Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


21. Zayns POV

(Zayns POV) 

As I made my way onto the football field the aggravated expression on my face clearly stated I did not want to be here.

My friend Chad noticed me approaching giving me an apologetic look.

"Zayn ......  he started.

"It's fine" I quickly interrupted fully aware of what he was going to say not wanting to hear it.

"I just want to get this practice over with" Chad didn't respond he just nodded  his head our conversation ended when the coach reaches us.

"Glade you made it Zayn" he said patting my back.

"whatever" I spat clutching on my helmet tighter turning around to leave until I felt a strong arm grab my arm.

I quickly turned to face him.

"Hey you need to lose the attitude and stop acting like a child" coach warned as he looked at me with harden eyes.

My jaw clenched in my mouth trying not to yell back.

"This is your team, your the captain, you see all these guys" he pointed out  to all the guys gathered around.

"There all counting on you to lead this team to victory, playoffs our 5 days away you need to get away from all your distractions and stay focused if you ever what a chance to make it to the pros" he warned still having a tight grip on my shoulder.

No matter how much I wanted to punch him I new he was right, I can't let my self get distracted football is my top priority right now I need to focus even if i have to spend less time with Jamie.

"I know you all have girlfriend but you have to explain to them this team always comes first" he yelled to the team but it seemed like he was saying to me.

"Understand"  he yelled

"YES COACH" the team yelled back

"That's what I like to hear now Malik go warm up your team we have a lot of practice before playoffs"

I quickly nodded running out in the field the team following. I couldn't help but think of Jamie I really hope she dose understand. 

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