Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


15. Talk later

(Jamies POV)

"So do you like Whitney" Zayn asked walking out of his closet with only boxers on.

I couldn't help but get memorized by his perfect toned body he's just so perfect in every way i could tell i was blushing by the way Zayn was laughing.

"Well I just meet her but she seems really nice" I answered lazily flopping on his bed taking my shoes off.

 I looked down and realized I was still in my dress "Zayn I need something to sleep in" I said turning towards him.  

"okay" he mumbled going back in his closet quickly walking back out with a white plain T-shirt.

"Here babe" he said throwing me the shirt.

"Thanks" I couldn't help but think he was still mad about what happened.

"Zayn" I aksed  pulling my dress off  slipping the huge shirt over my head.

"What" he answered pulling at his blanket.

I guess I'm a little scared to ask him about what happened tonight what if he gets really mad again.

"Are you okay" I mumbled scooting closer to him.

He looked up from the ground and smiled faintly

"Yeah just tired" he assured laying down next to me he didn't sound very convincing.

"Are you sure" I asked trying to get the truth out he sighed loudly and pulled me to him so my head was resting gently on his chest.

"Yes baby" he groaned sounding annoyed I still didn't believe him I should let it go but i didn't say i had to be nice about it.

"Whatever Zayn be a jerk"  I mumble being a brat on purpose and flipping around out of his grip.

He sighed even louder sitting up I could tell he was really annoyed.

"come on Jamie can we just talk about this tomorrow I'm really tired and I have off so we can spend all day talking if you want" he said trying to make everything better he gently grabbed my waist form behind and snuggled into my neck,

"baby I love you more than anything" he whispered in my ear kissing my neck I couldn't help but smile that always got me when he said he loved me I couldn't be mad anymore I tried but I couldn't.

"I love you to" I whispered back giving in.

"I hope you know we are  talking about this tomorrow" I said sternly turning In his arms looking up at him.

A smile formed on his face "can't wait" he said sarcastically  kissing my nose I rolled  my eyes at him,

"Night babe" Zayn said already with his eyes closed.

"Night" I whispered kissing his cheek falling to sleep in his arms.

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