Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


32. Trust is sometimes hard to do

Jamies POV)

I sat there watching Zayn walked around my room picking up his clothes, sliping them on.

I still didn't like the thought of Zayn going to a strip club, but like he said it was just a stupid bachelor and meant nothing. But i was still a bit worried.

"Okay baby I have to go" Zayn announced walking back in the bedroom sitting next to me.

I sighed loudly resting my head into his neck "Be good"

He chuckled lightly kissing my head "Of course"

"When will you be back"

"I don't know. I'll try to come back as soon as I can love, it might not be till late though" he explained. Great Zayn at a strip club ,with his friends, late at night I'm surely not going to be able to sleep.

"Are you going to drink" I asked

"Umm maybe a shot or two, baby please stop worrying everything will be fine, nothing I mean nothings going to happen. I promise"

I didn't want to sound like a nagging girlfriend so i just let it go, trusting him.

"Fine baby, I trust you" I assured with a smile.

"Thank you, Well I have to go I'll call you later" he began standing up.

"Okay, I love you" I muttered.

"I love you to beautiful" he replied leaning down kissing my lips making me feel weak.

After a while he slowly pulled away "Bye baby" he called out as he kissed me one last time walking away.

I quickly went on my knees wrapped the duvet around me and grabbed his arm before he could leave the room.

"Please come back to my room when you get back" I asked almost begging.

He walked back smiling "Of course love, keep the door open" he assured kissing my lips again. I nodded my head smiling a bit.

"I love you, please don't worry"

"I wont, please behave" I pled standing up kissing his jaw.

"Always" he assured kissing my head. "Bye beautiful" he said walking out of my bedroom.

I sat back down on my bed praying everything would go just as he promised.

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