The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


19. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     Midnight Rose stiffly stood, walked lightly over to her parents, and hugged them before she left in silence. Connor desired so badly to console her, he felt the pain that consumed her as she passed. He wanted to grab her, hold her as tight as his arms could possibly hold her. Keep her warm, protected with his body, his strength. If she cried, he wanted to kiss her tears, to be the only one able to take away her pain, forever. All she had to do was to let him. Just give him one indication that she needed him, just one. He knew that if she did, he could not, would not allow her to leave his side ever. She was already his life, but failed to see it, his everything, even without speaking her first word to him.

     Connor watched her until her mother began to speak once more. “Ever since then, my Rosa has refused to speak. She is the same girl you see, but just not. I don’t know how to explain.”

     “I am sorry for your great loss. I understand how one feels when they lose one of the most important people in their lives. I too have lost.” Connor painfully remembered his own mother in her last moments.

     “I am sorry for you Connor, here I am thinking of only myself, never thinking that it possible that you could have ever been hurt like us.” Milagros walked over to the young man, grabbing his hand.

     “It was a long time ago. Much further than that of your loss, no need for apologies, life is never simple.” Connor commented.

     “Now Connor,” Falcon’s Talon spoke. “Come smoke with me. Let Milagros tend to her daughter. We shall speak as men.”

     Milagros headed to Midnight Rose’s home. She knew the loss of her brother was not what upset her daughter, but the event planned for in ten days. Milagros hated that her husband was doing this to Midnight Rose. How could he make her do something that he himself did not do? Did he not believe that his daughter too deserved true love? Did he not remember that the two of them fell in love at first sight, and were married within a week and a half? All the years that had past they still loved each other even with many an obstacle, they always were together, always.

     The double standard the tribe had, made her blood boil. Half-bred sons, always accepted, but the girls, frowned upon when their mothers were not part of the tribe. Seeing how Midnight Rose was the only one in the tribe whose mother was not Cherokee, the elders treated her differently than the other young girls. She would never be able to have a rank in their culture, all because of her mother. It was no problem for their son, because he would marry within the Cherokee, making him then Cherokee. Seeing how he was the son of the Air Clan’s Peace Chief meant that his being only half Cherokee, overlooked, and would be highly desired by any female and quickly accepted by their Clan Mother. However, Midnight Rose never considered a Cherokee, no matter if she would one day grow to be beautiful, not desirable as a wife in the eyes of the braves who sought out wives with strong clan ancestors.

     Milagros was hurt when her husband told her of the ways of the Cherokee, which she questioned Falcon’s Talon on so many years ago. “If this is the case, then why would you marry me? If when it is not liked when a Cherokee male marries out of his race?” She now smiled thinking of his reply, “for love, the love that you have to offer me. I would never let those old ladies take that from me, no matter the cost.” She laughed aloud when she recalled her retort, “and it doesn’t hurt that you are a chief.” He had then embraced her and stated, “and, there’s that.”   

     It was from that point she decided that she would teach her children everything of their Spanish heritage. They would know they did not have to accept anything less than that of which their hearts desired. If the tribe could or would not accept either one of them, they would always be welcomed in Nueva España (New Spain), where life was very different.

     Milagros knocked on her daughter’s doorframe, announced herself as she entered. “So I take it, you won’t marry.”

     No one was in the kitchen. The lack of a cook fire was proof. Milagros continued upon the small meeting room, which was only large enough for a couple of chairs for the small makeshift fire pit keeping the small home warm. Milagros walked through the small living room, continuing to the only bedroom straight ahead of her.

     “Rosa, you are going out, I take it?” Milagros leaned back on the framework of the door, watching her daughter change.

     The girl who now bent over a trunk, fishing for something, turned to look over her shoulder. She shook her head, as she placed a leather shawl over her arms.

     "Good, I know that something is bothering you.” Milagros entered the room, grabbing a brush then sat down on her daughter’s bed. “Come, mijita linda. (my beautiful daughter)

     Midnight Rose sat on the floor between her mother’s legs. Closing her eyes as her mother began to run the bristles through her hair. She was taken back in time when she and her brother were younger. A smile came in thinking. It was when she was five years old and a boy was picking on her for having, to him, a weird name. He had punched her arm, which sent her flying to the ground in tears, and her brother came flying to her rescue. He had punched the boy’s face.

     “You think that I am scared of you because you are bigger? Ha. You are nothing, and you are one to speak of names. Hiding Turtle. Her name is beautiful, just as she. I gave her that name, and will destroy anyone that does her harm. You want to try it again?” Her brother spat as he picked her off the ground.

     He dusted his sister off, hugged, and followed by patting her on the head. As he turned to face down the much taller boy. He realized that the boy stood in fear. No one had ever challenged the boy for his size. Hiding Turtle walked past Screeching Hawk, to Midnight Rose. “I am sorry, I do my family shame. Please forgive me.”

     From that moment on, Screeching Hawk and Hiding Turtle were good friends.

     “What are you thinking about sweetheart?” Bringing Midnight Rose back to the present. “If I were you, it’d be in that strapping young man you brought home,” pulling the girl’s hair down to see her eye to upside down eye.

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