Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


4. Waking up

                                                                  (Jamie's POV)

I woke up to the annoying sound of my phone buzzing. I looked over at Zayn to see him awake now to. I giggled watching him pull the covers over his head and groaned.

I pushed the blankets off making me gasp as the cold air hit my Naked body. I wrapped my self around in a blanket and answered my phone it was my mom.

"hello" I said while slipping on Zayns shirt i had on before.

"Hi sweetie" she said cheerfully

"Hi mom"

"Jamie me and your dad will be a couple minutes late tonight"

"okay mom I'll be fine love you" I said hanging up not even waiting for her response.

I walked back to  bed where Zayn had his clothes on siting on my bed I walked over to him and sat on his lap "baby I got to go" he said kissing my cheek "I know my dad will be home soon" I mumbled tiredly.

He put both hands on my cheeks and kissed my lips every time we kissed it was like the first full of passion he gently pulled away and kissed my head "that was amazing" he whispered.

 My face became red I new what he meant "I know" I whispered back.

He kissed my lips again "will I see you tomorrow" I asked playing with his fingers.

"Umm do you have soccer tomorrow" he asked

"Yeah after school till 4:00" I replied while getting of his lap.

 "we'll babe I'll pick you up from soccer tomorrow okay that's right when i get out"

I just noodded leaning into his chest.

I love you" he whispered in my ear giving it a kiss.

I looked up smiling like an idiot "I love you" i whispered back connecting our lips one last time.

"Bye baby, I'll call you when I get home"


With that  he jumped back down my balcony.  I heard his rang rover reverse out of my drive way.

I got back in bed and fell asleep thinking about him.


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