The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


20. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     Midnight Rose rolled her eyes, huffed, and smiled a very provocative smile.

     “He is crazy about you too, you do know that right?” Midnight Rose turned to hug her mother.

     She placed her hand upon her chest as she shook her head.

     Milagros smiled, “okay, whatever you say my dear. You keep telling yourself that, then, maybe it will come true,” she rubbed her daughter’s cheek. “Now let’s go, Gazing Star is going to tell a story before the big homecoming feast.”

     The older man stood looking down on his tribe, “you know that under other circumstances, we would be enemies.”

     Connor stood frozen with the most confused look, “no, Chief Falcon’s Talon. But I can understand.”

     Falcon’s Talon turned with a tepid face. “How could you, as young as you are.” The chief clasped Connor on the back. “Come sit.”

     The two sat as the elder took out his pipe, stuffing it with tobacco. He puffed the long thin shaft as he lit the tobacco-filled end. “Tonight, we rejoice. I am at peace that you, son, have brought her back in time for her big day. I have waited long for this, and it is finally coming to pass.”

     Connor sat looking down upon his hands, wondering what this big day could be. “I am glad that I have done your family a great good, Chief Falcon’s Talon. I shall be on my way soon, for my job is complete.”

    The middle-aged man laughed. “Remember you are to stay, at least for the night. I demand it. It is the least I can do to give you shelter from the element for the night. I have more than enough room here in my home and there is no way that you can tell me no without insulting me.”

     “No, I mean yes.” Connor answered confused.

     The man smiled as he passed the pipe to the young man. “Good, my wife shall be content to hear this. She has taken to you. She doesn’t do that very easily. As for Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (Midnight Rose), she’s not for liking anyone. She has become very cold since her brother’s death. I can only imagine what she was truly like coming here, very difficult that one. She took Screeching Hawk’s death very hard you see, I don’t think that that wound will ever heal.”

     Connor drew too fast, inhaling far too much smoke causing him to cough heavily. Provoking the fortysomething year old man to dote, “you try too hard to make a good impression, where you already have.”

     “I am sorry, this is the first time that I have partaken.” Connor replied, with a weak shaky voice.

     “I shall finish the tobacco, you my sit with me. Now, down at the Ceremonial Fire, all the tribesmen are gathering to hear a story that one of our eldest storytellers is preparing to tell. You may find that her words hold much truth for you as well.” The man laid down his pipe, as the tobacco had run out. “Now, let us join the others. Milagros has no doubt saved us room.”

     Connor took behind the chief. “Chief, earlier, when you said that our people were enemies.”

     Descending the stairs, “yes, the Mohawk are enemy to the Cherokee, though our ancestors were brothers. As this to be true, I have no reason for hating you since you have protected my little one. Now, come and sit with my family as we listen to Gazing Star’s great knowledge. After, there will be a great feast, and dance. I have noticed how the maidens have been eyeing you since your arrival. If you find one that seems fit to make a good wife while you are here, I shall see to it that you are given pardon for your tribal ties and the Elders should have no problem giving permission for you to wed.”

     The two exited the home, “that is very generous of you Chief Falcon’s Talon, but I do not think that a wife is what I need right now. I do not have the time to make a woman happy, the way that she would need.”

     “You say that now, but I know when you meet that one special girl, you will make a sacrifice. For that is what happened to me as well. Look there, before us, everyone is waiting. Come, we mustn’t be late.” The chief quickened his pace.

     There in front of them, was the entire tribe gathered by the Ceremonial Fire facing the Council House. Many were huddled together for the chill in the air. The maidens of age were all sitting grouped laughing and flirting with the young braves who could not take their eyes off them. Connor scanned the group to see if Midnight Rose was one of the seated girls, but was not. He followed the chief winding through groups of families that smiled to them as they passed, until finally they came to a halt on the last row in front of the fire. There sat Milagros who stood to kiss her husband, and Midnight Rose, who ignored their presence.

     “Hello my love,” Milagros embraced her husband. “Connor, you may take my place next to Rosa, I wish to sit by my strapping husband if that is no problem.”

     Connor slowly sat next to Midnight Rose who did not budge. She sat sideways to the multitude, lost in thought as her full attention, given to the fire. Her eyes seemed troubled and her body tense. Connor continued to stare at her, but did so that no one would notice. Her face glowed from the flames making her seem like a golden life sized doll. She took a deep breath as she tightly closed her eyes. In releasing the breath, she relaxed her closed eyes.

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