The Meeting

This first chapter is called 'The Meeting' because of just that, Connor Kenway, an Assasssin, meeting this mysterious female that refuses to speak. His mission is to bring her back to her home, but just where is she from? They have to travel South until they reach their destination. When he reaches it, he can't believe what he finds. ConnorXOC


14. The Discovery-Chapter II Continued

     “The girl was entrusted to me. I have been the only one to care for her since our weeklong journey. We met your scouts not far from the village. Nothing more than that.” Connor explained to the Chief that looked too young for his position.

     The older man rubbed both sides of his tattooed chin. In fact his entire face was, along with his torso. His head wore the same topknot that many men sported, but he also had the remainder of scalp painted red. He wore leggings and a breechcloth. The man was shorter than that of Connor, the top of his head only reaching the height of his chin.

     The three sat.

     “You have brought her back at a wonderful time, friend.” The Chief started, when someone caught his attention.

     “Chief Falcon’s Talon, I must ask if it is true.” A voice called from behind Connor’s head.

     The Chief motioned for the boy to come closer. “Come, Little Tree. Sit.”

     The young man came to sit by the side of Falcon’s Talon. “I have heard tale of good news today. I wish to know if it is true.”

     “First off, Little Tree you are being disrespectful to our friend. We must be better to the friend of the Cherokee.” The older man reprimanded the young man, who lowered his head in shame.

     Little Tree extended his hand. “Forgive my rudeness friend, I am Little Tree.”

     Connor studied the man before he returned the gesture. Little Tree was a well-built man that had few tattoos on his face. He wore a leather jacket that lay close enough to his body that it seemed like a second layer of skin. He sported two long braids instead of the topknot, but had the multiple earrings in each lobe. He wore a breechcloth, pairing it with leather leggings and his moccasins.

     “Connor Kenway,” he dryly stated, releasing the man’s hand.

     “It is true, young one, our friend Connor here brought her.” Falcon’s Talon commented.

     Connor noticed that the man was a bit too excited with this news, even though he tried his best to mask it. Little Tree arose and swiftly left the trio.

     The three men finished their food then walked outside for fresh air. “Connor, I wish for you to come and smoke with me later.” Falcon’s Talon placed a hand on his shoulder as they stopped. “You are welcome here and you are now Cherokee. You have returned one of our daughters and that is a brave feat in itself. You have questions I see.”

     Connor did have some questions, but decided to ask only one. He turned to face the Chief. “When am I to present her to her parents?”

     Falcon’s Talon smiled, “as soon as the moon rises and the sun falls, not before, not after.”

     Connor nodded. Then shifted his eyes to the cabin the girl had entered. Outside of it, there were more and more females gathering. The door flung open and an elderly woman began to shoo them all away, causing the Chief to chuckle, Connor as well found the humor in the site.

     “Chief Falcon’s Talon, I must go and check on my children.” Strong Wind stated.

     The older man turned to Strong Wind. “Which brings me to ask you once more Strong Wind, when are you going to choose another wife? Look,” he motioned with his hand, “many beautiful women here want you to bring them deer to cook. You are a fine trapper and they know.”

     “I shall choose soon Chief. I have my eye on one, but I have yet to speak to council for approval.” Strong Wind replied, then, left the other two men.

     “Connor, what is your skill?” The older man asked, very curious.

     “I am a hunter.” The young assassin answered quickly.

     “This is a very good skill to have. I too am a hunter.” The Chief smiled. “Come Connor, to the Sacred Fire, where we shall speak openly.”

     The two walked to the ceremonial pit and took their places. Falcon’s Talon stared at Connor.

     “So tell me where did you find my daughter?” Falcon’s Talon squinted.

     Connor was careful with his words, for he heard and saw the seriousness now in the Chief. “I did not find her, Chief Falcon’s Talon. I was sent for to bring her back to her tribe safely. When I met her, she was being taken care of by a friend.”

     The Chief cocked his head. “This is good news, but you have not told me where.”

     “Boston.” Connor replied.

     “And you, you alone brought her back here safely, with help from no one else, despite all the other Indian Tribes out there, at war. Even with the white man fighting the red man?” Asked Falcon’s Talon searching for some reason not to believe Connor.

     Connor breathed. “As I said, I am a hunter, the best from my tribe. I was entrusted with the girl, and now she is here.”

     “Exactly where is your tribe?” The elder of the two men snapped.

     “Mohawk Valley,” Connor defended.

     “Yes, I see, a week with her alone, with no one else around.” The Chief accused Connor.

     Connor was insulted with the thoughts that he knew Falcon’s Talon was thinking. Even still, he knew that he could not show his emotion, he calmly said. “I would never take advantage of a woman. They are revered where I come from.”

     The two stared at each other for a minute then the Cherokee extended his arm. “I believe you young Connor. For only a truthful man would stay calm and have the courage to face me after what I accuse. It is becoming night. I must leave you and change for the events to come.”

     The older man left Connor sitting at the fire alone.

     “Connor, come brother,” the voice of Running Fox pulled Connor’s attention from the hot flames. “It is almost time. You come with us. We will tell you what you must do.”


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