The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


21. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     Connor, captured by Midnight Rose and her mental battles, lacked to notice Milagros watching him. “She seems very troubled no?”

     Connor started, “I have no idea of what you mean.”

     “I see.” Milagros leaned in and whispered. “What did you two speak of?”

     “Me and who, Midnight Rose?” Connor asked confused.

     Milagros chuckled. “No child. You and my husband.”

     “He only told me that I am forgiven for being Mohawk, which I never told him I was. And that I must stay the night before I leave on my travels.” Connor recalled.

     “Ah, I see. You did tell him where you found Rosa. What else did the two of you discuss?” Milagros dryly stated.

     He cleared his throat, “nothing much more.”

     “So my darling husband did not tell you what we are really celebrating tonight? For what is to pass in ten days?” Milagros wondered.

     Connor shook his head, “no, only that a big day for your daughter was coming soon and that he had been waiting on it for a long time.”

     Milagros squinted, “So my dear, he did not tell you that he has arranged for my Rosa to be married?”

     Connor’s heart sunk, a knot grew in his throat, he felt sick and found it difficult to breathe. He turned to face Milagros as she slowly nodded her head. He answered with the only thing that he could think of saying without showing any emotion. “That is nice, you must be very happy. This is a grand time for you. I wish you many blessings in this union of families.”

     The woman raised an eyebrow, a little bothered. “Yes. Little Tree has many plans on pleasing Rosa in every way that he can.”

     Connor watched as Milagros turned into the embrace of her husband after leaving her damaging words, which continued running through his mind. “…pleasing Rosa in every way that he can,” that phrase kept pounding him. He could not bear it longer. He tried thinking on something else, Little Tree. He had met this man earlier in the day. This person was not the right husband for her. Midnight Rose deserved better, a man that knew her value, how to protect her, to ease her pain, to hold her, cherish her.

     His eyes cut to the group of braves that sat far from them on the other side of the families. There he was, this Little Tree. How Connor now despised this Cherokee. Even when they first met, Connor found that Little Tree was not that desirable of a person. He was rude and disrespectful. No, Little Tree was definitely not the right man for Midnight Rose. Connor continued to stare at the young brave that was promised the hand of Midnight Rose. The girls seemed to like him. The brave was acting very proud and cocky, wanting the attention of the females, and this to Connor was not a very good sign of a man that was supposed to wed in the next few days.

     Midnight Rose stared into the flames thinking of the perfect way to persuade the elders to change their minds in pushing for this marriage. In knowing that the elders never held her in high esteem, the littlest reason, no matter how small, should be good enough. Her father’s mind was the easier of the two tasks. He would be upset, but not for much time. He never stayed mad at her for more than a couple of days.

     Midnight Rose knew that she could not be the woman of Little Tree. He was childish, obnoxious, and just stood for all the wrong views in her opinion. He craved too much the attention of others, always the show off. On top of that, thought himself quite the ladies’ man. Besides, she had no plans on marring a man that she did not love. No, she desired a love like the one she had experienced once, six years ago. Long before her world became the chaos that it now was. Yes, that would be the only time that she planned to give herself fully, whole-heartedly, then and only then.

     She now took pride in the promise made to Screeching Hawk. Midnight Rose was not ready to have a husband, she felt herself still too young. Besides, she did not have the time to fulfill the duties that would correspond to a wife. Midnight Rose found that her silence was a great help to her in her decision. It had kept many a young man at bay in thinking that she was a mute. They lost desire very quickly in thinking that she had an illness.

     Midnight Rose took a deep breath as she clenched her eyes shut. Ten days were going to come very quickly. In letting the breath go, she loosened her eyes, enough to seem shut, but cracked just enough that she could see through her long lashes. Connor was now sitting by her whispering with her mother. Midnight Rose opened her eyes and listened to the conversation that the two were having. “They are discussing Little Tree? Really.” She thought to herself as she decided to finally turn around and face Gazing Star who now spoke to the tribe, only to get a better ear on the words exchanged between the two next to her.

     Midnight Rose placed her right hand on the ground next to her crossed leg, not realizing that Connor’s was there as well. When their hands touched, she quickly turned to face him as her hand swiftly moved back onto her leg.

     “Sorry,” Connor whispered face forward, not moving a muscle. “I would not want your boyfriend to get the wrong idea.”

     Midnight Rose narrowed her eyes into thin slits before rolling them. She returned her head to watch Gazing Star. As the woman spoke, she strolled past the young braves and maidens, causing Midnight Rose to study Little Tree. She shook her head in disgust. She knew that if she could see his actions then so could the elders. This could help her in her plea. For a man that was to be wed, he sure did not seem to care about saving face.

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