The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


17. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     She arose to stir the food, lifted the pot off the hook taking it to the table. “Leave the poor boy alone with your long winded stories, my love. Now, your dinner is ready, and you need to eat. I bet that young Connor here is hungry, no?”

     Falcon’s Talon, then looked around the dining room and eyed the kitchen. “And what of my daughter?”

     “She will be here shortly, my dear. She went to talk with Screeching Hawk.” The woman stated as she returned to the kitchen.

     “This is very good. It has been a long time since she has been to speak with him. We shall wait.” The Chief commanded.

     Connor only sat with his head lowered, wondering whom this Screeching Hawk could be, and why was it so important that Midnight Rose would rather spend time speaking with him, than being here with her parents where she belonged. He felt very bothered by this. He knew that he did not know all of the details, but this was not right. She was to be here. Her parents had not seen her in many months, and have more than missed her. This was disrespectful on Midnight Rose’s part. No man should be more important than family.

    Midnight Rose walked into her parent’s cabin, quietly. She did not want her father to be angry with her. Therefore, she slowly entered and listened to see if he was in a bad mood. As she closed into the dining room, the only person that she saw seated at the table was Connor. She smiled at the back of his lowered head and made her way past him to the kitchen. Where she found her father and mother in a romantic embrace, making her rapidly spin on her heels and take a seat across from Connor. Connor still had not raised his head as she sat, thus she took advantage to sit and study him.

    She loved his dark bronzed skin. She had never seen anyone with such a more beautiful skin color in her life. From the way that his hooded long coat laid upon his chest and arms, he had to have a nice athletic build. She imagined him in a breechcloth and leggings, then with only the breechcloth and nothing else. This brought a coy smile to her face.

     She also wondered what lay beneath his overly large hood. It bothered her so. In all the time that the two had been around each other, he had never once lowered it from his head. That in itself provoked the most questions within her. What was he hiding? Was he born or had he been badly disfigured? Were the only attractive parts of his face the lower part of his nose and his lips? Those lips. Rather large and looked so soft to kiss, just the thought made her skin prickly and parts of her tingle. She shivered thinking, to be able to kiss them just once.

     Alas that would never happen, not just for her situation, but also, in the fact that he could not stand her. The tribal aspect she could handle, it was the fact that he was not interested in her that she could not fix. Her mother giggled in the other room, making Connor lift his head and stare into the distant eyes of Midnight Rose. Their stare lingered for all of a second, as Midnight Rose swiftly turned her head.

     “Ah, my daughter, you are back. Good, your father was growing very hungry.” He said as he made his way to the table to sit.

     Midnight Rose stood up, provoking Connor to watch her every move. She made her way to her father, giving him a kiss on his cheek before continuing to the kitchen to help her mother. She lowered a stack of plates.

     Her mother stopped her before she could count out enough for everyone, by grabbing her arm. “Your father is fond of this young man. But then again, he isn’t the only one is he?” She took the plates from her daughter.

     Midnight Rose stood there for a moment with a confused look as she stared at the wall. She turned and hurriedly grabbed the silverware, to make her way to the table. Placing the utensils next to her father, then by her mother, but hesitated to place them next to Connor. She wrestled with the thought of serving him, for what it meant in their culture. In remembering that she would have to cook his dinner for him as well to actually mean anything, Midnight Rose leaned in to place his cutlery next to him.

     Connor bumped her forearm with his shoulder, making her drop all the remainders. She squatted to retrieve them, at the same time, Connor bent over to grab at them. As their hands touched, it sent a shock of electricity to each, causing both to jerk their hands away. Midnight Rose was accustomed to the shock the rug that her mother used under the table gave. She quickly grabbed the silverware as she gave a weak smile to Connor.

     Midnight Rose left for the kitchen and returned with clean spoons and forks. In doing so, her father made a comment, “maybe this time, you will not drop anything. You make a bad impression on our brother Connor.”

     Midnight Rose sat embarrassed.

     “Eat Connor, a young man such as yourself, must keep his belly full. A hunter is always on the hunt,” Falcon’s Talon claimed.

     Midnight Rose only lifted her eyes to wait for Connor’s remark.

     “Yes.” Connor returned.

     Midnight Rose smirked, let out a light huff, and rolled her eyes all in one sweeping motion.

     “Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (Midnight Rose), you went to see Screeching Hawk I hear.” Falcon’s Talon sternly asked his daughter.

     “That name once more. Why would you be okay with your daughter going to see this man before coming to see you?” Was the only thought that came to Connor’s mind as the man spoke to his daughter. 

     Midnight Rose nodded.

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