The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


18. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued



     “I think that it was the right thing to do, seeing as how close the two were. Don’t you my dear?” The older woman commented, all the while watching Connor’s reaction to the newly started conversation.

     “Yes, Milagros my love, I would want for her to go. I am very pleased that she went.” Falcon’s Talon stared at his wife.

     “It was a short conversation for your speedy entrance child. Are you okay?” Milagros asked.

     Midnight Rose with her head lowered, slowly nodded.

     Connor began to squint with anger as his lips ever so slightly pursed. He rapidly regained control of his emotion, all the while not noticing the inspecting eye of Milagros.

     “Good. Now that the food is done, I think that we should go to the gathering room and speak about the travels the two of you had, and get to be more familiar with each other Connor. Come.” The two men took off for the large open area upstairs.

     Midnight Rose began to help her mother clean, when the woman stopped her. “You seem troubled.”

     A nod was the response.

      “About him,” Milagros then motioned with her head toward Connor. “Or him.”

      Midnight Rose wrinkled her face as if her mother’s words gave off the most putrid smell.

     “I see, I’ll clean here, you go upstairs with the others. I will be there quickly. This seems a conversation that needs to be had in your place.” Milagros stroked her daughter’s hair lovingly.

     Midnight Rose made her way up the stairs, not knowing if she should call the night short. She heard the men speaking just within. They were conversing over how Falcon’s Talon became to his position. She knocked on the doorframe. When her father signaled for her to enter, she did as instructed.

     “Ah, and that is how I am the Peace Chief of the Air Clan. Now as for my family, that is another story.” The Chief stated.

     “And one that you love to tell,” Milagros entered the room.

     “You are right. Now, come sit here woman, the air has a chill.” The woman took her place next to her husband.

     “One day long ago.” The man started.

     Milagros elbowed him in the side. “It wasn’t that long ago.”

     Connor thought the couple in front of him were cute and very much still in love. He knew this was something that he would someday desire. To have a woman that he could cherish and protect. Like the other men did in his tribe.

      “Now, when I was younger, much like you Connor, I was in a hunting party. We were hunting game for the night’s meal when we happened upon a ransacked carriage. We took upon it to see if anyone was hurt. We found two men and a woman, necks sliced. It was a very nasty site. Everything else had been taken including the horses. We knew this was not the work of any of our people. Nor the Creeks that live close. No this was the work of the white man. We hurried before anyone would happen along this trail, seeing us and thinking that the Cherokee had something to do with it. It was on the way back that we saw a young girl, clothes ripped that we stopped to help. She was very spirited, refusing all help that we offered. I grabbed her by her arm pulling her onto my horse, bringing her back here and the rest is what she says, history.” Falcon’s Talon described as he scratched his chin.

     “Yes, later he found out that I was skilled as a doctor. After, I finally started to talk to him, that is. I went to the nearby town, taking up shop. The people there were not that interested in a female doctor, much less one from México City. I came back here, where they accepted me, no questions asked. This handsome man talked me into going back to town to give it one more chance. I did, and the only people that gave me a chance were, well the Fancy Ladies. I told Falcon’s Talon, he kissed me, long story short, we married.” Milagros beamed.

     “Yes, it was the best day of my life.” Falcon’s Talon spoke. “Nine moons later, my wife gave the gift of a son, a strong son. I thought that he would be the only child that I would have until five years later Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (Midnight Rose) took her first breath.”

      Milagros added. “Yes, I remember your birth well. Screeching Hawk was there holding my hand the entire time. He was a brave child in refusing to leave his mother alone in her hour of need.”

     The words Milagros spoke brought joy to Connor’s heart. He felt as if a weight lifted from his lungs. In taking, a deep breath he cut his eyes toward the girl sitting crossed armed, leaned against the wall listening to the tale of her life. He studied her face, he now saw her in another light. Yes, she looked like the others in the tribe, but now he saw were she got her standalone features that no one else had but her mother. Who also was pretty, but nothing compared to her daughter, who took his breath away every time her gazed upon her.

      He then felt bad, for the aspect that he had put her in. She was not going to see some man before coming to see her parents. She went to talk to her brother. He lowered his head ashamed of the things he thought she was doing with Screeching Hawk.

     “Your son, where is he now?” Connor blurted out.

     Milagros frowned.

     Connor knew with her expression, that he should have not asked that question.

     “He is buried not far from here, young one.” Falcon’s Talon answered, grabbing his wife’s hand.

     Connor looked over to Midnight Rose as she stared off in space. He now felt sick. He did not mean to cause pain to Midnight Rose or her family. “I am sorry. I did not mean to bring you hurt.”

     “You asked a good question Connor. You did not know how could you? It is okay, it is just hard for a parent to lose a child. I hope that is something that you never have to experience.” Milagros smiled weakly. “My son died five years ago this coming winter.”

     Midnight Rose lowered her head, for she remembered that day as if it was yesterday. The hurt was still there, very real, painful as any blade. It was the day that her life changed forever, the day she made a promise to her dying brother. The promise that she would never speak until a man could love her enough in her silence to marry her. She had no idea at that time why he made her promise this, but she did.

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