The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


15. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued

     The two walked to a waiting One Feather. “The Elders and Chiefs of my Clan will be gathering soon in the Council House. Then it will be time for you to take my sister to the Council House. The War Chief will speak to you. The Peace Chief will call her parents to come and then you give her over, they will ask you to eat with them in their house as payment for your sacrifice, then it will be over.”

     Connor nodded in response to the young boy.

     Running Fox pointed behind Connor causing him to turn around and see all the women that had entered the cabin with the girl were now leaving. The girl slowly exited the cabin and began walking in their direction. She was now in Indian attire, but not as the other females. She had on a deerskin dress that hung loosely to her knees. Her hair now braided on each side of her face. For the first time, she looked the part of being Indian.

     “Connor, go, walk her to the Council House.” One Feather spoke.

     Connor heard nothing. For all his attention had been given to the girl ever since she passed the threshold of the cabin. He knew that he should go to meet her halfway, but could not move. He wrinkled his brow and was about to fight up the courage to move when the girl was reaching out her hand to take his arm. She wrapped her arm around his, causing him to take a rather large swallow. She tugged his arm lightly forcing him to move. Connor did not think that he could make it to the Ceremonial Fire, let alone the Council House. For every step he took on shaky legs was getting worse, and now his stomach was turning. They continued walking, she looked away from the direction they were headed and Connor seized the moment to smell her hair, it smelled of fresh Honeysuckle. He now wished that he had not done this. His cheeks burned red hot, his hands were now clammy and weak, as sweat formed on his brow. He knew he could deal with all these reactions, but the bigger problem was the arousal that could not be hidden, needed to cease.

     The girl stared at Connor as soon as she exited the cabin. The moon was reflecting off his skin making him breathtaking, causing her to find it hard to catch her breath. She tried not to feel what she was feeling, but it was no use. Seeing him like this made her heart skip and race. She could imagine herself in his arms, him kissing her, making her his, them being happy, forever. It was all she had to continue to move closer. He was staring at her, even though she could not see his face, she could feel it. The thought made her entire body shiver. Each step closer she took, her legs became the more unsteady. She inhaled as she reached for his arm and slowly encircled it with hers. He did not back away from her touch he accepted it, making her desire him now even more. She now could feel her pulse quicken, then echo so loudly in her ears. Her cheeks were flush, her body was now on fire, forcing her to look away from the moonlight for fear he would catch a glimpse of her reaction to him. She took a deep breath to control her emotions when she heard him begin to speak, making her start.

     “You seem ready to see your parents. I am glad that you are back to where you belong.” Connor spoke in a very light whisper.

     The girl looked up to him. She longed to caress his face, as she wanted his words to mean being by his side, but knew better. She nodded once.

     “So we just go in.” Connor stated.

     The two reached the door of the Council House. The girl let go of his arm as Connor opened the door letting her enter first. He followed her in. Inside he saw the Elders all sitting along the walls. There in front of him were two Chiefs, Falcon’s Talon and to his left, the other, a bit older and heavily scared man. Different decorations hung from each of the seven walls. Specific pelts adorned three of the seven walls. They were easily distinguishable for each fur contained the head intact. There was a bear, a deer, and a wolf. The fourth wall, covered with distinct types of feathers, another with multiple items in various shades of blue, the next with items that floated or blew in the wind, and the last wall covered with several colors of paint.

     She girl sat and pulled Connor down by the coattail.

     Falcon’s Talon stood, “since our friend does not speak in our tongue, we shall speak in a language that he does.” He returned to his place.

     All the Elders nodded.

     “What is the name of the friend that brings the child back to us?” The War Chief asked.

     “I Connor Kenway bring the girl back to her parents, safe from harm.” Connor bravely spoke.

     “Is this true?” The Chief directed his question to the Elders.

     All the women nodded.

     “Then permission is given for her parents to receive her home.” The second Chief asked.

     The women nodded once more.

     “You Connor Kenway give her back without pretext?” Falcon’s Talon stood.

     “Yes.” He calmly stated.

     “Then her parents may come forward and receive her.” Falcon’s Talon declared.

     Connor looked around and behind himself, interested in whom her parents were. He saw no one move. He then thought that someone had gone out to usher them into the Council House after the okay. Still no one moved or entered. He peeked over to the girl. She wore a tender smile on her face. Connor followed her locked gaze to behind the right shoulder of Falcon’s Talon. There stood a very petite woman in the shadows. The girl slowly stood as the woman walked close to her. The woman smiled as she pulled the girl into an embrace. The girl leaned back, keeping ahold of her mother as she extended an arm to Falcon’s Talon. Her mother then let go as the man walked over to embrace his daughter.

     “Ayv uha unvdvgi nihi Svnoyi Atsilvsgi (I have missed you Midnight Rose).” The man kissed the girl on the forehead.

     Connor could not understand what the man had said, but everything within him told him that the Chief had said her name. He wanted, no it was more than that, needed to know it, for he craved to speak her name upon his lips, to whisper it softly in her ear.

     The rather short woman was now in the arms of Falcon’s Talon. “I have missed you as well Midnight Rose. It has been a very long year.” The woman then gazed down to Connor, “Connor, tonight you feast with my family. I must repay your kindness.”

     Connor stood now facing the girl that now had a name. Midnight Rose.


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