Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


24. Whitneys POV (rated r)

Whitney's POV (rated r)

After talking with Harry about Addie being jealous with me hanging out with Jamie I was pretty upset.

To think my best friend thought I was replacing her really bothered me.  I really need to talk to someone but my best friends mad at me so can't go to her, I couldn't talk to Jamie especially because it's about her.

Also Addie would be devastated If i went to Jamie about a problem Addie's always my go to girl.

That leaves Niall he always knows how to cheer me up but the thing is this is the type of stuff you talk with other girls guys don't really understand this kind of stuff.

But you never know he could give me some really good advice.

Later on that night after Niall and the boys got home form football practice after dinner Niall said he was exhausted and we decided to go to bed.

I was actually really anxious to talk with him and get everything off my chest. As he closed the bedroom door Niall yawned tiredly while I was wide awake and a bit nervous to bring it up so I just threw it out there as we were getting ready for bed.


"Yes baby" he asked in his cute Irish voice that made butterfly's form in my stomach.

`"Ummm I have a question" I asked getting memorized as he took his shirt off reviling his perfectly toned chest I new my cheeks were becoming red by the way he chuckled at me.

"Okay baby I'm listing" he yawned pulling at his shorts leaving him in nothing but his boxers.

Even know we've been dating for a year I still get nervous like a little girl around him like I did when we started dating I just couldn't help it.

"I don't know what to do Addie's jealous because I was with Jamie and she's mad at me but all I was doing was just trying to be nice to Jamie" I wined looking for reassures but before he could respond I went on.

"I'm not trying to replace her she's my best friend, Harry told me she called and was really upset  it's really been bothering me all day"I blurted out trying to catch my breath.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him "first baby you need to calm down a bit"he chuckled rubbing my back giving me little kisses on my neck "second she'll be home tomorrow so explain to her you were just being nice and you would never replace her" he said calming me down. 

"I don't know if she'll even talk to me" I mumbled resting my head in his chest.

"Just get her to hear you out then everything will be back to normal" he comforted kissing my head.

I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him towards me.

"I missed you" I whispered inches away from his face.

"I missed you more beautiful" he mumbled before kissing my lips sweetly.

"I bought you something today" I mumbled shyly waking to the Victoria secrets bag Niall's eyes grew big as he saw the bag.

"I see you went to my favorite store" he pointed out with a cheeky grin .

"Ill be right back" I assured walking to the bathroom changing into the green sexy panties that said "kiss me I'm irish" on the back then put on a black lacy bra I quickly put a little make up on and brushed my hair.

I walked in the room to where Niall was sitting on the bed facing me with a cheeky grin plastered on his face as I walked towards him.

"You look sooo hot" he mumbled standing up grabbing my waist.

"You haven't even seen the best part" I whipered seductively in his ear I turned around so he could see my butt.

"You have no idea how turned on I am right now" he mumbled on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

"Show me" I whispered he turned me around pressing his lips to mine picking me up walking us to the bed.

He gently set me down lying top of me kissing all around my neck leaving little marks.

He unclipped my bra throwing it across the room he grabbed one of my breast making me moan In his mouth.


He pulled at my undies.

"Moan my name again baby" he groaned throwing my undies to add to my bra kissing my neck.

"Niall" I moaned giggling a little. He grabbed a condom and slipped it on taking his boxers off.

"Ready love" he mumbled out of breath.

"Yes baby" I whispered  he quickly pushed in the pain quickly went away replacing it with plusher.

We went awhile before His breathless body fell beside me pulling me towards him.

"I love you" we both said falling to sleep.

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