The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


24. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     Connor entered the pitch black room Falcon’s Talon was letting him use for the night. He found it extremely difficult to maneuver, as he stumbled around the large thick, plush pelts placed on the floor for his use. Connor staggered on until his thigh caught the corner of a dresser. He felt around the smooth surface top, for a candle had to be there somewhere. He recalled that he had seen one there earlier. He kept fumbling and hurriedly grasped at the candle, for his fingertips nearly tipped it off the dresser. The room slowly began to give off a warm candle lit glow as the flame grew. Connor sat himself down on the middle of the pelts, slipping off one of his moccasins.

     He slammed the second on the floor. “Damned One Feather, if you had not stopped me, I would have made my feelings for her known. I would have been so delighted to have done it in front of an on looking Little Tree as well.”

     He crashed backwards unto the pelts. He stared at the ceiling as he thought. She stood there, upset. He knew that she was. She had to be. There was no mistaking it now. The harder he dwelled, he remembered that his mother wore the same look many times when he was but a young boy. He sighed, for the images that ran through his head refused to stop. Midnight Rose, in her rolling eyes, then the sadness, and Little Tree wanting to be alone with her. He tried clearing his mind by closing his eyes, but in doing so, there she was. “Why does she torment me so? I must stop thinking about her.”

     He was grateful for a knock at the door, which halted his thoughts. “Are you sleeping, young Connor?”

     “No, please come in,” he replied to Milagros as he opened the door.

     The woman passed by the man that was extremely tall compared to her stature. “I will not bother you long. I have just one thing to tell you, then, I will leave you to rest peacefully.”

     “You are no bother, Milagros. I was not sleeping. I have been thinking on some things that I have to straighten out, your company will be a breath of fresh air.” Connor explained.

     The woman smiled, “I see. I shall not keep you. May I sit?”

     Connor nodded, “of course,” as the woman sat down.

     “Now, I know who you are,” Connor cocked his head, as she spoke. “Should I say what you are?”

     “I do not understand.” Connor had no idea how she knew.

     Milagros stood, walked toward the door, where Connor still stood. Stopped, arched a brow, and held the pose for a moment before smiling. She reached up, placing a hand on his shoulder, pulling him down to her level.

     “No? Assassin,” Milagros whispered in his ear. She patted his shoulder as he erected himself and left the room smiling.

     Connor was dumbfounded, “Milagros.”

     She turned to him, “your secret is safe with me, young one.”

     Connor hurried to her side in the hall. “How, did you know that I am an assassin?”

     “Don’t worry I have no plans on telling anyone. Besides, you are leaving in a few hours right?” the woman asked.

     Connor looked down, “yes. There is nothing keeping me here.”

     “Umm hum,” she voiced. “I have a favor to ask of you Connor.”

     “I do not think that I will have time…” he started with his head still bowed.

     “I need you to bring my daughter to the town not far from here in the morning.” With that said, she turned to leave.

     “I do not have time to…” Connor began now watching her leave.

     Milagros continued walking. “I shall see you in the morning. Goodnight Connor.”

     Connor entered his room gently closing the door. He lay down on the pelts, closed his eyes, and tried to sleep, but the face of Midnight Rose plagued his mind. He twisted and turned, trying to find slumber, but it was useless. He propped himself on his right shoulder. Stared at his moccasins, thought about her once more, and decided that he would go out for a walk. Preferably, in the direction of Midnight Rose’s cabin. He took a deep breath, then, headed out.

     He silently left the log cabin and walked down the long alley until he found himself at the threshold of Midnight Rose’s home. He turned away from the entrance, and began pacing.

     “I should knock, but what if he is in there with her? No, then I would look like a fool. No.” Before he could stop himself, he was knocking on the door pane.

      Nothing, he knocked once more, still nothing. He decided to call out her name, no answer. He stood there for a minute, waiting to see if she did hear him, but was making herself presentable. A minute or two passed before he built the courage to go into her house.

      Before entering, Connor inched his head around the bear pelt. “Hello?”

      He entered the home, which had very pale light inside given from the fire that was now dying out in her kitchen. Connor did not take the time to study his surroundings. He headed to the back of the house, to the room whose door was standing ajar. He was hesitant to look within, for she may have been giving Little Tree audience. He slowly inched to peek into the pitch-black area. His eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he was delighted to see that no one was here. He headed to the exit of the cabin. As soon as he was about to push the fur aside, it moved. He removed his hand from it, as from the other side he heard a loud growl.

     He inched back for in walked a pure snow-white beast that was at the ready to attack. Connor grabbed at his side for a small knife. As he did so, the wolf barked and snapped at him.

     He held up his empty hands, “I am leaving. I take it that you belong to Midnight Rose as well.”

     He and the wolf circled around each other, until the creature was facing the pelt. Connor backed out slowly, as he did, the white wolf made one last snap. Connor turned towards the woods, and saw the black wolf run into the bushes and continue beyond. As he studied the wolf, he noticed that it was chasing a person.

     “Who is that?” As soon as the words left his lips, he was in the trees, following the wolf.


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