Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


11. WHO

(Jamies POV)


"BABY PLEASE STOP" Zayn yelled chasing after me threw all the people but my legs wouldn't stop.

I keep running I just was so confused why was I so angry why was i so hurt he wasn't doing anything wrong.

He was just talking to her, for some reason that hurt worse.

He had a huge smile plastered on his face and it hurt to know I wasn't the reason for it. And the way that dumb slut had her hand on his leg made my blood boil. I finally made it outside where I finally stopped running to catch my breath.

Questions like how was I going to get home, Did I even have a reason to be made at him, was I over reacting ran threw my mind until my thoughts were broken by two strong arms wrapping around my waist from behind.

"Baby it's not what you think" he whispered out of breath I  didn't know what to do, I tried to move but my body was froze i tried to talk but nothing came out.

I heard him sigh loudly "she's just a friend" he mumbled on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

He gently turned me around so I was facing him.

"I- It didn't look like it" I finally spoke up but in a very low whisper I felt my eyes getting watery.

"I swear it was nothing I haven't seen her in awhile and was just saying hi" he paused pulling me closer.

"Your the only girl I want baby i love you" he whispered tightening his grip around my waist which made me wince in pain.

He quickly removed his hands "whats wrong" he asked I lifted my shirt up to see to big blue and purple hand marks on my hips I quickly pulled my shirt down praying  he didn't see it but he did.

"Jamie what the fuck is that" he hissed pulling up my shirt gasping at the huge bruises on my hips.

"What is.. He paused looking at them noticing there were hand prints.

"Who the fuck touched you" he snarled his face turning red.

"I-I-I don't k-now" I mumbled wrapping my arms around his neck clinging to him like a little girl.

He gently picked me up bridal style walking me towards his car.

"Don't cry love" he whispered in my ear claiming me down while opening the backseat. He sat down with me on his lap rubbing my back.

"What are those from" he asked I could hear the anger building up in his voice.

"ummm I-I went looking for you S-Some guy came h-he tried to do stuff t-to me but I ran away" I mumbled braking down in to tears.

"SO HE FUCKING TRIED TO TOUCH YOU" he yelled making me jump his face was red  vanes were popping out of his neck.

"WHO" he hissed clenching his fist.

"I don't know" I said getting a bit scared and annoyed.

"Show me" he hissed back moving me from his lap setting me on the ground he quickly followed getting out shutting the door.

"Zayn let's just go" I begged pulling on his hand making him stop walking.

He turned around "we will once I teach that piece of shit a lesson" he snarled walking again but I ran in front blocking him.

  "Please" I begged wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Let's just go back to your dorm baby" I whispered in his ear lightly kissing his neck I could feel him starting to relax.

I keep kissing around his neck till I found his soft spot lightly sucking it. He moaned loudly picking me up so my legs were around his waist.

He connected his lips to mine which started a very heated make out session. He pulled away.

"I know what your trying to do" he whispered inches away from my face.

"I have no idea what your talking about" I giggled pecking his lips.

"Well what ever it is it's not going to work" he mumbled kissing my lips one last time then setting me down.

"Why not" I wined crossing my arms he lightly chuckled.

"Well first it's not that easy to get me in bed" he teased kissing my cheek , and second he hurt you and I need to teach him that was a very bad idea" he said clenching his fists getting angry again.

"Now please show me" he mumbled sounding a little annoyed.

"If I show you then can we go" I groaned he grabbed my hand and started walking.

"Yes now where" he said asking for directions on where to go.

I really didn't want to tell him I new he was just going to get in a big fight but he wasn't going to stop till I told him

"The big hallway by the kitchen " I mumbled  hoping we would turn around and leave but of course we keep walking.

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