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Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


9. Party part 2

There were at least a thousand people here scattered around Liam's house.

As Zayn led me threw the crowds of people I looked around seeing people drinking and dancing looked like they were having tones of fun it made me realize what I've been missing out all along.

We keep waking till we reached a round table with 4 boys sitting around it taking shots and laughing. 

"ZAYN" a boy in strips yelled as he ran and hugged him.

"Hello Louis" Zayn laughed hugging him back. All the boys got up giving each other a big group hug and acting like little girls it was hilarious. when they were done with there hug they all turned around and faced me. 

"Well who's this lovely lady" a cute blond boy said walking towards me i couldn't help but blush Zayn quickly reacted wrapping his arms around my waist with my back leaning on his chest.

"This is MY lovely lady Jaime" Zayn said emphasizing "my"  kissing my cheek now my cheeks were on fire.

  "Well hello Jamie" Louis said getting up from his seat pulling me into a hug I was shocked at first but hugged him back.

"I like her" Louis teased hugging me tighter to get Zayn angry.

"okay okay let go of my girl" Zayn joked pulling Louis of me we all laughed, we sat there awhile talking I was getting to know the boys really well they were great real down to earth boys.

"Jamie want something to drink" Zayn yelled over the loud music.

  "umm sure can I have water" I asked I kinda felt weird to be at a party and drink water but I don't drink and Zayn understood.

"Okay I'll be right back love" he kissed my cheek then left to the drinks.

 "Soooo you and Zayn" Niall teased placing his beer to his lips, I smiled just thinking about him.

"Yeah" I mumbled looking at my feet so they wouldn't see my face. I probably looked a tomato I was saved when Zayn walked back in he smiled at me and I felt like I was about to melt.

"Here love" he said handing me a water Sitting next to me wrapping him arm around me.

"Thanks" I whispered still a bit embarrassed of what Niall said. All the boys gave Zayn a weird look watching him drink his Pepsi.

 "Why aren't you drinking mate" Niall asked looking more confused then the others.

 Zayn laughed "I think I'm quitting" Zayn proudly said .

He looked over at me and pulled me on his lap  placing  his hand on my thigh.

He sat there awhile just staring into my eyes.

"No I am quitting" he spoke up surprising all of us.

 "For you" he whispered in my ear so only I could hear. 

I felt complete happiness wash over me. Did he say he was going to quite Zayn the collage party boy just said he was going to quite and most important for me.

 I couldn't believe it and apparently neither did the boys, they all had shocked looked on there faces and so did I.

"wow she must be special for bad boy Zayn to stop his party ways" Liam teased causing the boys to laugh.

"Shut up "Zayn yelled throwing his hat at him.

"Good luck with that mate" Harry said laughing drinking his beer.

"Well I think I have a good reason" Zayn said kissing my lips.

 Later on i started to get cold I was in a short summer dress I turned over to Zayn who was in a deep conversation with Harry. 

"Zayn" I mumbled gently shaking his arm.

"Yes love" he asked turning his head towards mine.

"I'm starting to get cold" I said shivering a bit, he moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Um I think I have a jacket in my car do what me to go get it" he asked with a cute concern look on his face.

"If you don't mind" I said not wanting to sound needy.

"Of course would you like to come with" he asked with a cheeky grin , I couldn't help but laugh.

"Sure" I added getting up from the chair walking with him to his car when we reached his range rover he unlocked the trunk and searched a round for a little until he pulled out a black jacket that had some weird logo on it I slipped the jacket on and I instantly felt warm.

The jacket smelt just like him. 

"Warm now babe" Zayn asked locking his trunk walking towards me, I slowly nodded.

  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him, I lightly giggled.

"I have to go home soon" I whispered putting my arms around his neck.

"Is daddy's little girl scared she going to get caught"  he whispered back leaning his four head on mine laughing, I lightly hit him.

"Shut up" I mumbled he just laughed harder.  

" I really have to leave soon" I said being serious my parents would be home soon and would flip if they new I was gone.

 "I know" he whispered rubbing little circles on my lower back I started to get butterfly's.

 "Maybe you can come home with me" he whispered pulling his head away from mine looking in my eyes.   It's not that I didn't want to I would love to go spend the night with him but i couldn't my dad would flip if I wasn't home and especially if he new I was with him. 

Like I said before my dad didn't like Zayn, he said Zayns some stupid collage boy who's going to brake my heart. So I have to sneak to see him.

 "Baby you know I can't" I mumbled looking down not wanting to see his face He tightened his grip around my waist.

"Come on love just tell him your with Cassidy or something please I really want you" he begged giving me that puppy dog face.

"But what if I get caught" I asked I was being serious what would happen if my dad found out I would die.

"Well then I guess were screwed" he teased laughing I couldn't help but laugh to.

He quickly pulled me in a quick kiss.

"Well leave soon love" he said kissing my head I cuddled in his chest.

"okay" I replied with that we both walked back in to the boys.

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