The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


16. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued


     “Come Connor, we shall let the women walk together. I want to show you something.” Falcon’s Talon spoke to Connor as he left his wife behind with his daughter. He placed a hand upon Connor’s shoulder. “I must show you my home, which is where my wife shall make you good food in her cook pot. Come, brother.” The two walked ahead.

     “My love, I have missed you.” Midnight Rose’s mother hugged her once more. “Come. Let us walk to your home. I must speak to you.”

     The two exited the door as Connor and Falcon’s Talon were slowing their pace to enter the Chief’s Log Cabin, which was the same size as the others, but contained an open second floor with a large porch enclosed with netting. Connor let Falcon’s Talon enter the cabin first as he turned his head to look for the women. Midnight Rose was walking with her head down, listening carefully to her mother’s words. The older woman observed the young man’s steady gaze upon her daughter. Connor in noticing her looking at him, moved into the cabin.

     The mother daughter duo continued walking past the two-story cabin. Their destination was a bit further, just passed the cabin that belonged to her parents. Midnight Rose turned to walk down the alley between her parents’ cabin and another. Her mother now behind her, for what was waiting on them at the end of the ally, her wolf.

     Each Chief from every Clan had the same double story home as her Chieftain father, but no other person in her tribe possessed one quite like Midnight Rose. Her father, as a present for her on her fourteenth winter, built this cabin. The front porch that all the others possessed was nonexistent. The entrance to the cabin was in the rear facing the woods, for the fear that the other tribesmen possessed of her pets as they leisurely came and went. This cabin also lacked the wood door that the others had. Instead, there was only a very heavy and thick bear pelt covering the entrance for the freedom that her animals could leave and enter when wanted.

     Midnight Rose walked up to the black male wolf and petted it on the head as he took to her side as they walked into the cabin. The girl smiled as she saw her other wolf sitting by the fire at the opposite end of the cabin. As the white wolf turned to see its owner, she ran and tackled Midnight Rose to the floor. The young woman smiled and kissed the snow-white beast on the nose as she squeezed it until it licked her back.

     “They have missed you terribly. They have been in this cabin and in those woods, doing nothing more than searching for you. You should have taken them with you and you know it.” Midnight Rose’s mother began to scold the girl.

     The young girl lifted herself off the floor to sit in a chair by her now seated mother. The girl took a deep breath and grimaced.

     “Now, I have to go to the town very early in the morning, for they have sent word that a few of my patients are sick and need attention. I would very much like it if you would also come and let me give you the once over, my dear. You have been gone for a while and, well we both know the dangers for a woman out there.” Her mother sweetly spoke.

     Midnight Rose shook her head.

     “I know that you feel that you are okay,” reaching for her daughter’s hands. “But I would feel okay if you did. Yes?”

     The girl reluctantly nodded.

     “Good. Now, tell me, who is this young man?” The older woman asked.

     Midnight Rose looked her mother square in the eyes, smirked, and shrugged her shoulders.

     The girl’s mother stood up, “you are more like him every day.” Midnight Rose noticed the bitterness in her mother’s tone, causing her to furrow her brow.

     Midnight Rose wrinkled her brow even more as she thought about her mother’s words. She hated when her mother would mention him. Before she knew it she was standing, and staring at the pelt mentally seeing the hill were she knew he was. Midnight Rose just stood there, frozen until her mother spoke.

     “Go, talk to him.” She rubbed her daughter’s shoulder. “I know that your father is expecting us, but he will understand. It is only right, now go.”

     Midnight Rose kissed her mother’s cheek and ran out of the house with her wolves in toe. Her mother made her way out of the cabin as she watched Midnight Rose disappear into the overgrowth. The woman gave a weak smile as she then made her way to her own home. On the way there, she finally noticed that there was a chill in the night air, which was unusual so early in the year. She folded her arms and hurried her pace. Turning the corner to her home, she took a deep breath.

     “Well here goes nothing,” she turned the knob on the door.

     In entering the home, she was fearful of what she would see. She could only imagine that her husband was giving this poor boy the third degree. For a second, she thought that it would even be worse, as seeing how this boy was alone with his daughter for an extended period. However, she put to rest her fears as she saw that the two were sitting at the dinner table. Her husband was deep into one of his long-winded stories, but the young man had very good manners, and sat very attentive of every word the older man spoke.

     She took advantage of this story telling to prepare for the dinner. She walked past the seated men to the kitchen to reheat the food that she had earlier finished. She placed the pot back onto the hook over the fire. She then sat herself down in a chair that she kept in her large kitchen, that she designed herself. She smiled as she thought about how she told Falcon’s Talon the only way that she would agree to marry him was if he had a large kitchen that she was used to when she was growing up. In that if he did not make her the kitchen like she wanted, then he really did not love her, nor want a wife that would keep him happy or well fed. The poor man worked day and night until it was perfect for her. She chucked as she recalled how she inspected every single little detail, putting the love of her life through agony as he thought that it was not up to her high expectation. Then, finally letting out a sigh, and followed by the words, “I guess that it will have to do.”

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