Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


17. I'll be fine

"Why do people always have to ruin everything" Zayn complained burying his head in the crook of my neck.

I lifted my head to run my fingers there his messy hair. 

"You'll be fine" I assured kissing his nose.

"No I won't" he mumbled his lips moving against my neck sending goosebumps down my back. 

"I wanna stay here" he groaned I sat there in silence continuing to drag my fingers this his hair. 

I admit I was just as disappointed as he was, since playoffs started Zayn and I haven't been spending much time together. I didn't care if we went anywhere or do anything I would of happily spent the day with him watching movies or just talking but of course nothing ever goes as planed. 

So instead I'll be sitting in Zayns room board out of my mind waiting for him to get home from practice.

This made me think of my dad, crap he's going to be so pissed I quickly grabbed my phone that was sitting on the night stand and texted my dad telling him I was at Cassidy's and I wouldn't be home till tomorrow. 

I was surprised when my dad actually agreed.

"Zayn it's 12:30 you should go get ready" I said slipping out of his lap.

"I know " he groaned pulling himself out of bed walking in his closet.

"Babe can you please go in the living room and get my practice bag" he yelled from the closet.

"Okay" I responded walking out into the living room I looked around until I found his red practice bag with "MALIK" on the front placed by the couch.

I grabbed it and started walking back until I saw Whitney walking out of Niall's  room  "Hi" she cheerfully said smiling.

 "Hey" I replied smiling back she looked down at Zayns  bag then laughed.

 "Zayn has practice to" she said holding up a green bag that said "HORAN" on the front like Zayns.

"Yeah" I said feeling a bit sad.

"Hey since the boys have practice why don't we go do something" she asked.

 I nodded "yeah sounds good" if Zayn was going to be gone why sit here board  waiting for him.

"Well then lets get ready and will go when the boys leave"

"Yeah okay I just have to go home first I have no clothes" I said looking down to me wearing on of Zayns huge shirts. 

She laughed and nodded  "good idea when the guys leave I can drive you" she suggested

"Okay we'll I better get this to Zayn see you in a bit" I said walking to Zayns room.

"Okay yeah I better get to Niall" she responded walking the opposite way.

  I walked into Zayns room to see him sitting on his bed putting on his shoes.

 "I'm really sorry" he mumbled standing up walking towards me.

  "Zayn it's fine I understand, anyways me and Whitney are going to go do Something until you get back"

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him "Good I don't want you hear alone"

"Well I have to go ill be back around 6:00 will you be here when I get back" he asked.

I could tell he really wanted me to be here.

"Ocourse" I whispered kissing his lips he quickly kissed back until he pulled away grabbing my hand walking out in the living room.

  All the boys we sitting waiting for Zayn.

"Why do we have practice today we our suppose to have off" Niall wined to Zayn.

"I don't know mate okay let's just get this over with I have something important to do when I get back" he said  looking at me winking I couldn't help but laugh he warpped his arms around me form behind.

"I'll miss you" Zayn whispered in my ear kissing my neck softly.

"I'll miss you too" I replied turning around in his arms pecking his lips.

"Brake it up you too we have to go" Liam said laughing.

  "I miss Addie" Harry wined walking out the front door.

Niall kissed Whitney then followed Harry and so did Liam and Louis leaving me and Zayn alone.  

"Bye beautiful" he said kissing my head.

  I couldn't help but blush "Bye Zayn" he kissed me one last time then walked out the door following the rest of the boys. 

"so let me get my keys then well go get your cloths" Whitney said walking into Niall's room.

I went in Zayns room quickly getting dressed grabbing my purse and walking back out into the living room where Whitney was waiting "let's go".

I followed her out of the dorm to her car.

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