Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


14. New friend

(Jamies POV)


The ride back to his dorm was quite, neither of us talked I sat there staring out the window thinking about all the stuff that happened tonight.

It was crazy how it went from an amazing night to a nightmare.

I still couldn't get the look in Zayns eyes out of my head.

How mad he was it just really made me think that maybe I didn't know Zayn as much as I thought I did.

I'm just so confused I know he was just protecting me but it makes me think what if he lost his temper like that with me.

What if i was to do something that really pissed him off would he ever hit me like that.

Than on the other hand he says he loves me and I don't think he would purposely want to  hurt me well at least i hope.

The car came to a stop which meant we finally arrived at his dorm.

He looked over at me and smiled that beautiful smile that calmed down all my nervous.

He shut the car off and stepped out I followed. We made are way to his dorm.

"Babe I don't know if Harry or Niall are sleeping so we have to be quite" he mumbled he sounded a little annoyed or mad.

Before I could ask he opened the door, Zayn grabbed my hand and lead me to his room.

"JAMIE" an Irish voice yelled I stopped walking and turned around and there stood Niall in his green boxers. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Hi  Niall" I said giving him a hug.

"Jamie I'm going to take a shower" Zayn siad  kissing my head.

"Niall is Whitney here" he asked Nialls face light up.

"Yeah she is Jamie come meet her"

"Okay Zayn when your done come get me"

"okay love" he mumbled walking to the bathroom.

"Well lets go then" Niall said walking towards his room.

I was kind excited to meet her maybe we could be good friends.

I followed Niall to were a girl sat, she had brown hair with a bit of a red tint, she was slim and median height I'm not going to lie she was beautiful.

"Baby this is Jamie" Niall said to her she quickly turned around and smiled.

"Hi I'm Whitney"

"Hi" I said back smiling she seamed really sweet.

"So do you go here" she asked patting the seat next to her I excepted sitting down next to her.

"umm no I'm a senior but I'll be coming here in a week I graduate soon" I said it felt good to finally talk to a girl since Cassidy's been grounded the past week I've only been talking to Zayn so it was nice to have some girl time.

"Do you go here" .

"yeah I do I live down the hall" she pointed out.

"Ohh my best friend will be back in like 2 days you'll really like her" she added.

"YEAH SHE'S AMAZING I WANT HER TO COME HOME NOW" Harry yelled form his room I giggled.

 "I guess that's his girlfriend" I said laughing.

"Yeah it is he's in love" she teased making kissing noises.

"HEY stop making fun of me " Harry wined walking out of his room.

"Aww dose poor Harold miss his girlfriend" Niall teased talking in a girls voice we all laughed.

"Shut up" Harry pouted walking back in his room.

Me and Whitney talked more about each other then Zayns door opened.

"JAMIE" he yelled.

"Well it was nice meeting you Whitney"

"Yeah you too we need to hangout soon" she implied.

"Yeah totally see you later" I replied

"Bye Niall" I added turning around walking to Zayns room.   

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