The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


22. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     The story telling came to an end and all stood to converse. Strong Wind and One Feather came over to hug Midnight Rose then, made their way to Connor.

     “Connor, you must come and meet my promised. I have spoken good words of you and she wishes to meet you.” Strong Wind said.

     “Yes, the woman that he has been interested in, finally decided that he was worth uniting with.” One Feather added.

     The three men walked to introduce Connor to Strong Wind’s girlfriend, who was playing with his children. “Come Connor, this is Blooming Flower. She is very shy, but very strong of values. She did not want me before I left out to seek Midnight Rose, but when we stayed out longer than expected.”

     The young woman stood, “I found that I worried far too much for him, and knew that I must accept the deer he brought me to cook. So, you are the young man that saved Strong Wind’s clan sister. You are a very brave man.”

     Connor showed a weak smile as he scratched his head. “If you say so Blooming Flower, I only brought the girl back here, nothing more.”

     “In all acts, no matter how small, one finds bravery young Connor, even if the bearer fails to see it.” Blooming Flower declared as she sat down with the children once more.

     “Very smart woman, that one, I told you Connor.” Strong Wind ushered Connor away from his new family in the making. “Now, are you going to partake in the feast and dance?”

     “No, I do not think that it is something that I have time for. I must rest before my long journey tomorrow.” Connor interjected.

     One Feather clasped Connor’s shoulder. “It is a shame. Connor, before you decide to rest for the night, I want you to meet Little Tree. He is wanting to speak to you before you leave.”

     Connor’s eyes tensed, just the mention of that man’s named irked his entire being. “I shall speak to this Little Tree before I leave.”

     “Good, then at least come and speak with me for a while Connor. I would like to show you around, even if you are leaving when the sun rises.” One Feather offered.

     Connor thought about what this could mean for him. If he let the young boy show him around, he could find which house belonged to Midnight Rose. For earlier, he had not the chance. “I see no harm in that One Feather.”

     “I leave you two on that, I have a woman that I must tend too.” Strong Wing jogged away.

     The teenager smiled, “good. For I have wanted to get to know you better, Connor. Come,”

     The two left from the blazing fire that gave all the tribesmen a golden glow as they ate and fellowshipped. One Feather took Connor around to each clan’s area. House after house, everything seemed the same. Each clan, though they different in their attribute, were still the same in the unity, as any good tribe should be.

     As the two walked, Connor could not help but skim the villagers to find one particular person.

     “Connor, I have meant to ask you, sorry, if I may ask you a question.” One Feather stopped, causing Connor too as well.

     “I do not understand.” Connor shook his head.

     One Feather scratched his head. “No, it’s just that since I met you, I have wondered why you wear those types of clothing. You have your face covered. I have never seen a man cover the top half of his head that way. Or wear an entire white coat to his knees like that.”

     Connor slowly walked to face the rather curious One Feather. “I am partial to this coat, it means a lot to me. As to the reason I cover my head, I guess that you could say for the same reason your braves tattoo and pierce themselves.”

     “I see. Well, come Connor there is my chief’s home. You may go on, I will join you, but first, I must take something to Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (Midnight Rose).” One Feather started down the long ally to the hidden home of Midnight Rose.

     Connor’s heart leap, “One Feather, wait, I shall companion you if it is no trouble.”

     One Feather smiled, “come brother, I only have to give a message to my sister.”

     “I too had a question for you One Feather. When Midnight Rose and I encountered you and the others, she seemed more affectionate to you, than the others.” Connor asked.

     “It is a long story. First, Midnight Rose as you call her, my clan sister. Saved my life when I was a young child,” he stopped at the corner of Midnight Rose’s house to lean upon it. “I, like you, am not born Cherokee. I was born Creek, enemy to Cherokee. My father and mother both killed in a fight with Cherokee Warriors. My mother hid me far from sight and told me not to come out until she came back to free me. She never did. Two moons and three suns passed until I heard a noise from outside of my hiding spot. I could see from a very small crack that it was a black wolf, which frightened me. I began to cry, as the wolf came closer and started to dig into the log. As the beast’s paws entered the log, I screamed. The wolf cleared enough rocks away that it could stick its face inside with me. I hit at the animal but it came closer, snapped its mouth around my shirt to drag me out. I was kicking and screaming, fearful it was going to hurt me, until I felt two arms wrap around me. I heard a very sweet voice say, ‘Shh, little one do not cry, for I have you.’ In hearing her voice I opened my eyes and Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (Midnight Rose) smiled down at me. ‘No harm shall ever befall you again.’ She brought me back here, and well, she was right.”

     Connor stood listening to the ordeal. He smiled when he heard what Midnight Rose did. He now knew why she was enthralled with One Feather. She felt of him as a little brother, which made Connor realize that he was jealous. Not for the relationship that One Feather and Midnight Rose shared. Just jealous over Midnight Rose in general. He had the same gut wrenching hate when he heard about her going to see Screeching Hawk as he did when Midnight Rose was holding One Feather’s hand. However, nothing was worse than the rage in his soul that he was feeling for Little Tree.

     “Did you hear me Connor?” One Feather asked.

     Connor shook his head, clearing the thoughts that were roaming wild. “I am sorry, yes. Let us give her the message, so we can be on our way.”

     As the two turned the corner, there stood Midnight Rose, arms crossed looking into the woods with her back to them.

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