The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


23. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     One Feather walked up to her. “Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (Midnight Rose), I have something to tell you.”

     Connor watched Midnight Rose’s reaction to his presence, the roll of her eyes upset him. Any reaction would have been better than that. How could the woman that he was feeling jealousy for, hate him? Was it that she was really looking forward to marring Little Tree when he was all too wrong for her? He recalled their travel. She was the same throughout. Distant, cold, and emotionless, yes, she was not interested in him. How could he have been so blind? No wonder she jumped from his touch, even if they were unintentional, he had enjoyed them. He thought that maybe there could have been a chance that she liked being around him, but with the response just given, said everything.

     He turned to leave. Gave one last look over his shoulder, and met Midnight Rose’s sad eyes. No, they could not be upset. Her posture was the same, demeanor, but there was something there. As small as it was, he could see it. Connor stopped, turned, and walked halfway to her when One Feather walked up to him. “Damn it,” he thought to himself.

     One Feather grabbed Connor by the arm, trying to lead him to the alleyway, but he would not budge. “We have to go.”

     Still locked in his gaze with Midnight Rose, “what, why?”

     One Feather motioned with his head to the corner of the log cabin. There was Little Tree, propped up. The man boastfully strutted up to Connor and One Feather. With his lip slightly curled, Connor eyed the man with each step he took.

     “So you are the one that brings my woman back to me? You have done me a great good indeed. I must repay you. You name what you want and it is yours. But I have no time to listen to it right now, for the woman of Little Tree needs him.” The man pushed himself through One Feather and Connor.

     Connor could only think of what he wanted to do to Little Tree as he turned to watch the man parade over to Midnight Rose. With each cocky step, the hatred mounted in Connor’s being. Suddenly, Connor remembered that Midnight Rose found no interest in him. If Little Tree was the one she wanted, he would not intervene. However, if Little Tree got in his face once more, he would not walk back. As Little Tree inched even closer to Midnight Rose, Connor turned and stormed to Chief Falcon’s Talon’s home with One Feather not far behind.

     “I am grateful for you showing me your village One Feather. I must now get my sleep, for I will leave before the sun’s first light.” He patted the boy’s shoulder before he entered.

     Midnight Rose stood watching her pets play in the shadows of the moonlight. She heard the footsteps of an on comer, as well did her wolves. She motioned for them to stand down. As she heard One Feather speak, she turned. Her eyes immediately found Connor standing further back in the shadows. In remembering what he had recently said to her, she rolled her eyes before lowering them to ignore him and listen entirely to One Feather.

     Little Tree wanted to see her alone, and at night, neither of which was going to happen. She knew how to get rid of that annoying man. This was nothing that she could not handle, but the other piece of news that One Feather gave her, hurt her to her heart. Her father was going to change the union date to when the full moon arrived, and by the fullness of the moon would be in seven days.

    She lifted her head in time to see Connor leaving, but before completely turning the corner, he looked over his shoulder. She could not see his eyes, but could feel them burning through her skin. This made her realize how much she wanted him to be the one wanting to see her alone at night. To hold her tight, like he did when they were in the cave. Then another thought came, ‘I wouldn’t want your boyfriend to get the wrong idea’. No, he would never want her in the way she was beginning to want him. Nonetheless, Midnight Rose could not take her eyes off him. Suddenly he started toward her. Did he desire her the way she wanted him? Could what she be taking for dislike actually be jealousy. No, she was imagining things.

     One Feather walked up to Connor, they then headed for the alley stopping short for there propped on her house was Little Tree. Midnight Rose squinted, how she despised this man. She observed the three of them speaking then as he strutted in her direction. This man was quite the fool in her opinion. She raised her brow as he closed in. As he did, she noticed that Connor was gone. ‘Just a bit further,’ she thought. As soon as Little Tree placed a foot near hers, her pets jumped from their hiding place in the bushes.

     Little Tree stood straight, which provoked her male wolf into snapping at him. The man tried inching closer to Midnight Rose, which was the wrong choice. Now the female beast took her turn. Midnight Rose only stood arms crossed, as she shrugged, shook her head once, and pouted her lips in unison.

     “Call them off, now.” Little Tree demanded.

     Midnight Rose only stared at him with an arched brow.

     The man now became upset. “Are you going to make them stop or not,” as the wolves continued growling with teeth showing.

     She still stood staring at him.

     The wolves watched Midnight Rose as she held up her hand perpendicular to the ground, but the creatures noticed that she slightly narrowed her eyes, meaning to ignore her command. She did this twice, as the wolves continued. Midnight Rose threw her hands up as if she knew not what to do.

     Little Tree stood trying to hide his fear, “I must go, for your pets have a mind of their own. It is no matter. I will speak to you tomorrow.”

     With that, the man hurried off, with the animals in toe. They followed him to the edge of her house. After he was far enough away for their liking, they returned to her side. She knelt down and petted her beloved wolves. She flicked her hand, and like that, the animals ran off into the night.


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