Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


3. i"ll try

 (Jamie's POV)



When I got home from school my parents weren't home they owned a restaurant so they were barely home and my brother was at his girlfriends so I was alone. I walked in to my room threw my bag on the floor, took my uniform off and put one of Zayns over sized shirts that he left the last time he was here .

The shirt was huge so I just wore my underwear underneath. I cheeked my phone praying I had a message from Zany but of course I didn’t

I threw my phone across the room and started thinking about the fight we had. Why couldn’t I have a normal boyfriend. The one who walks you to school, or buys you flowers just because he thought about you. But of course I didn’t.

My boyfriend spends half of his time at collage or at practice. Not to mention we live about 30 minutes away from each other. Or any free time he dose have he'll mostly spend it with his friends partying. But if I'm lucky he'll spend it with me.

Sometimes I wonder if were just not worth all the pain and tears. Half the time I sitting here crying about something stupid he did but of course I love him more then anything. I just can't let him go. The next thing I new I was curled up in a ball crying my eyes out like I did most of the time.

Sometimes I even wonder if he even loves me. Maybe I was just his little toy he could do what ever he wanted with.

I was brought back to reality by hearing a faint knock at my balcony door. I untangled myself from the blankets and slowly walked to the door. I opened the blinds to see zayn.

He was standing there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets looking amazing as always.

I opened the door and he slowly walked in. He looked me up and down then started to chuckle to himself. Embarrassment washes over me remembering all I had on was his T-shirt and underwear.

He slowly walked closer to me and gently grabbed my waist. I could feel my heart almost popping out of my chest. He pulled me even more close to him he was a lot taller then me so I had to look up to see his face.

“Hi” I whispered quietly

"Hi baby” he replied as he gently touched my face brushing his thumbs on my cheeks.

"You've been crying" he mumbled while letting go of my face walking towards my bed.

I didn't move l just stood there with my back towards him my eyes were getting watery again. It mad me angry how he could make me feel. How empty I felt when he wasn't around.

I slowly turned around. He was sitting on the corner of my bed with his head lazily in his hands.

He looked up at me smiling a bit. "Come here love" I did what he said walking to him. He pulled me on his lap so I was straddling his hips as he gently rubbed his fingers up and down my back.

"Why have you been crying, is it about what happened today because I'm so sorry"

I didn’t know what to say so I just stayed quiet, snuggled into his chest.

"Please talk to me baby, just tell me what’s making you so upset and I'll fix it" He begged as he whispered in my ear giving it sweet little kisses.

"I love you"

There it was those three little words that got me every time. I couldnt resist anymore. No matter how hard I try to leave him or even be mad at him I just couldn’t. He had this effect me. No matter how many times he would hurt me I just couldn’t get myself to walk away. I was in love with him and there was nothing I could do about it.

"ummmm I...I'm s..scared" I muttered quietly into his chest.

"Of what" he asked with a confused in his voice.

I brought my head up looking into his gorgeous brown eyes that made my heart melt every time he looked at me. "Sometimes I..I fell like you don't L..Love me"

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I found myself sobbing like a little girl into his chest.

He wrapped his arms tight around me "Baby please don't fell that way you know I love you" he replied kissing my head.

"I..ill try" he whispered his voice cranking.

I looked up with a confused look. "Try what"

He looked down for a moment then back up. "To change" he said leaning in and kissing my lips. I felt my body relax in his arms. It wasn’t like the normal kisses we shared it felt different good different.

He slowly pulled away resting his forehead on mine. "I love you more then anything, I'll do anything for you. I promise I'll try to be better for you" he assured kissing my lips again bring both of us in pure bliss.

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