Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


18. Shopping

(Jamies POV)

"Soo how long have you and Zayn been together"Whitney asked as we walked around the mall looking threw all the shops.

I couldn't help but smile just thinking about him.

"About 7 months" I found my self looking down at the promise ring he gave me about a month ago smiling thinking about all the memories.

"awww you guys are really cute together" she cheered making me blush.

 "Let's go in Victoria secrets" she said walking into the store me followed behind.

"What about you and Niall" I asked as we looked threw all the underwear.

"Umm about a year" she said smiling I was a bit shocked.

"wow that's a long time" I said back.

 She laughed "I  know, if you think that's long Harry and Addie have been together for 2 years" she replied giving me a weird look I couldn't help but laugh,

"Holy crap they must really be in love"

Whitney laughed to nodding her head "Addie actually gets home tomorrow early in the morning" she replied smelling the different perfumes.

"You too can finally meet you'll like her" she added.

"That's cool" i replied smiling.

"What dose she do" I asked kinda curious.

"She's a model" Whitney answered.

She picked up a pair of sexy green panties that said "kiss me I'm Irish" on the but we both busted out laughing.

 "I have to get these" she said tossing them in her cart making me laugh even harder.

"What this is Niall"s favorite store" she joked giving me another weird face.

 "well lets find something for Zayn shall we" she said winking at me.

I shook my head laughing she pulled me threw the store looking for the perfect panties for Zayn until she squealed.

"I FOUND IT" Whitney yelled making everyone in the store turn toward us looking at us like we were stupid.

Whitney laughed nervously  "sorry" she mumbled walking towards me I couldn't help but crack up laughing.

"Shut up" she said laughing throwing me a pair of red lacy panties with "Florida state" on the butt I couldn't help but smile

"2 things a guy loves his girl and his football, he won't be able to keep his hands off you" she assured giving me a smile.

"Weirdo" I teased  waking to the cash register paying for the panties I couldn't wait to show him what I bought.

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