin hooded coat that came to his thighs. As he stood upright, Connor saw that everything this stranger wore was the same shade of black, his pants, and leggings including his moccasins. However, these things were not what made this Indian stand apart from any other brave. It was the fact that when he turned around, besides the hood that he wore down to his eyes, he wore a mask completely covering his face.

     The mask was just as dark. Connor wondered how he could possibly see anything in the obscurity of the night. As the man closed in, Connor observed that the mask had markings on it. Below on either side of where the eyes would be, were painted tears. The tears ran down the remainder of the mask. As the moonlight hit the covering, it somewhat reflected its glow, revealing that it was a very lightweight material. Connor noticed something that put his nerves at ease. On his hood, was a red embroidered arch with a cradle underneath.

     The man proudly walked up to within an inch of Connor lifted his head to seem to be looking Connor in the eye. He stood at least a foot shorter than that of Connor, who was extremely tall.

     “Who are…” before Connor could finish, Midnight Rose’s wolf had returned and was in a rabid run straight to the two.

     Connor took the time to look at the wolf. When he returned his glance to the masked assassin, he was gone. The black wolf showed no signs of stopping. It continued to charge at Connor. Forcing him to hurriedly run and find a tree that he could climb, in doing so, he saw the other assassin leaving in the other direction.

     “I am going to find out who you are.” Connor said to himself as he hurdled tree to tree, all the while the wolf running underneath.

     He soon found himself close to the cabin of Midnight Rose. He slowed his pace, noticing that the wolf was still at a run. The beast continued until it darted under the pelt entering its home. Connor now perched on a huge branch, studied the home. He could see that there was now light coming from under the pelt, meaning that Midnight Rose was home. He debated if he should lower himself down and go speak with her. As soon as he made up his mind to leave and go, the pelt pushed aside, causing him to become curious and crouch down to watch.

     Connor in all reality waited to see Little Tree be the one exiting the threshold. He had not expected to see Milagros leaving with her daughter following. The older woman hugged her daughter then walked around the corner. Connor, frozen unable to move, knew that he should leave but did not have the strength too. She was just too beautiful to him under the moonlight, in her deerskin dress, and now leggings with moccasins.

     Connor continued watching her as she pushed the pelt used for the door to the side, as her two pets happily walked out. Midnight Rose knelt down. Placing her knees into the earth, she caressed the beasts, and sent them on their way. She stood once more, then crossed her arms, pierced her lips. As she uncrossed her arms, she threw a small pebble in Connor’s direction, causing him to lose his balance and come crashing down onto a bush below.

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