Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


2. Wanting to get away

(Jamie's POV)

"JAMIE" he yelled after me.


I didn't listen I keep walking. I tried to get away from him I didn't want to talk to him right now. I wasn't in the mood. I heard foot steps and seconds later two strong arms warp around my slim waist and turn me around. I looked down not wanting to see his face, I didn't want him to see I was this upset.

Zayn lightly brushed his thumbs on the skin that was showing on my waist from where my shirt didn't cover. His touch made my skin feel warm sending shivers down my spine.

We stood there for what seamed like forever just looking into each others eyes waiting for one of us to speak up.

"Baby why are you walking away from me like that" he asked softly finally braking the silence. I could see the confusion written all over his face.

I sighed loudly "just leave me alone" I spat harshly removing his hands from around my waist.

This time his face showed both confusion and shock. "What's wrong why are you acting like this" he asked again I could tell by the way he was raising his voice he was starting to get a little angry.

"Where we're you yesterday, you promised you would come over Zayn I waited for you but you never came" I could feel my eyes becoming watery as my vision started to blur.

"Shit" he mumbled while running his hands over his face. "I'm sorry okay, I just got all caught up with the boys and practice" he said trying to defend himself like it was no big deal, like I wasn't important. That only proved my point more that I was always the last thing on his mind.

"I can’t take this, I'm sick of having to beg for your attention" I admitted tears streaming down my face.

Zayn looked at me with hurt in his eyes "what the fuck dose that mean Jamie" he immediately snapped, I could definitely tell he was pissed.

"It means that you always put everything in front of me Zayn, I haven't seen you in three days because your to busy partying or at practice you never make time for me"

Zayns face grew with angry "that's BULLSHIT and you know it, I'm sorry I've been a little busy but baby you know I have no choice" he explained garbing my wait and pulled me close.

"You know I love you" he whispered his lips brushing on my neck.

"Enough to change for me" I whispered inches away from his face.

I new I was brave for asking this question and I kind of regretted saying it. I needed to know if he was willing to stop being such a jerk and actually treat me like I deserve, or this thing we called a "relationship" would not work.

He pulled me so close to him our noses were touching "well talk about this later okay I have practice but when I'm done I'll be right over" he assured while kissing my head.

"Please come" I begged grabbing the front of his shirt tightly.

Zayn bent down to my height and gently pressed his lips to mine it only lasted a second but it was still amazing I felt my knees go week at his touch.

"I will baby, I love you" he said kissing my cheek and with that he disappeared threw the school doors leaving me there speechless.

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